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05-20-15, 6:30 PM
August 14, 1990
Toronto, Ontario
January 2, 2010
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About MrMurai
Hey, people. I made this account for fun after a friend showed me this website. I just thought having an account here gives me a good way to organize animes that I've watched and/or want to watch. This site is also the ultimate anime database too, which I use to see upcoming shows and whatnot. Overall, I like this place.

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DragonHaxzard | 05-31-13, 10:10 AM
Haha, thanks =P

DragonHaxzard | 03-31-13, 2:34 PM
Holy freaking shit.

DragonHaxzard | 01-07-13, 5:59 AM
Ooooooo, not bad lol

AsuNoYoichi | 11-24-12, 4:14 PM
ohhhh shooot, i swear our anime compatibility is getting lower XD

NoelVermillion | 07-27-12, 2:18 PM

Animist | 09-12-11, 11:11 AM
ill bring on wed

Myssi-chan | 12-17-10, 1:18 AM
Would you like to join us?

DrewTheDude | 08-25-10, 3:54 PM
I know who you are.

DrewTheDude | 08-25-10, 3:51 PM
I see...

DrewTheDude | 08-25-10, 3:47 PM
If that guy was also called DrewTheDude, then yes. Who might you be?

NoelVermillion | 08-25-10, 3:21 PM
Gotta finish Working!!!

Zahlzeit | 08-24-10, 10:55 AM
Yeah we should.

I didn't add you last night because I was on a Tsubaki and Tager winning streak (which never happens) so I forgot in the midst of the action.

I add you as soon as possible once my brother stops using the PS3.

Zahlzeit | 08-23-10, 9:09 AM
It's kind of funny actually. He's a Ragna hater.. yet he mains Ragna. Whenever he complains about him, I'm always thinking: "Wait a second.."
Not sure why people aren't complaining about Hakumen's 4C instead. Not a big deal for some characters but others, it's killer.

Really? For me it's Ragna, Hazama, and Tager.

Zahlzeit | 08-22-10, 8:17 PM
No worries, I revere those rants as the holy auspicious voice of reason.

I use Ragna and sub Tager and Tsubaki. I list all my mains here in case if you're curious.
Yeah, it's unfortunate that I use two of the most rage-inducing characters in the roster. Most of the haters carry nonsensical arguments and quite unfortunately, I have one of them as a friend.
I do wish Ragna wasn't so used though.. I see him more than any other fighter.

Zahlzeit | 08-22-10, 8:00 PM
Oh, have you played Mugen at all? You might enjoy it a lot.

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