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01-29-14, 1:17 PM
New York, NY
August 30, 2007
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New York Anime Festival 2007
10-16-07, 9:40 PM

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Kain | 01-10-12, 3:46 PM
yeah theirs a second season, to bad they stopped their, i was looking forward to the fight with his dad.

the_pillows | 05-08-11, 10:12 PM
dude...where are you? i come back and you're totally gone. T__T and if you're talking to yoshiko, tell her to get back on here too! arghhh.

(hope you're back soon).

KennY | 07-20-10, 10:18 AM
After a long timei just logged in, its been about 10months!! lol

sunnyc718 | 05-04-10, 11:44 AM

Malon | 12-31-09, 4:17 PM

sunnyc718 | 06-24-09, 3:50 AM
nothin much jus enjoyin summer u

ShinobiX | 05-17-09, 6:34 PM
It been a while since I use this thing. Have fun at anime boston

YoshikoHatake | 05-16-09, 7:06 PM
ooo, anime boston! I can't go to an anime convention until I pay my way. -.-;;

oh~ I've been studying, diligently, and APs. D:

sunnyc718 | 05-11-09, 11:32 AM
doesnt my name crack u up

sunnyc718 | 05-11-09, 11:32 AM

sunnyc718 | 04-01-09, 11:39 AM
sup still learning japanese?

norafodor | 02-24-09, 4:42 AM
nothin' thanks

YoshikoHatake | 02-17-09, 11:04 PM
Hehe, good luck in the revival.
Oh how was the con?

Oh yeah, I saw those. Gave me chills. ;3

Teehee, I already go to an anime con. Anime Vegas went twice, might go this year if I can talk my dad into it. :/

Over here, I'm very busy, I got sick and I'm just getting over it.

YoshikoHatake | 01-29-09, 7:13 PM
O___O? My dad and I fought at Comic Con, ugh, it was stupid. XD;

:O! You know me! I can stand there and hold a sign, ahaha. Well only if I actually can go this year. D; If I can't that sucks.

I love your photos, I can't log in right now, but that frozen in time version 2 is sooo pretty~

YoshikoHatake | 01-28-09, 4:56 PM
Oh, yea I went last year. XD

Wow, you're so lucky, I only get one con a year, and last year NYC was my one con, and I couldn't even go to Anime Vegas one. D;

For me, I've been stressed out and tired, but that's a given. XD What about you? [ohhhh, it snowed for us in Vegas]

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