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03-05-09, 3:43 PM
February 10, 1987
October 30, 2007
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Well not really much to tell lol i am me there can be only one. I spend most of my days alone thinking, and watching others. I like to surf the web like any other might. well i"m no stalker but people are interesting , I love any thing and every thing japanese, people say to me because i love japanese culture so much that I am strange , but i just say i feel like i am meant to do what ever i do cant help myself , well i got lots more to say if i really know you....

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GTC | 03-27-09, 7:44 AM
Hey lover.
I have this club: Rock Star Club

I wanna know if you want to affiliate with me. I have you already affiliated with my club. Please consider it! Thanks!!


GTC | 12-18-08, 1:37 PM
thank you for your love. it is much appreicated!!

GTC | 05-30-08, 4:30 AM
you are so right with both.....except i cut all my hair i'll never have a bad hair day!!! ^_^ hahhahahha

GTC | 05-29-08, 1:17 AM
oh yeah.
there's nothing i need now. but i did have this horrid nightmare. and i'm woke cuz i can't sleep. i don't want to. scared.

GTC | 05-24-08, 12:38 AM
GAWD that would be nice. I'd love that. so what would we do? ^^

GTC | 05-11-08, 3:52 PM
I can totally agree with EVERYTHING you've said.
i went to youtube and G has and account there. I've personal messaged him.

It's wierd. He never comes on....until i message him. When i message him he comes on. but he never replies to my messages.

I would love to meet G-sama as well. I share you feelings to the deepest degree a person can.

Hopefully we will meet. I pray........

GTC | 05-09-08, 5:56 PM
hey baby!!!
what's up?!

tempuraSTORM | 04-16-08, 9:31 PM

kittycopper | 02-11-08, 12:32 AM
Happy Birthday!

Sawa | 12-13-07, 6:44 PM
Hi there~
I've uploaded some pics at 'Anna Tsuchiya Love', hope you don't mind ;}

Synthetic | 12-09-07, 10:47 AM
:o Mana picture... I love you!

VampireHunterD | 11-07-07, 1:24 AM
Nice picture of Mana :o)

GTC | 11-04-07, 7:14 PM
Hello you. Thank you for your message, kun! Go here, since anata so interested....

Faust721 | 11-03-07, 9:20 PM
You can never have too much anime. I mean, the only thing thats gonna happen is that grades wont be as high xD

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