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June 26, 2013
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Mainstream anime sucks dick!!! Im not what you can call someone who watched a lot of anime but my impression of the medium is that the modern ones always turn me off because of bad fanservice, bad plot, too much try hard, just look at how many times that a weeaboo cartoon like naruto gets critical reviews hence its bad. I obscure anime are literary masterpieces. (eg, you rate LOGH a 10 u are a good guy, if you rate utena a 10 you are a good guy, feel free to hit that friend request button if we have similar tastes!) However I also like some popular anime like Evangelion if I find it good.

My first exposure to the medium is when I have watched the evangelion show when I was a kid but I didnt get it. I watched it again a couple of years ago when I read people talking about it when I was reading the Xenogears game at a forum. Then I read all the contents analyzed by people and I fell in love.

Fav Genres: Seinen, Psychological, Philosophy (note: it is different from pseudo-philosophy where characters quote lines from books), thinking anime, DEEP THEMES, INTELLECTUAL THEMES, real deal dark animes, usually anime that changed my life as a whole because of all it's meaningful life-lessons.

Least Fav: Pantsu, boobs, oppai, haremshit, weeabooshit, casualshit, loli (fucken pedo sickos), MO-AYYYY

My Personal Top 10 series
1. Logh
2. Katanagatari
3. Tatami Galaxy
4. Utena
5. Tutu
6. Eva + end of
7. yokohoma
8. penguindrum
9. Millennium actress
10. nijigahara
455. turd
999999. haremshit

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Polyphemus | Aug 29, 11:18 PM
I'm the least edgy person in the world.

shizwizard | Aug 10, 4:39 PM
What can I say... I didn't like Forest's pretentiousness. It's as simple as that.

Kaminator | Aug 7, 2:27 PM
we can talk but what's your obsession with me?
you seem to be rather interested in me and wants to be ol' buddies?

cuckold | Aug 7, 12:20 PM
cucklord maybe :P

tsudecimo | Aug 7, 5:58 AM
name stealer

Kaminator | Aug 6, 3:06 AM
Enlighten me lol, how do i know you?

Iustitia | May 9, 2:49 PM
nice favourite characters

InvisibleGuru | Feb 6, 12:30 PM
Ha! Too late! I already seen 2012 version, caught up with Stardust crusaders and watching ova's right now. I actually changed my mind about the series, once you turn off your brain and don't take it seriously it becomes very fun to watch.

I liked the strategy in Nocturne battles but the amount of grinding you have to do in this game was too overwhelming for me.

InvisibleGuru | Jan 19, 8:41 AM
I liked your Jojo Stardust Crusaders review a lot. I'm watching it right now and it is the most stupid and boring shit ever. As a Gar fan, tell me, should I drop it or will it get better later or in 2nd season? I plan to watch 2012 anime eventually, heard it's good.

Also, I like SMT games, too. Persona 4 is in my top 5 games of all time.

Masserati_ | Jan 9, 3:18 PM
Stop being so wrong pls

literaturenerd | Jan 9, 11:26 AM
If you're a garfag, why you no watched Violence Jack?! You call yourself /a/ fag material?! get with it man, or else I'll pay Tyrone to yell at you!

literaturenerd | Jan 9, 10:37 AM
Firstly, my booklist is on my goodreads account. This is MAL, where we list, review, and discuss mostly anime and manga. I might add one anyways at some point though.

Secondly, I regret to inform you that your attempt to rustle my jimmies has failed. This failure will not go unpunished! The ogre lord Himself will visit you tonight! I highly recommend pissing yourself while praying to your impudent God!

-Alians- | Jan 9, 4:22 AM
Huge anime compabillity .. A whole 7,3%

eririri | Jan 4, 1:47 PM
Omg its whatever the hell you want it to be, did you even read it and into its themes

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