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May 25, 1988
February 1, 2008
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-Vincent Nightray is my favorite character ever in life. Seriously. I adore him far too much for my own good XD. He's so twisted and creepy, yet tragically beautiful. He just wants to erase all his "mistakes"... the tragedy, Gil's unhappiness - none which Vincent can be fully blamed for, ever. Excuse me while I just fangirl over him for-fucking-ever XD. His backstory, goals, development, gah, his character just never fails to amaze me. ♥

-My commenting suuuucks lately. Sorry, sorry ;A;. So kinda on hiatus for now... Aside from updating my lists.

Character's I'll have to add to my favorites when coding works: Kaname, Chizuru, Yuuki, Yuuta, Shun (Kimi to Boku), Light (Death Note), Madoka, Mami, Sayaka (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica), Ringo, Shouma (Mawaru Penguindrum), Oswald, Lotty, Oz, Oscar, Levi, Alyss (Pandora Hearts), Yuuta, Rikka, Dekomori, Nibutani (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!), Akane, Gino, Kagari, Makishima (Psycho-Pass), Makoto, Rei, Nagisa, Haru, Rin, Sousuke (Free!), Armin, Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Levi, Erwin, Sasha, Reiner, Bertholdt, Hanji, Ymir, Connie (Shingeki no Kyojin)

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anck-su-namun | 12-31-14, 11:41 AM

TomPaul15 | 10-03-14, 11:27 AM
Hello, maybe I should make a tumblr account :D I've been doing decent I suppose, could be worse lol. Yeah she did some artwork for another manga so I was hoping that would mean DGM was gonna start back up soon but it never did :( I think she should work with someone else that can do the drawings for her to take the load of her or something.

bwahahachick | 09-04-14, 6:24 AM
Amanda! I keep meaning to message you on here every time I login, so here goes. I miss chatting with you about all our obsessive fandoms...! And life things as well. I hope you've been doing well in the past... year or two? Gosh I can't believe it's been that long (maybe). xD In other words, how ya been?

TomPaul15 | 07-16-14, 11:57 PM
Hello how have you been? I miss talking to you! I bet your very busy nowadays but hope to here from you :) Btw hopefully D.Gray-man will continue while we're still young xD

TomPaul15 | 06-22-14, 2:48 PM
Hi Kona-chan :D

TomPaul15 | 12-07-13, 3:01 PM
Kona-chan ^o^!!! How's life treating u? I wuz running everywhere with my spandex suit with cape 2 find u, everyone was looking at me weird :( I wuz like didn't u eva seen a super hero movie b4 lolololol! Glad ur safe ^_________^

Yeah me 2 :D Attack on Titan wuz filled with so much win I'll be angry if they didn't make a second season yo. I agree the characters are awesome :D

TomPaul15 | 07-31-13, 8:50 AM
I like ur new name, I didn't mean 2 maku u cry D: *gives u a tissue* I wuz just making sure no one kidnapped u and took over ur account and then stashed u in a castle n the tallest tower. I would have busted out my spandex suit with cape and saved u ^_^

I.m doing good myself, I just got accepted to jobcorps which is a job training program :D

TomPaul15 | 07-11-13, 3:32 PM
Hay Kona-chan! Wait ur not Kona-chan ur MyAutumnGalaxy D: What have u done too Kona-chan, waaaaa! waaaaa! lolololololol! How iz u yo?

Lyos18 | 06-01-13, 11:06 PM

Hello there! You've been invited to join the Slice of Life Club! We offer games, cards, contests, events, discussions, recommendations, active members, and more! We hope that you will join us! To view the club, please click the banner of Azusa above.

If you do decide to join us, we'd appreciate it it you'd take a couple seconds just to view this thread here.

Thank you for reading! ^_^

Kagami_Egao | 01-04-13, 10:52 PM
Sorry it's taken me so long to reply - this past semester of school was a killer! Hello again :D

Wow - I hope moving was as stress free as possible - I know that pain, believe me :D I did actually do something fun over the summer - I helped volunteer at my church's summer camp as a helper, and I went to Canada with my family.

Ariana | 08-20-12, 3:43 PM
Aaah, maybe that's why I couldn't just delete my account! XD And I'm grateful to Gundam 00 cuz it pretty much started my Internet life. XD
I can't remember all the stuff I've watched/read. ;__; It really sux when you don't update these lists for a while. XD Making a new profile would take me some time but updating my faves would be even worse. XD Too lazyyyyy... XD But yeah, your pic hasn't changed in ages. XD
I do, yep. XD But it's ok, I have so many other books to read that I can wait. XD And I do want you to read Mind Fuck. XD You’ll love the Administration series, I’m sure of that. XD I’m so glad that the title of the first book was enough to get me interested. XD It’s a pity this series isn’t better known. :/ It’s just so well-written and full of awesome characters, both male and female (usually m/m fiction lacks good female characters XD). The dystopian setting is also brilliant. Fffff, I want to re-read these books. XD I’m really attached to some of the characters. ♥ Apparently there’ll be at least one more book and it will focus more on my fave character, so I can’t freaking wait. XD
Well, bitch you still dead? XD Cuz I haven’t gotten any email yet! XD But I guess it’d suck If I were the only one replying late. XD This is just how we roll. XD Yeah, you’re right, and I suck at this tsundere thing anyway. XD

TomPaul15 | 08-18-12, 6:29 PM
Hehe yeah I feel like watching some of my fave animes but I want to get a new computer first because I kinda want to try out editing myself and see if I like it. I have made one but it fails really hard compared to all the top notch ones.

Moving is time consuming O_O, me and my family are actually in the process of moving back to Massachusetts which I'm stoked about since I much perfer the city life opposed to to the country. Everything is so much more lively and accessible in the city.

So hows college?

Ariana | 08-17-12, 4:45 AM
Weeeee~ It's nice to be back. XD I knew I wouldn't survive long without this site. XD I might even make a new profile later. But first I need to update the lists. >_>
Well, I won't tell you not to read Mind Fuck first. XD This series is really awesome. I kinda hate how short these books are, though. ;__; Anyway, you'll love the characters. :D
But yea, why are you rambling here? XD Gosh, we're all over the Internet now. XD But it's nice to get a comment on my good old wall after such a long time. XD *don't kiss me in public you baka* LMAO ♥

TomPaul15 | 07-26-12, 4:11 PM
Hey Kona-chan!!! How have you been? I can't believe we haven't chatted for so long :( Btw I saw this awesome Samurai Champloo amv and figured you would like to see it too hehe.

Here's the link

anck-su-namun | 06-05-12, 4:38 AM
yeah Jack's obssesive love for Lacie has totally gone overboard. i could have forgiven him for being the bad guy but all these are too damn much. the way he has messed up with Oz, Vin and Gil is pissing me off >_< damn that Barma aswell. he will pay if he intends to hurt our beloved Break >_< wonder if Jun Sensei will come up with more trolling *sigh*
totally, i do not want their bromance/friendship to get ruined because of that stupid love chain. Juunichi is a charming bastard isn't he? when he sang on that bar i was in love but i will not forgive him for destroying Sen's first love though Sen deserves better than that wanna be artist ladylike Yurika >_< maan i rant a lot lol summer is giving us hard time in here already. it's too hot that i feel like doing nothing at all *sigh* good luck with house moving and take care out there^^

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