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  • 10 - Utterly flawless; I look forward to watching it again, it is incomparable and it goes about itself uniquely.
  • 9 - Though virtually flawless, it has enough nitpicky flaws (EX: convoluted narrative or a sense of aimlessness) to stain an otherwise very well made and memorable experience.
  • 8 - Does enough to be memorable, but at the cost of frequent generic choices (EX: boring/ordinary characters, lax pacing, a badly made ending) the full potential is hindered and strained but not destroyed.
  • 7 - Well made/very memorable "one-trick pony" experiences; the first impressions are usually astonishing but they struggle to move past it, expand upon it, or have diversity.
  • 6 - A worthy experience but with many ill-put decisions/planning making it too bumpy to revisit the whole thing again; the flaws can overcast the beauty.
  • 5 - Eh, you see these all the time; easy to make, easy to tell, pretty easygoing experiences. Nothing too memorable beyond a gimmick or two.
  • 4 - These have potential or a uniqueness, but they squander it for cheap generic storytelling at best, pointless filler-like meandering at worst.
  • 3 - Pervading and irritating sense of pointless/poor plotting to the point of unintentional hilarity (at best) and grating boredom (at worst) disarm any premise.
  • 2 - Generally nothing works or makes sense, letting a barebones plot/characters be the sole remainder to any reason to watch.
  • 1 - THERE IS NOTHING! (at worst) But the sheer sense of WTF could lead to some entertainment regardless (at best)

My very loose Top 10 Anime Series

  1. Welcome to the NHK! (Favorite Psychological/Black Comedy) - *...for illustrating the dangers of obsession, loneliness, and the need to communicate and be understood while having some of the best black humor in the medium...*
  2. The Tatami Galaxy (Favorite Surreal/Mindf*ck) - *...for being a surreal masterpiece of life's endless possibilities and the beauty of every single one of them with an equally masterful characters and wit...*
  3. NANA (Favorite Slice-of-Life) - *...for painting such a timely modern excerpt of everyday life with something everyone to relate to...*
  4. Koi Kaze (Favorite Romance) - *...for pushing the boundaries of love so subtly, without insulting intelligence, allowing empathizable characters to rule it all...*
  5. Zegapain (Favorite Sci-Fi) - *...for evolving an often gimmicky premise fluently, gently and powerfully; never losing heart, never breaking laws, always rewarding/satisfying...*
  6. Haibane Renmei (Favorite Fantasy) - *...for creating a mysterious universe containing and using all the pieces necessary for its ingenious and poetically human story...*
  7. Persona 4 (Favorite Game Adaption) - *...for thoroughly and naturally adapting one of the hardest genres of games and giving it plenty of spirit and wit to thrive despite the social weight/inherent flexibility of its brilliant source material...*
  8. The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (Favorite Mecha) - *...the first mecha that didn't treat love, music, themes, and characters one-dimensionally, making an endearing, romantic, epic-unfolding story packed with the 80's trademark sense of individualism = an anime of the ages...*
  9. Martian Successor Nadesico (Favorite Parody/Comedy) - *...for loving fun anime enough to mimic and express itself while not slapping or demoralizing the beauty and camaraderie of fandom...*
  10. Yu Yu Hakusho (Favorite Shonen) - *...for being a shonen that stays true to the roots; fueling the story while making notable flaws endure ...*

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dcaspy7 | Jun 1, 10:59 PM
I don't know if I'd call the anime is skip able. A lot of people like it, and I plan to watch more than one episode (the anime is what sold me on the story). It feels fast paced, but the manga is also slow. The manga is better though because it's the original product.

I don't know what else I can say about Flamenco. It just speaks to me. Mostly the hero aspect of it. I look up to heroes. I look up to Kamen Rider, to Flamenco. I look up to them for inspiration for motivation for help. That's what I see.

See you soon!

dcaspy7 | Jun 1, 8:21 AM
Oh boy, I'm glad you enjoyed Rick and Morty! Please get excited for season 2 coming out at end of July!

Yamada-kun and storylines. It has 2 main arcs really. The first one, and once it resolves the second one. Both have the same outline (same goals) but they are different in content. Negima was more "1 setting and these things that happen to characters" while Yamada is more story focused and character focused. Because unlike many harems Yamda has rich characters (That are very endearing and are rich with charm) and a very rich story. Its also ecchi, but remember the "good fanservice shows" discussion we've had a while ago? Yamada is one. The fanservice in it is used naturally as things that would happen in a real environment "switch bodies with a girl and you're a horny teenager, of course you're gonig to grope yourself". Basically every chapter develops something like romance (spolier alert: yes yes, there is actual romance between 2 characters in this story), character or story. Even the fluff chapters are worth reading for important plot things.

I also ended up watching all of Fargo (the show). Wow wow wow. What an experience. Probably the best Western mystery story I've consumed in a while.

Something that I really liked about Eden was that in some volumes (all the dark horse volumes had it) there was an afterward by the author and they were all fascinating! Some were philosophical, some were the author looking back at his past and reminiscing all of them were pretty interesting. It gave me insight into the authors mind and really immersed me in the story more.

I have been watching some live action shows, Portlandia, Silicon Valley, iZombie, Arrow, Flash and I think they all deserve their own dedicated time so I'll save that for another time.

It's been a while man! Really good talking to you and seeing everything is good! You're a good friend!

Edit: Forgot what really takes the cake with Yamada. It's hilarious. Every chapter has me in stitches. I once had to put down my phone and just laugh for a good minute.

dcaspy7 | Jun 1, 3:23 AM
Well, I've also been learning to drive for the past 2 months or so. On a light truck nonetheless. Besides that I've just been watching stuff. I recently read 2 mangas that I just fell in love with. Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches. A harem, but possibly the best one. It reminds me of a more refined The World God Only Knows with better characters and better storylines. I absolutely love it, every chapter just has me in stitches.

I also read Eden: It's an Endless World, what a fantastic story. It's just wow. I lack words to describe it.

I saw a show that I don't know how to describe. It's just a weird/creative show.

Other than that, I'm just watching stuff and doing tests.

I actually haven't seen any Ninninger past the point we saw. I will wait for you for as long as needed.

Can't wait for you to enter Skype because I'm sure we will have tons to chat about!

Good luck in your endeavors!

dcaspy7 | May 30, 10:20 PM
So, what have you been up to lately?

dcaspy7 | May 30, 11:11 AM

ZephSilver | Mar 17, 9:26 AM
"travesty" it the best one word summarization for it, think Guilty Crown part 2 and you'll begin to paint a picture of what it's like. The only good thing about it is that they better explored the dynamics of Shinji and Kaworu's relationship but that's it.

on a side note would you be apart of the spring 1st impression overview?

ZephSilver | Mar 16, 5:10 PM
so when do you plan to watch the 3rd Eva rebuild movie? Seeing that you're a fan of the franchise I think you'll be in for a nasty surprise lol

grawlak | Mar 10, 3:45 PM
Take your time, I believe you will enjoy reading them thoroughly. :)

grawlak | Mar 10, 9:40 AM
Hello? I assumed you would reply or at least leave some feedback regarding my reviews but it seems as if you have full-on ignored me. Shame on you. The simple fact that you have dodged my invitation to enlightenment just goes to show how foolish you are. I am afraid I cannot do anything for you, except pity you for not being on par with my taste and civism. Enjoy living in the shadows.

ZephSilver | Feb 7, 6:21 AM
The Gundam remake video sounds like a good idea. i myself have seen bits of gundam episodes here and there but I never watched the series in a chronological order until recently. I'm trying to watch them all, but right now I'm watching gundam ZZ and it's a PAIN to watch. Such an awful installment to the franchise.
Yea his truth videos are always good, I usually get something out of them.

I will when I get any ideas, so far franchise overviews and maybe another studio overviews is what comes to mind.

ZephSilver | Feb 6, 10:29 AM
why is that, having a dry spell for anime? I know I've had mine. I've went a year without watching anime before.

Well hopefully you guys can collab on something in the future. Maybe another franchise overview, kinda like what you did with the Gundam franchise. Idk, just anything would do to add more spice to the content. I like his vids but they can become monotonous when there's very little variety.

oh well, thanks for replying, much appreciated.

ZephSilver | Feb 5, 5:14 PM
Do you plan on doing any future projects on this channel? like a year evaluation or something along that line?

ZephSilver | Jan 13, 10:52 AM
I really enjoyed your studio evaluations you did with Rori, help weed through all the mess got some good insight on what to watch next because of it.

Kurt_Irving | Jan 4, 5:48 PM
So you like Miyuki Sawashiro's voice? as for me, I dig it too. I guess we both love her Catherine or Fujiko voice. She must sound incredible between the low pitched and high pitched part of the spectrum.

PersonaSimon | Aug 29, 2014 4:52 PM
I see, thanks for responding to my question.

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