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May 21, 1995
October 4, 2010
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I like anime, manga, games, music, photography and art, I actually started watching anime quite recently (ok not that recently any more), to be specific it was December 2009 (apart from watching dragon ball z and pokemon when I was really young)

My favorite types of anime are horror, superpower, drama and comedy, i love strange anime. high school slice of life's make me want to die. Also i hate shouenen fillers, they always ruin the original story.

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LordStyx | 02-09-15, 6:40 AM
Well you are already watching parasyte which is great, Ansatsu is better in the manga when it gets to the arcs, the whole one episode stories aren't great. Death parade is really cool, its like a purgatory kind of thing. Nanatsu no Taizai is a fairly good shounen i guess, i probably just like it because it has knights in it, nice break from ninjas and samurais haha

LordStyx | 02-07-15, 4:11 AM
I am indeed! I love all the craziness and how it all ends up linking together :) You watching anything from this season?

LordStyx | 11-16-14, 4:51 AM
Yeah, that arc is far too long, if you go on crunchyroll and look a the seasons, its like 5 times the size of any other one lol

LordStyx | 11-11-14, 3:44 PM
Yeah I heard, might just wait til the anime is over and binge watch the last arc, can't really be bothered to watch it weekly anymore

Stiffmeister | 05-20-14, 1:10 PM
happy b-day :p

Stiffmeister | 04-15-14, 6:36 AM
yo how r you?? tell me ur news XDDD

Stiffmeister | 03-13-14, 11:54 AM
ur pfor pic with eren is crazy nc :p

AndrewSmith | 03-08-14, 3:43 PM
Hi, what's your name?

MoonXArtemis | 05-06-13, 4:52 PM

musicalsushi | 12-30-12, 12:25 AM
Hey there
It's been a while since to last spoke!!!
How have you been?

Yuu120 | 12-16-12, 8:39 AM
Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your forum avatar :)

AstuteOtaku | 10-10-12, 8:30 PM
Starting tomorrow my book will be available for free for five days. Download it and read it whenever, just please drop me a review. :D

And I realised I never answered, Jane Austen was an author from the late 1700s. She wrote 6 romance novels which are still very popular today. One of my favourite writers.

AstuteOtaku | 10-04-12, 6:02 PM
Alexi_Sharov... I think :-Z... been too long :D.

I'm glad you liked it, and yes, I'm the same way, can only read one (maybe two) novels at a time.

ChicagoGhost | 10-02-12, 5:44 PM
Alright I've watched both series in sub and dub and they're both really good, so take your pick.

No not right now I've got a few that i plan to watch but, I'll be sure to hit you up when I do.

Also I thought November 11 was the coolest in the series (⌐■_■)

Candor | 09-26-12, 6:24 AM
you're welcome ^^

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