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I like anime and manga but I don't go as far as collecting any memorabilia and doing cosplay (no offends to anybody) for me, they should be regarded as entertainment, that's all. I know how to respect other opinions no matter how crazy it is. Except for Placement's and other Mr. Wonderful out there who think of other's review as crappy, no offense but people like that should be in the looney bin like this one:

Hey, it is OK to comment, but do it nicely.


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Baddie007 | 08-20-14, 2:24 PM
Sweet "ARM" review.

RazorRamona200 | 08-19-14, 9:43 AM
Nice "ARM" review, viejo.

RazorRamona200 | 08-12-14, 9:14 AM
Yep, a ghostly character was responsible for messing with my review.

Baddie007 | 07-06-14, 8:29 AM
Denada, cabron

RazorRamona200 | 07-04-14, 12:48 PM

RazorRamona200 | 07-01-14, 8:53 AM
Hey Viejo! Nice "ssuw" review.

Baddie007 | 06-30-14, 1:23 PM
Nice "SSwU" review, cabron.

RazorRamona200 | 06-27-14, 5:32 AM
Cool "Manka-ka san" and Fushin Dai shougun" review, maricon.

RazorRamona200 | 06-19-14, 1:40 PM
Hey viejo, check out my new review.

Boombawks | 06-15-14, 2:37 AM
Cool man thanks, I just wanted to message you about your "Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha." review, I agree with it. That series was beautiful and your review did the series justice, good review bro.

Baddie007 | 06-01-14, 9:31 AM
denada, viejo

Baddie007 | 05-28-14, 10:52 AM
Oye, maricon muy bien para su "Nisekoi" review.

RazorRamona200 | 05-27-14, 1:59 PM
Nice "Nisekoi" review, cabron.

Y36 | 05-24-14, 1:33 PM
thank you so mush ^O^

Stark700 | 05-24-14, 1:05 PM

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