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07-28-14, 7:19 PM
Not specified
April 27, 2008
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Boku wa Kuma add
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Tokyo Ghoul add
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Time (Days) 163.7
Watching 12
Completed 660
On Hold 32
Dropped 0
Plan to Watch 195
Total Entries 899

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 33.3
Reading 14
Completed 211
On Hold 1
Dropped 0
Plan to Read 16
Total Entries 242

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Unknown :(

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My list is severely outdated. The scores are no longer accurate, some of them are just blatently wrong since I forget to update my list for literally a month or two and speed through the process. What fun.

also i'm looking for a card shop or something where i can contribute whatever, whenever, without there being a big commotion if i'm not active. something where i can drop in once or twice a month offering a few cards i made would be awesome.

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Uncanny | 01-06-14, 1:32 PM
It usually takes me a while to get back to people, but I normally respond to all comments.
Why is it that you are/were surprised?

Happy New Year!

Uncanny | 12-14-13, 11:02 AM
Ah sorry, I completely missed your comment.
Hello Mouse from Syn. C:

Mythica | 11-01-13, 10:20 PM
Oh your UN is Creep durr, you told me that the first time *headdesk*

I think I've seen you around subeta before. :)

Mythica | 09-27-13, 10:48 AM
O hi! I think you're the first subeta person that I know of that's actually like, talked to me over here on MAL. What's your subeta UN?

13IGNICK | 08-16-13, 9:02 PM
a random person who loves anime.

skutieos | 07-12-13, 1:16 AM
omg you're alive
I'm still on skype!

skutieos | 01-24-13, 8:11 PM
I am swell. I've been somewhat productive and it feels good. My cats are doing good and that in turn makes me good, as I hang out with them all the time and their positive vibes rub off on me. What about you?

skutieos | 01-20-13, 9:01 PM

Baurus | 12-30-12, 9:22 AM
Your Scores are very troll, you know? ; )

Sandpaper | 06-15-12, 7:05 PM
ur a faget

Sandpaper | 01-01-12, 9:23 PM
the person below smells

skutieos | 12-29-11, 8:15 PM
Ah, I see I see... you should go on MSN :o

skutieos | 12-23-11, 4:56 PM
I haven't unlearned English, I was just excited.

Sandpaper | 11-28-11, 1:54 AM
I guess I'd have no choice but to buy so many of them that it's physically impossible to steal them all

Sandpaper | 11-28-11, 1:53 AM
try all you want, but then I'll follow you and steal both of them back, and we'll have a tea party together WITHOUT YOU

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