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Favorite Anime
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 1st
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 1st add
Simoun add
Mai-HiME add
Dennou Coil
Dennou Coil add
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica add

Favorite Manga
Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai: A Lollypop or A Bullet
Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai: A Lollypop or A Bullet add
xxxHOLiC add
Tengoku add
Doubt add
Muteki Kanban Musume
Muteki Kanban Musume add

Favorite Characters
Testarossa, Fate
Enma, Ai
Furude, Rika
Asakura, Ryouko
Isayama, Yomi
Akiyama, Mio
Takamachi, Nanoha
Hiiragi, Kagami
Shirai, Kuroko

Favorite People
Mizuki, Nana
Mizuki, Nana
Tamura, Yukari
Tamura, Yukari
Nanjo, Yoshino
Nanjo, Yoshino

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11-23-14, 8:49 AM
April 1, 1934
City of lights
November 16, 2007
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Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru add
Watching at 7 of 12
Girlfriend (Kari) add
Watching at 2 of 12
Psycho-Pass 2 add
Watching at 2 of 11

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Time (Days) 185.5
Watching 47
Completed 747
On Hold 22
Dropped 65
Plan to Watch 44
Total Entries 925

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Time (Days) 4.1
Reading 14
Completed 5
On Hold 0
Dropped 0
Plan to Read 3
Total Entries 22

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Of idols, anime and H.Y.F♪

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toridoshi | 08-10-14, 9:32 AM

P.S. Due to the club having so many members, we aren't able to send out newsletters to all of our members. If you would like to receive newsletters from the Slice of Life Club, post here.
Our newsletters include notifications on when our competition rounds start, club event information, information on our monthly banner contest (new feature starting in September), news about updates and changes to the club, etc.

P.S.S We are in need of active card makers!
We do a few monthly editions and we really need some more card makers to help out with those. If you are interested in applying, click here.

Killuan | 10-02-13, 6:58 PM
Nina, I miss you. >':

How have you been?

Cryptix | 03-07-13, 6:59 AM
hi, just wanted to say, i like your profile pic, looks really cool, did you make it your self?

nyoronyolo | 10-04-12, 2:33 AM
( ・◇・)?

Inika00 | 07-19-12, 3:13 AM
Hello my new friend \o/

RoxasFFig | 04-01-12, 2:31 AM
Happy Birthday !!!

Tayau | 02-27-12, 4:01 PM
Woop! Was going through everyone with Yomi Isayama in their favourites haha, nice to meet you stranger!

RjOkami | 02-20-12, 10:23 AM
Or then I just have amazing taste in friends...? ;D Dun dun duuuun... Or it could of course be both. Ninas are awesome, hence I befriend Ninas.

And well of course not! I was at work! Living somewhere doesn't mean I'm there all the time. Plus, do you think I'd make it that easy to find me~~? I'm having a lovely time down here with the dead spiders. Delightful. ^^

RjOkami | 02-19-12, 2:14 PM
Hahaa, I see you have a Girls With Guns member card, which amuses me... since, the creator of that club is my friend. The one I've cosplayed with, the one who's also a Nina. xD The world is indeed a small place..

Killuan | 08-01-11, 4:53 AM
I don't have an exact date. What do you think the best time to go for this year would be? Well, from what's left of the year.

Suppose being stuck this way forever isn't all bad. : D

Killuan | 07-30-11, 4:41 AM
Yeah, a similar thing happened to me...Where you want to reply back, but you just have nothing to say, Lol.

I'm doing fine, still a Fate fag...It's not even waning. I wonder if I'll always be this way. ;-;
And yeah love the DP.

In other news, should finally be going to Japan this year, unless something unexpected happens...again. >':

Killuan | 05-14-11, 6:54 AM
Havn't seen you in forever...So just wanted to see what was up. :3

How ya been?

jouttex | 05-03-11, 4:28 PM
lol I accepted your friend request like, 5 months later. xD

man, 7 Nanoha-related banners, I think by the 3rd banner everyone gets it you really like Nanoha. :P

deady_83 | 02-03-11, 2:30 AM
(◕ ω ◕)

thanks nina D : ... and i thought no one using Mal anymore ~

exec | 11-21-10, 12:15 PM
Cure Of The Week

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