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08-18-13, 11:46 AM
January 31, 1996
August 4, 2012
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I have a tumblr and i'd love you if you followed me-

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Amberlight | 04-06-13, 7:49 AM
It may sound a bit rude but still..
it would be great if you read what's written on my profile, drop a "hi" at least!
its nice meeting new people, but it feels sad when they send a request and dont bother to look back at it.
its still kind of you to send a request! lets talk for a while and i'll add you. ok?

Xxiowahawks29xx | 01-31-13, 9:28 PM
Happy birthday

Spkilla | 01-31-13, 11:56 AM
Happy Birthday :P You're 8 Months Older Than Me T_T

Shunsetsu | 01-30-13, 9:31 PM
Happy Birthday! Im older than you by two days haha xD

Gonzo-lewd | 12-25-12, 1:24 AM
Hey, just in case you get this by now, I hope you've had a tremendous Christmas! :D

Lukas10 | 12-01-12, 4:12 PM
Thank you for taking to time to welcome me, Much appreciated Over9000Goku :)

nozomi15 | 11-25-12, 11:47 AM
Hello. XD

KnightsToFear | 11-18-12, 11:22 AM

Hey hey we have an awesome announcement for you all in the "Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture" Club. Which also would explain why you're getting this message haha~

- So first thing, we've reached a number of 200 members in our club just recently YAY!!!! It's all because of you guys! Though unfortunately we're not as active in the club as we could be T-T So be sure to talk here every once in a while~ ^^ and remember that you're always welcomed in the chat on our club page below x)

- Second thing is that our dearest club creator Tsutae has had the generosity of giving us something better than skype if we want to talk to each other, yes talk, not type but actually talk! It's called "Raidcall" and it's in the Sticky in the club discussion, be sure to check it out and join us if you can~ ^^ Of course we understand if you're shy amongst us, or you have your own personal reason. We'll never force you to do anything so don't worry about that! :)

So with those 2 announcement Knights will be returning to his post. Hope to personally get to know all of you better! See you there~ :D

MilesEdgeworth | 11-17-12, 5:32 PM
Just wanted to let you know that I'm all finished up with my Gurren Lagann review. Haven't posted it yet, might be able to show it to you before I do. If not though I can definitely link it to you once I have.

Chamry | 11-17-12, 2:31 PM
Woah that's really high compatibility :O
Guess we have similar tastes :3

Renkurana | 11-15-12, 6:04 PM

Note: This "special" newsletter edition is a one-time only, with everyone receiving it. Yep, 168 newsletter for me to deliver. After this, only the members that subscribed to our newsletter will receive newsletters.

Sora-Dono | 11-12-12, 6:20 AM
nawwww sucks ay! but dw just pull allnighter watching anime :P! to make up lost time!

MilesEdgeworth | 11-11-12, 8:49 PM
Ah I see lol. And that's sad to hear, but at least you can come back now.

Anything else happen recently?

CinnamonHime | 11-11-12, 12:47 AM
Undergrounded! Was it because of that hurricane? :O
I've been watching a bit darker anime lately, I started Mirai Nikki and i'm gonna start watching Higurashi Kai soon.
I also looked for some anime with French subs to approve my French skills. Air was the only one I found which seemed good so I started it. Both my Japanese an French are still in very basic level so i can't understand much :'D

AztikDarklord | 11-10-12, 9:51 PM
Yeah I may be cool but I'm FOREVER ALONE D:
Lololol I'm always grounded too but I find many ways to use computer like breaking
in an internet cafe and steal money!But sometimes my mom finds out what I'm
doin' so yeah =_=.Yay RPG!I like turn-based style like Final Fantasy I-XII (but that was a gauge but I still consider it turn based imo)and also my favorite,real-time fighting style like Kingdom Hearts,Devil may Cry & GTA xD and if ya wanna know my fave rpg games it's gotta be Crisis Core:Final Fantasy VII,Blade Dancer:Lineage of Light, Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep and DmC 1&4 kk so much of my rpg feels xD
Well I go to Hong Kong once a year 'cuz my father work there and I'm from Philippines but my best cool friends left me and migrated in US(Maryland),Canada and New Zealand TT~TT dun be jelly about traveling it makes a forever alone much alone so much D: aah Chikorita!Chikori~ =w= Yesh I accept dat online bffs thing 8D

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