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Seppiroth32 May 16, 1:56 PM
Just finished Garden of Sinners 2 re-watch, this just keeps getting better and better doesn't it?
Seppiroth32 May 16, 2:35 AM

153 Add - More Toradora! 7 TV 25 Ehhhhhh.....

I can't, this cracks me up xD
ZephSilver May 15, 8:12 PM
You gave it a worthy review bro. After reading yours I realize that I never capped off on Soma's self-journey as much, which you did, so good job on that (might go back and add something in). Also, I need to address the Michael Jackson nose syndrome, another thing you addressed that slipped my mind. It's good that you laid out the price of admission for the payouts as well. I kinda realize I came off a bit snooty in that regards lol All in all it's a solid review, well done bro!
ZephSilver May 9, 10:11 AM
Rakugo was certainly a surprise, I didn't think that I would have anything to compete against Jojo for AOTY of 2016, but now finding anything to top Rakugo is the challenge.
Ah, that's promising, keep me updated on it when there's any major things you think need addressing.
ZephSilver May 8, 8:16 PM
So you think it might just be a case of improper mindset your first time around then?
It would be cool to have you in the podcasts again.
I don't see it being any less, from the general consensus floating around Esca is a sure bet for a good time, with noses lol Hopefully Kuromukuro is worth the reasoning you have for adding it.

I know snob wants giant naval battles and people spamming laser beams every second but come on man, that reasoning is just lazy. It's the reason why he didn't finish Rakugo, despite acknowledging it as the best anime of Winter. Sometimes he shows his age, then we have moments where he pulls something like this lol A troll NGE? WUT? I hope he's right, if he is, that has the potential to be hilarious!
ZephSilver May 8, 10:08 AM
I've been reciting the same praise for Murase for so long that the blunder of thinking he's the man that spearheaded Hatchin's directing keep finding itself bubbling back to the surface, thanks for correcting me. I wish he would get more work. Since Manglobe went under, that would make him something like a free-agent if he chooses to continue in the field. I think he talents shouldn't go to waste.

While my experience with Rori's podcast have been more negative than anything good, the actual conversations allow me to see all sides of the spectrum, which is really helpful when formulating a defense for your stances, while understanding that position others take. I mean, just our chat about PP on Skype for example. Thanks to it, I was able to understand where the detractors for the title was coming from. I can't say I got that from the podcast on Rori's channel, but the skype conversation allowed for better understanding. When I start making yt vids I would like to have that. The best podcasts tend to be the one with diversified opinions. That's why I gravitate towards Rori's 2014 content more, since Pinky and yourself provided a counterbalance to Snob's persona. If Snob could find that balance again, doesn't have to be an alternative persona, a few others like before would do, instead of the people that feel the need to hang on his every word, his newer podcasts would be great. Maybe cut down on the participants as well. Too many people lead to chaos. And since you're back in the community, do you have any future plans in doing work with Rori again, or are you satisfied with just hanging back and viewing as a spectator?

Ahh, thanks for clarifying the Escaflowne thing. I don't think I'll wait around for the re-dubbing, since the show is an immediate one on my PTW list. Unrelated topic here but when you get around to Black Heaven, the dub for it is pretty serviceable. I haven't watched it subbed to make any sort of comparisons, but the voice actors/actresses for the dub demonstrated a will to be there. It's one of those dubs where you feel the performances wasn't phoned-in, just people enjoying their jobs. Also I see you added Kuromukuro to your ptw list, Snob informed me that it was like a watered down version to Argento. Not sure what he meant by the comparison outside of the premise, but when you get around to it, let me know your thoughts.
ZephSilver May 7, 7:07 PM
I'd say it's a more monotone F/SN, with destiny and fujoshi bait tossed in for flavor... and by monotone, I mean the same general feeling we discussed about gundam 00 on Skype. So unless you want a show with those "it's your destiny" story-lines, going through the motions and with scenes like this:

I advice you remain CLAMPed out lol

Murase's directing could turn anything into a good time, Michiko & Hatchin and Proxy could attest to that. So here's hoping the best for Witch Hunter.

Snob is like a gluttonous monster just consuming everything in his path to become the ultimate anime Trump. Some of it I find assuming, some I wish he would dial back on. And like you pointed out, his persona tend to get in the way at times. I think if he created a separate persona, in the way youtuber TheNeedleDrop has his, the Snob could have the chance to be the tsundere, while also being informative. I'm not sure where the caricature ends and he begins anymore, they're sort of synonymous at this point. I'm glad you addressed Mayoiga so many times, had you not I might have just let it fall by the wayside the moment I saw Snob's vid. Speaking of MCU, are you going to watch Civil War? It seems to be gathering a great deal of positive buzz among critics and fans alike.

It's important to keep a anchor like that, that being said, I think your methodology is the easiest to get behind. I think separating the gems from trash heap boils down to experience and individual refinement. I think the blog idea could never be a bad thing. It let's those interested into your head-space and might inadvertently help you see things from a perspective you might not have realized before. Whenever I review titles, I pick up on things I won't otherwise, had I just watch it alone. I think reviewing benefits the writer as much as it does for the readers. I hope you do get the urge to review more because of this.

So do you like the dub enough to suggest watching it that way? And I don't keep up with anime news but that is interesting. I barely hear anyone bring up Escaflowne in everyday conversation. It seems to be more of a title reserved for anime vets than it does something to the average viewer. I mean, I've grown up with anime and I still haven't seen it. So I might just be out of the loop, or it could be like you said with the Indiana Jones reference. Either way I'm looking forward to it, long noses and all lol

ZephSilver May 6, 5:10 PM
Leave X in the dark crevice it fell in to. It's seriously not worth the time or effort to sit through. The only thing good about it was the visual presentation, but outside of that it's one of those shows that says a lot, but somehow manages to say nothing at all.

I mean, don't get me wrong, a little context to a anime's universe is always welcome, and sometimes for me, essential. PP is just a rare exception, given that the train of thought to get to that point didn't seem to be that far of a stretch to buy into (for reasons we've always discussed). I'm more interested in Murase's career than I am with Robin as a title. I was just hoping it could be an enjoyable experience.

I won't cast that blame on Urobuchi, I don't really see him trying to be a jack of all trades in his shows, it's usually just streamlined down to a few things. It's just his refusal to dig deeper. As for the Code Geass example, I agree, now that's a show that's far too scatter brained for its own good. It's the reason shows like Guilty Crown exists.

Haha his favorites list is dwindling down year after year, it's only a matter of time before he implodes or just accepts things for how they are. Initially, I thought Rori was just entirely too harsh for his own good. I still think he's battling with semantics half the time, but he's a necessary evil for the community.

Ahh, not to steal your thunder but I'd say those 4 aspects always apply to me as well. I've never bothered to dissect it like that in my head, but reading out your reasoning correlates with the jumbled mess in my thought process.

From the moment I heard the OST for Escaflowne I knew I had to watch it. Kanno could never do any wrong! How could anyone deny this exhilarating piece!
ZephSilver May 5, 9:06 PM
Oh, I only brought up Wolf's Rain to address the kind of tone I was speaking of, generally speaking, most angst filled anime made around that time the late 90s to early 2000s have that feeling I'm speaking of. Even Fate/Stay Nights bishounen cousin X had that emo feel lol

I've been meaning to watch Witch Hunter for quite some time, given that one of my all time favorite directors Murase was behind it. Your feelings towards it seems to be shaky, how does it hold up enjoyment wise?

Yeah, she's more important to what she brings to our main character, than what she stands for on an individual analysis. She finds her place in the story, but won't be a character you care for in the long run. It's really all about Soma at the end of the day.

Yeah, I like shows that have the gall to carefully craft its lore and characters, instead of settling for being a flash in the pan for instantaneous results. I think it's no coincidence that a majority of my favorites fall within that early 2000s time period for that fundamental reason.

I believe Rori said he originally scored it higher when we were chatting on Skype about it, but lowered it later on after he became more of a stickler for rigid assessments. Like you've said, he favors firm structure and did away with most of the artistry and "flow/poetry" value of the anime. An aspect of anime that I'm glad I still admire, and I'm sure you do to, to a certain extent. Rori barely bothers to elaborate his thoughts on anything, so when he does, I take notice. And even more rare than that is when what he has to say is mostly positive, which was the reason my interest was piqued for Soma after hearing him on this video.

Rori generally speaking positive on something = high chance of it being good.

Also, next on the 'special mech' watch list might be Escaflowne since it was briefly mentioned. Followed by either Brigadoon or Escaflowne.
ZephSilver May 5, 5:14 PM
Yeah man, I love that early 2000s angst that the show has, similar to stuff like Wolf's Rain. You just don't get that kind of vibe anymore. The Frankenstein motifs are more so for flavoring, in the way some of NGE's theology symbolism was there in a similar manner. Unfortunately that aspect of the character design doesn't get any better, sorry but you're gonna have to get use to the 'Michael Jackson' nose whenever the characters face the camera lol And as for Hattie, I could tell you right now that I had that same issue with her involvement initially, but as the show went on they did some things to alleviate it. Not to get into spoilers, but her involvement is somewhat justified a bit later with a plot reveal and she also serves as a catalyst for Soma to draw parallel to, which goes towards furthering his development.. again, not going to state specifics as to what this parallel is to avoid any potential spoilers for you. Not to dumb down her role, but for all intents and purposes Hattie is more of a multifaceted plot device than she is a prevalent figure in the story. Kind of similar to how Kihel Heim in Turn A Gundam was only relevant because of her uncanny resemblance to Dianna Soreil. I hope you get where I'm coming from with this.
If you love this methodical pacing, dreary atmosphere and dub like you said, then I'm sure you'll enjoy the overall experience with Argento. I'm not sure if you'll love it as much as I did, but I'm certain you'd appreciate it at the very least.

I don't want to alarm you but the show has one aspect of it that, to this day, I cannot stand. I won't elaborate any further, but when you're finished with it, I'll send you over to my spoiler section of what I'm referring to in my Argento Soma review.

Also my inner fanboy can't wait until you get to the final 3rd of the show, listen to snob from 9:58-10:20 (don't listen to any part further on to avoid any potential vague spoilers):

When he said "and towards the end, WHAM! Oh you didn't see this coming huh"
That reaction is very appropriate lol and my fanboy reminisce about that moment when I think about it.
ZephSilver May 3, 9:17 AM
I didn't know Lost Village's ineptitude ran that deep until you broke down the creator's prior works, this it truly a hodge podge of comedic backfire waiting dormant. If I have enough time I might skip on holding off and dive right into it.
Kagami May 2, 10:53 PM
You stopped watching airing anime because people were hyping certain anime and forgetting about others?

Why would other opinions cause that?...

Nice review though.
ZephSilver May 2, 6:27 PM
Coming from you that means a great deal, you have no idea bro! Thank you very much.
I can't wait for this review, it should make for an interesting debut after being dormant for so long lol From how you describe it, it sounds like a M. Night Shyamalan movie in anime form.
LoneWolf Feb 12, 8:28 PM
I swear I already had you on here, but I guess not. Anyway it's Stampede from the old Roricrew, just wanted to know how you're doing and stuff.
Guigas Dec 24, 2011 10:51 AM
Usagi menas bunny, huh. Didn’t know that.

And I don’t trust that much those MAL ratings, you got me here XD

Ah ok, for me it’s hard to accept that game/anime conversions can be good because all the games adaption I’ve checked are way too stupid and soulless to take it seriously ( it comes to my mind the anime of Devil May Cry, complete bullshit compared to the games). As for playing the game, I only played Persona 2, not 4. BTW just finished FF XIII, biggest disappointment ever. It’s the 1st Final Fantasy I regret playing, I really prefer great/dynamic story and characters present on games like FF VII or VIII (FF XII too, even if you dislike it :P) over pretty graphics but simple story and weak characters present on FF XIII

Right now I’m playing Limbo (awesome 2D game) and I’m going to start Uncharted. Is this game that great (in case you’ve played)? Everyone seems to love this stuff.

Nana has lots of potential, I mean, the story seems promising and the characters acts very naturally… like real humans. Plus, the production values are gorgeous, with fluid animation and kick-ass OST. I’m not completely engaged with Nana yet, but I feel that will be just a matter of time for me to love it too. At least Nana is, IMO, dozens of times better than Beck (bad english, unappealing characters and cheap animation), dull as hell. So far my major issue with Nana it’s the character Komatsu Nana, I dislike her, but I think that’s because she acts like a slut, lol.

Yeah, you did recommend me Megazone back than. I’ll, at least, download it here. I drop a comment when I watch it. The OP of Macross is kinda weird, didn’t like it that much.