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May 26, 1989
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July 27, 2008
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I might not be keeping my list up to date, only when I completely finish one I add it for sure.
I no longer give any scores, too much hassle too many scores seem out of whack, and its hard to compare to things I watched ages ago. I did a rough tier list Top, High, Mid and ugh (not low tier but didn't enjoy a bunch and don't wanna comment) My scaling seems out of whack and its just hard to grade when your watch rating threshold is fairly high. Things that don't have a 7.5 or higher mal average rarely get watched all the way.
Pf and Tpf tags are personal favorite and top personal favorite means, the tier of the given show doesn't equal how much I like it. I like it more than the tier suggests. (common reason is source material was read) or I liked it a lot and though it was quality.
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I bookmark a lot.
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*that I have played, still working on the list a bit.
Other notes,
I like to watch speedruns on twitch/srl; OoT WW sm64 and alot of other n64 era or gamecube era games.
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See if you can find the three hidden Links lol...

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123 Completed 1/16/2012
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Anime Expo 2015 (First time)
Jul 6, 1:03 PM Edited Jul 9, 8:15 AM

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MelbShaw | Sep 9, 11:54 PM
Oh, and one of them is the girl in my avatar. lol

MelbShaw | Sep 9, 10:44 PM
So there's a rumor about two of CVs from LL will show up at the LL movie premier in LA, which I will be missing, ah dang.

MelbShaw | Aug 10, 12:38 AM
are you going to watch the LL movie?

MelbShaw | Aug 6, 1:40 PM
Lol, kinda reminds me of this video

MelbShaw | Aug 5, 12:20 AM
I ordered the angelic petits, seeing it's all the way in Jan..I'm going to watch the LL movie in theaters, hopefully I can get my hands on the prints :/

Good thing the yen is low, I'm using a proxy to try to bid this item I want. So far so good, unless someone snipes it, lol.

MelbShaw | Jul 29, 4:22 PM
Oh, didn't know you like LL enough to get a nendo of her, lol. And whoops, I mixed up the key series character names..They're releasing so much LL nendos, like the Angelic Angel version. I was going to buy the Cat costume Illya, but it's made by probably better not to get it.

MelbShaw | Jul 27, 11:26 PM
LB kotori? I didn't see all the figs, but I thought the Mic stand Eri was very nice. Don't think they're selling that one. ;/ The only figure I have up for the rest of the year so far is a nendo.

MelbShaw | Jul 17, 7:57 PM
Do you have any plans of going to AX again next year?

MelbShaw | Jul 8, 8:50 PM
Oh, I knew who it was, I just didn't know going to the panel would get you the artwork, lol! usually, I don't go to panels because I don't want to wait in line...

MelbShaw | Jul 8, 11:41 AM
Aw, what? Should have went to that, nooooo.

MelbShaw | Jul 7, 7:18 PM
Where is the nagisa sketch from?

MelbShaw | Jul 6, 8:14 PM
Do you have instagram? I uploaded a ton of content of what I did at AX, basically. I'll PM you my username. You can still watch the clips and see pictures without an account.

MelbShaw | Jul 6, 4:37 PM
Ah, that's a bit further then where I was at in the line. I had no problems getting inside day 1. The real wait was at the fakku booth first thing, lol.

MelbShaw | Jul 6, 2:13 PM
Read it all, glad you have fun! If I'm not mistaken, were you in line to get the autograph tickets on day 2? Cause I was there too, lol. I was with my friends, one was cosplaying as accelerator, one wore a hyperdimension shirt, and I was wearing idolm@ster.

MelbShaw | Jul 1, 11:27 PM
I went to say 0 and there was no line at all. The registration was literally instant and held all over. Not sure how it will go on day 1 though if they'll follow the same plan.

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