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08-19-14, 5:03 PM
May 21, 1995
October 4, 2010
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I like anime, manga, games, music, photography and art, I actually started watching anime quite recently (ok not that recently any more), to be specific it was December 2009 (apart from watching dragon ball z and pokemon when I was really young)

My favorite types of anime are horror, superpower, drama and comedy, i love strange anime. high school slice of life's make me want to die. Also i hate shouenen fillers, they always ruin the original story.

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Alfyan | 08-13-14, 5:38 PM
Well I decided to check back on my history and it looks to me that I missed out on your message, 2 and a half years ago... so Ill get back to replying on that! I swear on my life that I replied to all my messages =/ I'm so sorry I missed it!

Well since it has been such a long time I decided to bring up a new discussion! You must have watched a lot of anime since then! So I guess you are much wiser in terms of experience haha :D what are your favourites so far?

Have you played FF7 yet then? :P I bet you haven't the graphics looks very old in modern standards!

Since we have discussed FFX before, there has been a new FFX and X2 remastered edition on the new generation consoles if you have ever decided to play it again? I have recently bought the old copies of FFX and X2 second hand so I'm thinking of playing it soon.

I guess you would of completed the photoshop course you were studying at college then :P

Well I could just say I'm with no religion whatsoever :O haha yeah agree, shame that on some cases the debate would lead to war against each other (Examples like the first crusade or something)

So I guess your a mixed nationality individual then? :P

Haha well first off I would like to say sorry I never replied to your message cause I thought I had already done so.... The biggest problem is hard to track these message cause of MAL layout and stuff and I only stumbled across this message as you were on my friends list :(

evil_clown | 05-20-14, 1:10 PM
happy b-day :p

evil_clown | 04-15-14, 6:36 AM
yo how r you?? tell me ur news XDDD

evil_clown | 03-13-14, 11:54 AM
ur pfor pic with eren is crazy nc :p

AndrewSmith | 03-08-14, 3:43 PM
Hi, what's your name?

MoonxArtemis | 05-06-13, 4:52 PM

musicalsushi | 12-30-12, 12:25 AM
Hey there
It's been a while since to last spoke!!!
How have you been?

Yuu120 | 12-16-12, 8:39 AM
Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your forum avatar :)

AstuteOtaku | 10-10-12, 8:30 PM
Starting tomorrow my book will be available for free for five days. Download it and read it whenever, just please drop me a review. :D

And I realised I never answered, Jane Austen was an author from the late 1700s. She wrote 6 romance novels which are still very popular today. One of my favourite writers.

AstuteOtaku | 10-04-12, 6:02 PM
Alexi_Sharov... I think :-Z... been too long :D.

I'm glad you liked it, and yes, I'm the same way, can only read one (maybe two) novels at a time.

ChicagoGhost | 10-02-12, 5:44 PM
Alright I've watched both series in sub and dub and they're both really good, so take your pick.

No not right now I've got a few that i plan to watch but, I'll be sure to hit you up when I do.

Also I thought November 11 was the coolest in the series (⌐■_■)

Candor | 09-26-12, 6:24 AM
you're welcome ^^

AstuteOtaku | 09-25-12, 12:11 PM
English degree, currently taking a Jane Austen course :D. My book is here and is a paranormal fantasy thriller.

Runescape?! Such fond memories. I played that for a long time actually. But I got really attached to the lore of Guild Wars. I may go back to Runescape someday though. I got to level 80 combat I think.

ChicagoGhost | 09-23-12, 9:07 AM
Okay thanks man.
Phantom is a really good Drama/Assassin type series. (You'll be in for some intense nail biting scenes)

And Black lagoon is just epic; crazy gun fights and really memorable characters.

Alfyan | 09-16-12, 5:18 AM
Haha no problem :D what is more important is that you enjoyed your time on holiday :D *Lucky...* hmm no I wasn't aware of it unless you actually post on my comment wall about it :P

Yeah but he is surrounded by a lovely harem of course you get jealous! Even though he gets killed he comes back alive :P Kore Wa Zombie is actually quite funny as well :)

lol true, although FF7 was the only RPG I replayed :P it was that good!

30 hours is nothing for me :D not during summer holidays anyway =/ Well I like the idea of Disney characters working together with Square Enix so yeah I will defo keep that in mind :) , err didn't you just say 30 hours is long? O.o that is the same time to complete as FFX :P Yeah it is, I'm still looking for one to download and install

Hmm, well you could get some other members of your family to edit it on Photoshop :D some pictures are too good not to get edited anyway :D

I'm an atheist but I do think there is a god in some way lol, because he makes my wishes come true sometimes >.> nope I'm not really offended lol I don't really care about religion as a whole but as human beings there are always going to be debates on those type of stuff

It does it automatically after you play the song though ;D

So what are you a mixture in terms of ethnicity then? :P

Hahha thanks ;) want me to show you how to do it? Yes Asuna is my new obsession :)

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