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03-08-15, 10:35 AM
April 14, 1985
Waterloo, Ontario
March 8, 2008
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One Piece movie 7 review
02-25-09, 5:06 PM
User Reviews ... the 10s
12-18-08, 8:06 PM

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Mika_Inamori | 02-15-11, 6:32 PM
I agree that fanboy and fangirl reviews are misleading. That was how I've been deceived to watch some shows and then dropped them pretty fast. Sometimes I can bear through it, usually just because I want to complete it to properly rant at it.

5 or below are usually negative, 6-7 neural, 8-10 usually by fan boys and fan girls who will not understand why somebody does not like their show.

Dragon_D_Crush | 06-20-10, 11:13 PM
Back on Mal. well done sir.

Dragon_D_Crush | 04-14-10, 12:55 PM
Happy Birthday! Hope ya have a good one and keep on crushing.

Crushzilla | 03-27-10, 10:17 AM
ya man! finally!

Crushzilla | 04-13-09, 10:46 PM
Happy Birthday Dude!

misuzu-chan | 02-26-09, 2:41 PM

Beatnik | 02-26-09, 6:13 AM
Lol, there's more handy suggestions past page 4 of that thread. But thanks man. Everyone's got different tastes, but I hope you find some awesome stuff in anything I've already seen or read. I've written a LotGH review, because the show had such an impact on me, but of course I have to finish the series before posting/redrafting it...

misuzu-chan | 02-20-09, 5:11 PM

Coatlicue | 02-16-09, 2:03 AM
yeah i think hes using haki there as well, didn't notice it either in the manga, time to re-read!

winex2008 | 01-12-09, 3:22 PM
OOH YEAH! The new intro and ending music is sweet. Hmmm, I'll be sure to check "Tenga toppa gurren lagann".

winex2008 | 01-09-09, 2:38 PM
Awesome, so far. The death note is getting quite interesting with options, but I wonder how many more problems Kira can deal with before he goes for the eyes.

midori- | 12-16-08, 11:43 AM
well fmp 2nd raid is pretty boring like the first one like half the time but it's not as "stupid" whatever that word is. I like the action/animation a lot and it's like 15+ or whatever so it has a shock value too which the first one didn't so that made it more interesting. One reason why i rated it higher was because it was 13 instead of 24.

the full metal panic comedy seasonn,
um a couple eps are good, some are okay, couple are bad or all right. I liked the comedy in the 1st season before it got old. so this sesaon was okay with me. if you keep in mind it's a plotless comedy and just enjoy for what it is then i think watch.

Crushzilla | 11-23-08, 12:16 PM
Hell Yes! my favorite character in any Anime , going to be awesome.

Crushzilla | 10-07-08, 8:18 PM
Franky without his Speedo on ...rofl , and Chimney "I See It All" hahahahaha

Crushzilla | 10-02-08, 9:18 PM
Its getting pretty sweet now. waiting for luffy to hit that "Chapapa" guy and for him to go "Power level 5000!!" lol .... DBZ Much.

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