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MelbShaw | 04-07-15, 9:40 PM
Lol, I think I watched like an episode of polar bear cafe and that was it. I like Nagi on Asukara. Granted, it isn't the best story or whatever, more or less I'd say it's like a teen love triangle drama show. But, I really liked the setting and it does take a sort of take an After Story route later on.

Well, I''m sure I have a huge list of things I can chose to watch lol! All the shows accumulated overtime from my semi break. I will try to watch some stuff and finally hit that 200 mark. I originally was very hyped for Vivid but then now it's already airing and I haven't even touched the first ep. I'm sure my anime watching mood will come back. I was on a break from anime before and then ended up marathoning Kemono no souja Erin, and that show was pretty long and super tedious with flashblacks. Like the same flashback is used every single episode and they even have the nerve to put in 2 recaps eps, if I remembered correctly. But, I'll definitely try watching again during the summer break. Should be late May!

Yeah, I thought the sequels were funny. My favorite scene was when Anakin killed Mace Windu (I think that's how you spell it?, anyways Samuel Jackson). And Anakin's constant whining was funny too since the acting was also bad.

MelbShaw | 04-07-15, 12:32 PM
Haha, I wish I have that same anime watching mentality. It would help me finally finishing anime. Like literally on the last episode of Hanayamata, but I left it like that for half a year already? lol..I just start something and then just stop and I tell myself I'd watch the rest once the whole series finishes airing, but that never happens.

Yes, I'm also very excited for Charlotte! Part of me is hoping this series does a lot better than AB. From where I am living, the AB fanboying is out of hand. Hearing Brave Song 24/7 did not help at all...

I think the only sci-fi series I only know about is star wars? I did watched the movies when I was a kid. I revisited the series and watched lego version, lolol. I tried to look more into the story of the series, that's about it.

MelbShaw | 04-03-15, 9:30 PM
Oh, snap. Haven't watched any anime for about two months already. Yeah, I'm not really watching animu that much anymore. If anything, I'm only been updating my non-animu list, heh. Currently I have no motivation to continue watching animu, I've already checked out some of big anime of the seasons (Kiseiju, Death Parade, Shigatsu, etc) and it really didn't peak my interest at all. But, perhaps later on I feel like watching animu again and go on a binge. I plan to do so in the Summer, even though I told myself the exact same thing last year.

Anyways, how have you been doing?

xyzigler | 03-29-15, 9:49 PM
Oh Steins;Gate is about time travel?? That sounds awesome! I've seen a couple clips of it actually, where the mc (I'll assume his name is stein) goes on to say "I am a mad scientist! It's so coooooooool! Sonuvabich!"
If it what I think it is, than I'll probably binge watch the series b4 I look at this new one.

xyzigler | 03-29-15, 3:19 PM
Yeah I'm like super new to MAL^^ I haven't been on for even three days yet haha, but I think that the community and interfaces here are fairly impressive. I haven't even logged half of my older entries yet, but I know I'll at least try and stay up to date with future anime: I'm currently anticipating Oregairu and Nisekoi seasons 2 for the Spring 2015 season, alongside Jojo, Seraph of the End, and Digimon Adv III!

I saw that one of your favorite anime that Steins;Gate though-- I've heard only good things about it, but no one at my school has seen it/aren't planning on seeing it. I was just wondering about your opinion on the show, and how high people actually hold it.

einonymous | 03-18-15, 7:25 PM
Haha... it's somewhat moving along. I put myself on MAL comment hiatus until I get enough of it done, since I'm behind schedule (but as you can tell, I'm not very good at following my hiatus!) But yeah, it's been very fun, thanks. :-)

einonymous | 01-05-15, 12:51 PM
Haha, yeah, I'm going to go with they lose their memory. It's the most believable and most straightforward for me. I was thinking, since it was a mystery, that the characters would gather enough clues and the reader figures it out with the MC. However, this is one hole I can't seem to cover:

All the characters arrive on the first day of work in an automatic vehicle with blackened windows. They do not know the location of the facility complex (because controlling weather is very powerful, so characters assume it's because they don't want to be attacked, though it's actually because God doesn't want the characters to realize their in a parallel Heaven, and that they can't control their own weather). I was thinking that the characters could escape to their old university, in which they know the location (ex: New Jersey), and try to see if they can control the weather there, only to find out they can't, and also find out that the letters they sent back to their families weren't actually sent, and get closer to the solution in the mystery. However, I realize that even if they know the location of the university, I'm not sure how they can find it, since the facility hid it's own location. GAH! I could just have them try to escape, and fail, but then they wouldn't get to do all the epic snooping stuff!

einonymous | 01-01-15, 4:08 PM
Hm... I guess I get what you mean there, a lot of people might not even noticed the hole, anyway, without the remark about it.

Haha, I had such a fun time reading all the possibilities. But yeah, I don't think they're very useful to me, since my whole story depends on people not changing after death. The thing that makes my premise slightly harder to pass off than Angel Beats is that the characters in Angel Beats know they're dead, but I have to hide that fact all the way to the end of the story. Sort of like Death Billiards, in which they don't find out they're dead, but that's just an animated short, so it's okay to leave more to ambiguity. I'm interested to see how the series Death Parade plays it, but I don't want to be influenced too much (after all, I came up the idea before I had heard of Death Billiards, so I feel like some things are different and just won't work...) But I do recommend that you watch Death Billiards. It's really short, and it's got an interesting vibe to it. The perception thing is interesting, like realizing that one friend died with her, but unfortunately, I have already set that one person dies at the beginning, and I'm afraid if I incorporate it, the whole thing would just become too convoluted. And if I do the "live world affects dead," I feel like a whole slurry of plot holes will emerge if the two worlds aren't independent. But yeah, the movie is sort of similar. What was it?
Haha, the "in the head" thing, like in Little Busters. That would be intriguing, but it would be a twist in a twist if I put it in my story, and I think it would be a little too confusing.

You're welcome. It's okay. Happy New Years! :-)

einonymous | 12-24-14, 8:04 PM

einonymous | 12-24-14, 5:57 PM
Haha, yeah, I thought that telling people about my ideas would help me get thinking. And so far, it has. Now I'm just trying to think up of more plot points... but I think with more waiting, ideas will come to me. Usually it happens.

Hey, at least the movie tried to explain why the characters themselves didn't freeze! It doesn't count as a plot hole even if the explanation is lame. :-P It's tough to come up with good explanations! What movie was it?

You've described basically what's been happening to me these past few weeks. I plug one hole (ex: How can the other people not be aware of the white room after they get hurt? How can all this remain a mystery?)_ I solve it (ex: memory wipe), and then it brings up more problems (ex: Wouldn't it be strange to the other people when the people come back?) But then I decided that the "dead" people would simply be transferred to the another department, and since people in different departments stay and in their own complexes, people won't see each other unless they broke the rules. Even so, they'd just think it was some ghost or something. Another hole_ how can the MC not realize that all her classmates change the first day she goes to heaven? So I made her not have many friends and not notice other people much. Then, the problem of the other people in heaven popped up. How could they not forget (they can't all be unsocial)? Then, I figured that the way it works is that only the strongest memories at death are remembered. Since all of MCs life and soul is motivated with guilt of that friend, of course she'd remember. The classmates could remember strong memories not having to do with other people, or other people that died (for example, a fire). Etc. Etc. I haven't really started much because I've been so busy spreading myself over a leaking tank. But I think I've finally covered it.

Haha, yeah. Good idea! If, while serializing, I ever forget to mention something, I can always do a flashback a few chapters beforehand and build it in. But hopefully my plan will be better than that, so I won't have to resort to unexpected flashbacks.

I think I basically get what you mean (especially after my ordeals described above.)

einonymous | 12-20-14, 6:19 PM
Haha, thanks. But I just don't think I can find the motivation to finish it unless I know people are going to read it and I serialize it online, chapter by chapter. Oftentimes I have plot holes that I'm not aware of, and I feel like other people really bring them out so I clear them up before I finish the story and realize nothing works out. I get what you mean about the details, though. Currently I'm trying to come up with the exact story for 10, and it's hard. I do have a system, though. I write complete character profiles first (at least 500 words, so I force myself to get a workable part of the character down), then I think up of a list of events. After that, I order them in a way that flows best. Then, I divide events into chapters. Only after all that do I actually start writing. I guess I'm hoping with my method it'll make the process go smoother. But sometimes, I'm just waiting for details to come to me, haha, like right now.

What are some of your ideas? I'm curious!

NebulaC3I | 12-12-14, 9:08 PM
Sorry about not responding last time, didn't realize you replied. My bad.

Things are going well, especially now that I just finished fall semester. What about you?

Good to hear (see) you're liking Parasyte thus far. Keep watching, it gets much better.

Btw, not sure if you've heard, Toho announced a new Godzilla film for 2016. Japanese produced. The hype is real.

einonymous | 11-23-14, 1:47 PM
Hey! I'm trying to write a novel. So... could you please vote for a story idea here?

NebulaC3I | 11-22-14, 8:33 AM
You're making me feel lazy about my anime watching. It hurts. If you haven't seen Parasyte, I recommend it. Good stuff.

Darn. I thought maybe we could battle against one another for glory sometime.

Cool. My favorite is Godzilla: King of the Monsters (the Americanized version of the original). Destoroyah used to be one of my top fives, though it has fallen some over the years. Whatever they do with the next movie, I really hope its better than the first. That was an utter disappointment. As for cinema's favorite three headed dragon; you can call him Ghidrah, King Ghidorah, or Monster Zero (and technically Astro-Monster).

NebulaC3I | 11-21-14, 11:18 AM
Neglecting anime are we?

Do you have a Wii U?

So what's your favorite Godzilla film? And movies haven't you seen? Hulu has some up for free viewing on their site if you're interested.

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