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08-21-12, 3:18 AM
January 20,
Some dump in Portugal
May 28, 2009
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Hi guys, well, not much to talk about me :s
I play League of Legends, so if u wanna add me, be my guest ;) (MóDaR)

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sheena-chan | 07-23-11, 11:09 PM
how are you?

still friends?

Letty | 12-26-10, 8:58 AM
Of course I know that much .. you were my delinquent buddy dude ><
I'll try and think of something for the new year >:D
Che, lucky you :O I never skated in my life .. sad I know T^T But my friends and I were planning to go during the Christmas holidays .. wish me luck I don't wanna fall too much LOL 8D
All hail to the lazy ass life :P

Letty | 12-24-10, 2:29 PM
Long time no talk aye?
Sankyuu !! >< I should have done a delinquent-ish one just for u :P
Yup pretty much >:D
Had a lot of things going on so I deserve it keke~
What about u?

Letty | 12-24-10, 8:47 AM

sheena-chan | 08-12-10, 6:25 PM
yeah... iknow what you mean...
so did you finished already school rumble?

(sorry for the late reply..
i've been busy at school because we had our periodical examination
and that's the reason why i can't open my MAL in the past weeks...)

psygol | 08-03-10, 12:27 PM
I bought the manga in paper so I can't help you with any link. Gonmene.

Letty | 08-03-10, 1:06 AM
I know!! but I lost all interest D':
It still is dead x___x actually I talked to the creator and put me as an admin so I can get things going but friends kept me busy so I did nothing -.- I should try do something about it and I'm so bored anyway xD

frozen_soul | 08-02-10, 1:19 PM
your welcome ^^

Letty | 08-02-10, 9:25 AM
Probably ♥ :P Bdw HELPPP I'm loosing all the delinquent love D':

frozen_soul | 08-01-10, 6:27 PM
no problem if you ran into some more troubles you can pm me

i will help if i can ^^

Letty | 08-01-10, 4:18 AM
It's because I'm seeing a lot of people with 6 favorites so I was wondering why I was left out ... lol >___< Thanks anyway :P

Letty | 07-31-10, 5:58 PM
Just asking. How come you have 6 favorite mangas instead of 5? :O

sheena-chan | 07-14-10, 7:21 AM
hahaha... really funny... try watching Azumanga Daioh.... or School Rumble.... try watching those animes...

by the way can you help me with something?

sheena-chan | 07-12-10, 2:43 AM
still the same... hehehe... so what's going on?

sheena-chan | 07-10-10, 3:21 AM
how are you?

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