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04-28-13, 4:36 AM
Not specified
July 19, 1989
Sydney, Australia
April 15, 2010
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Time (Days) 32.8
Watching 3
Completed 92
On Hold 8
Dropped 1
Plan to Watch 81
Total Entries 185

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 0.7
Reading 1
Completed 4
On Hold 1
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Plan to Read 18
Total Entries 24

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Unknown :(

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*Currently very busy with real life stuff, list will be quite slow to update*

Favourite genre is romance/slice of life. If you have any recommendations, please do not be afraid to share them with me, I'd actually appreciate it a lot.

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LittleTeze | 05-02-12, 2:56 PM
The watch list, it grows!

Ninjii | 05-01-12, 7:57 AM
When were you hating on it? what

SuicideHadouken | 05-28-11, 6:21 PM
Have I, or have I not hated on Aria enough for you yet?

2Precious | 12-24-10, 12:44 AM

sweetangry | 11-28-10, 6:29 AM

Newsletter From Clannad ~after story~

The club has been renovated … So come to see the new layout of the club…and very soon we will have same games with prizes…Anyway just click here

Admin: sweet angry

chelleh | 11-15-10, 1:34 AM
glad i could help ^.^

chelleh | 11-15-10, 12:18 AM
not to be a freak who looks at random peoples pages but

eden of the east is amazing...


poison4you | 09-29-10, 6:51 AM
Limited Edition +200 members is now open
Clic here

Clannad ~after story~

Ninjii | 06-18-10, 9:37 AM
I wasn't aware this was a race... uhh, sorry but I'm going to continue watching anime at my own pace...

SuicideHadouken | 05-18-10, 12:53 PM
You know with your bandwidth limit, you could easily catch Shadowfire and I. You just dont go on sprees like i do, it took me a week to blast through Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, all 3...

SuicideHadouken | 04-27-10, 1:26 AM
Pwease! Wont Uew Bee Mai Fwend?

SuicideHadouken | 04-23-10, 9:59 AM
Im a drunken fish, will you be my fwend Pwease?

o0ShadowFire0o | 04-17-10, 12:56 PM

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