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deishu | 07-10-14, 1:32 AM
I like Haru, Hanabusa and Haruki the most! :D (i think im cool with pretty much everyone from the black class, with the expectation for chitaru...idk why but i dont care much for her)

deishu | 07-10-14, 1:31 AM
TBH i want onodera to be endgame (well i would also love marika to win but that is so unlikely....) and tbh i wouldnt like chitoge to win either... although for nisekoi i think a harem end is most likely? idk about yakuza but it might be not so unusual for the yakuza leader to have several women xDD;

is kanakura okay though?

deishu | 07-09-14, 6:45 AM
haruki is a princess! i liked her relationship with isuke haha and hitsugi is pretty cool too! she and chitaru are actually the only "real" couple apart from tokaku/haru in this series lol.

deishu | 07-09-14, 6:44 AM
WHAT, who is the 4th girl with a key? but actually im confused there are even 3 girls...i mean onodera was obvious, and then there is a 2nd girl okay, i could accept that, but chitoge had one too...? raku is a little shit (ok i dont like him very much haha)

deishu | 07-08-14, 9:24 AM
Watching at 16 of 20"

all the respect HAHA
you are on team onodera right? c:

deishu | 07-07-14, 1:08 PM
i see! i think tokyo ghoul will get 12 episodes, i will keep you on track if the series gets too gory/bloody/etc since im no good with that stuff either...much

btw, is there actually a character from akuma no riddle that interests you?

deishu | 07-07-14, 1:07 PM

deishu | 07-07-14, 9:52 AM
you can give tokyo ghoul a go, and if its just too much you can still drop it c: there might be a character you are interested in though? (i really want to see amon...he looks pro)

deishu | 07-07-14, 9:52 AM
nah i will always be vary of policemen even if they would over me cake

hmmm, although deadman wonderland wasnt that gory if i remember, only the eye scene with crow was fucking disgusting

deishu | 07-06-14, 10:14 AM
did she liveblog the anime or the manga? i think if you could handle deadman wonderland, tokyo ghoul is no problem either...? in videogames the gore is the worst xDD (just watch a moral kombat video lol)

deishu | 07-06-14, 10:13 AM
n ope, i live for uniforms but actual policemen... nah i have bad memories of them xDD

deishu | 07-06-14, 10:13 AM
as far as i know most mangaka have scripts/scribbles/drabbels of their story, and the anime staff can base the ending of them? they also did that with the akuma no riddle, which are very close to the manga (1:1 adaption is impossible after all)

WAIT WAHT DID I MISS, wasnt touma super popular? in fact i remember he was so popular at a time i didnt bother checking the ahr tag anymore lol, what happened

deishu | 07-05-14, 3:03 AM
i asked makie about tokyo ghoul since she reads the manga and she told me it is not that gory? like they dont show openly corpses like in... uhm elfen lied for example?
i already downloaded a torrent with lots of chapters but i dunno when to start it... i also want to start the haikyuu manga soon for real (so far i have only read certain chapters where certain characters appeared lalala) because makie also told me the anime is waaay cheesier than the manga and that cheesiness is what bothers me so much ;; also hinata's voice skjdfhsdkf

deishu | 07-05-14, 3:01 AM
NUUUUU I DONT WANT TO F*** i'd rather eat cake uvu cake, pizza and coca-cola (also chicken nuggets)
its a nutrious meal

deishu | 07-05-14, 3:00 AM
WHUT, but why!?? i dont want to sound like a hipster/nerd/whatever but this is one of the reasons to stick with the original material.... i dont want to know what kind of things they would change in ao haru ride, if kou's friend appears (I FORGOT HER NAME HAH ;;) i hope they wont change her personality just to make even more unlikeable for the fans (who already go batshit over her...ignorant masses)

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