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Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku
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Hellsing Ultimate
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07-02-14, 12:27 PM
February 28, 1991
December 22, 2009
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About MrTall
Will add when I'm not lazy as fuck.

Which is probably never. Damnit.

I have watched "a lot"of animes, since I got interested in it this summer, but I can't bother adding them on the list now. So, don't mind it^^

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ikazuuyr | 07-02-14, 12:17 PM
Aw :((((

ikazuuyr | 07-02-14, 12:11 PM
Now you're teasing me :3

ikazuuyr | 07-02-14, 12:07 PM
If only xD

ikazuuyr | 07-02-14, 12:02 PM
Aw I've always wished that I was taller =P

ikazuuyr | 07-02-14, 11:48 AM
Woah seriously :O
I'm 5'5 :((

ikazuuyr | 06-02-14, 9:32 AM
How tall are you? Just curious =)

mikai47 | 05-05-13, 2:26 PM
Back from the dead almost! haha
What have you been doin? ,)

Hum have you seen Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? It's really good! And there is Sakamichi no Apollon and Shirokuma Cafe. I really like those animes.
But what kind of anime do you like?

mikai47 | 12-24-10, 11:05 AM

mikai47 | 05-18-10, 2:48 PM
I've noticed! xD~
Naa going, going. So much to do that I don't sleep well and get yammin all day! >__>"
Oh! Good luck man! I hope you do well! :)

mikai47 | 04-13-10, 4:31 PM
Ah! Still on holidays?! Well I guess not.. I'm replay this late! xP

Well I'm very busy at the university now.. too much to do! D: Becoming a zombie, but that's okay I gues... xD

What did you do in your holidays?? :P (if I can ask)

mikai47 | 03-25-10, 6:45 AM
Hey how are you?:)

mikai47 | 02-02-10, 6:40 AM
Well I guess you're just sleepy then!
That's normal in some classes, like History for example! I love History but I'd always end up trying not to sleep! x)

mikai47 | 01-24-10, 10:33 AM

Well I think tha's why you have been tired, isn't it??

Sorry! I won't metion it again!

mikai47 | 01-23-10, 12:14 PM

You sound like Tarzan! Me am hungry! xDD

Do you go to sleep late?? But I guess it's common, at leats for me! I'd always end up sleeping in my classes... >D

I'm fine! Great! Enjoying my vacations while I can! :P

mikai47 | 01-22-10, 1:53 PM
How YOU doing?? =D

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