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“It's hard to really look at somebody and go: "Hey, maybe something nice will happen." You just don't-- I know too much about life to have any optimism, because I know even if it's nice, it's going to lead to shit. I know that if you smile at somebody and they smile back, you've just decided that something shitty is going to happen.”
― Louis C. K.

Chrono Trigger X Lucky Star

Greatest thing ever. I should really watch Lucky Star one of these days.

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50th completed manga: Pluto

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AironicallyHuman | 04-23-15, 5:40 PM
"Kishi just doesn't want to end Naruto, huh? "

I noticed ch1 of a sequel is out. Plz tell me Boruto isn't gonna get his own full series...

AironicallyHuman | 04-23-15, 4:32 PM
It was a pain to get that screenshot (of my now deceased Aldnoah review), FYI. I couldn't Goggle cache the 'more reviews' page--just the main Aldnoah one. With so many 4/10 reviews, it kinda defeated the point of a 10/10 parody review, anyways, and the deletion enabled me to be lazy. I like being lazy.
Btw, UR LYING! Teenagers don't remember yesterday, much less a troll review. Sadface.

I like Ao's MAL description: "She loves to eat and is very energetic and cheerful." They missed the part about Ao speaking English, saying 'fuck you' and secretly despising her traveling companions. Such inaccuracy angers me. Good on you for recognising her rightful place at the top of your favu list, btw.

It might be a blessing in disguise if Akatsuki doesn't get a continuation, tbh. As you know from shared experience, anime sequels tend to suck balls and something about Akatsuki's (lack of) story makes me worried about it when deals with the serious business of war. I dun like the idea of Dynasty Warriors bodyguards. *shrug* I just like the squirrel, tbh.

I'm neither sure what I want out of discussion threads: if I leave my mark on the internet and no-one comments, it's strangely depressing. But if some argumentative arse disagrees with me, it becomes far more irksome. I understand why some people lurk and you seem to like just posting a few words.

I fully intend to forget Psycho-Pass exists whenever I watch the movie (which has a worryingly low pre-internet average), though Mika's continued existence will be a problem. How did it end, btw? I remember jumping ship when organ transplants to evade scans became a cannon.

HxH: Well, that sucks--if I stopped watching right before a big fight and the end of the arc. I did intend to keep going... but I was downloading MP4 torrents to watch on my TV individually, and the torrents I needed were dead. Have them now, but TOO LATE. Since you didn't tell me the shounen battle arc is the best in the series and the mind-games return/the best is yet to come, that does make me semi-interested.

Wasn't there a Phantom-sumat HxH movie-film? Related to the next arc? And WTF is the deal with this 'chimera ant' arc I keep seeing mention of? Do the characters fight an army of killer ants? Chimera sounds menacing. Ants, less so.

I hate when authors like Miura just decide they don't wanna continue a series/cba then go on hiatus. Either commit to selling your soul for money or piss of the world by quitting while you're ahead. Though I do have some sympathy for Miura: there's no easy way to just end Berserk. HxH, iuno, but even if anime end decent... two adaptations; no true end. Kinda annoying. FMA was bad enough.

Btw, what think you of this new season? I've either decided to be a 5-6/10 cunt or everything is average at best, though your Bones series Gungrave tag (Kekkei Sessi or w/e) does excite. I want to like that Madhouse shoujo thing but the guy is so huge and girl so small it's like pedo series in disguise. Dunno whether to laugh or frown. Also btw: EDIT YOUR WATCHING ANIME ARRRGGHH. On-hold what you ain't watching now. It ain't good for my laziness: scrolling. Just FYI.

Hello, btw. Sorry for sluggish response.

Mormegil | 04-23-15, 11:43 AM
Kishi just doesn't want to end Naruto, huh?

AironicallyHuman | 03-27-15, 6:24 PM
One last message / question: I vaguely recall you suggesting I shouldn't leave HxH hanging. I lost interest during some kind of endless shounen battle tournament. I liked at the start how it was more heavy on mind-games than battling. Does it ever unshounen itself again, or given I no longer care for Naruto, should I leave it be? Also: how does it end? Manga isn't finished afaik...

AironicallyHuman | 03-25-15, 12:40 PM
PS: Meant to say AGES AGO, but I remember you commenting on / quoting my Psycho-Pass post. Was much appreciated since, usually in forum topics, my posts become invisible. A comrade that agrees with how terrible PP2 was is always welcome. One of few anime I dropped when airing.

AironicallyHuman | 03-25-15, 12:10 PM
I kinda wish my 'review' didn't keep bobbing up and down in the top four reviews. Makes me feel committed to finishing it. And I had commitment. Enlightening others is one thing; effort, another. It would be the half-arsed joke review that does ok...

I did indeed give Akatsuki an 8/10, as you did, but the 8/10 of one cannot be applied to another. What truly matter is how highly you regard the squirrel next to Guts, Wang Yenli, Spike and Futuristic No Trousers. Did you forget to add it to favourite character list?

I think it's a 10/10 in my heart, as well. Makes me worry when it's targeted at girls, tbh. You should totally read NG Life, btw. Far funnier, with a male lead and better drama/comedy combination due to a past-present divide. Akatsuki didn't have that. Too bad it wasn't popular enough for an anime. And, typing of, I hope Akatsuki sold enough to get a sequel. The end of series 'thanks for support' didn't imply it was going to be continued. Kind of a worry, I agree.

You must keep your tags up-to-date so you know my pain, and why I avoid updating my list nowadays. It's one way to stop wasting life using MAL, I suppose...

AironicallyHuman | 03-24-15, 6:32 PM
My head exploded over the fact that not one fanboy-person has been enraged and attacked me over Gary Inahoe. Perhaps e10's eye-brain-takeover convinced people he is, in fact, a cyborg. I'm not sure I am brave enough to 'review' the full series. Part of me is confused over whether people just +1'd my review for the 10/10 score or votes reversed.

You haven't updated your ongoing anime tags in awhile, btw. I check, occasionally. I hope the squirrel in Akatsuki Yona has convinced you to 10/10 the series to make up for your lack of updates.

Kaimon | 03-10-15, 2:10 PM
lol thanks

xchee | 01-28-15, 5:46 AM
I plan to watch Yuri Kuma but I've just been so busy lately. my mind's completely in a different dimension right now. Hopefully it's as good or even better than Penguindrum. GAO! GAO!

Just landed a new job. Anime shall be my stress reliever haha.

Tough day at work -> go home to watch lesbian bears and moe battleships -> JUSTICE.

xchee | 01-22-15, 7:26 AM
"Is there anything you want to bash me for? =D"

Don't give me a reason to haha. And what's up with the smiley face? Are you one of those people who like being berated :o The "M" in Mormegil means something else huh? :p I actually don't participate in heated discussions or online arguments unless someone actually singles me out. I just say whatever I need then disengage - hit and run.

I checked your list and your comment on Shigatsu made me laugh. I think physical violence can be funny in certain conditions (like Amira's timely slaps on Favaro) but the abuse in Shigatsu pissed me off. Kind of ruins the mood too IMO.

I gave in and picked up KanColle. I'll finish Fall 2014 eventually. Like when I regain my no-life-watch-anime form. Not sure if that's good or bad haha. DA: Inquisition's awesome. Very slow start though. Oh and if you're thinking of getting it for the PS3/last gen, don't. I heard the loading time is awful.

Mormegil | 01-20-15, 11:05 PM
MAL is back. Nothing has changed. And the IMG tag is still broken. Great job.

KishiFishy | 01-18-15, 9:55 AM

xchee | 01-09-15, 10:09 PM
Oh this is a surprise. Never thought the great Mormegil will leave a comment on my board. I liked reading your posts too and have, more often than not, agreed with a lot of your points. I haven't bashed you yet have I? :p

I took some time off to play Dragon Age: Inquisition then I got distracted by other things so I haven't had time to watch anime or visit MAL. Just thinking about finishing all the Fall 2014 anime I picked up before I start with Winter 2015 is daunting. Not looking forward to it at all.

Anyway, take care and have a great day :D

Mormegil | 12-31-14, 9:12 PM
I hope 2015 will be a better year...

BlackTechs | 11-20-14, 11:38 PM
what does noitaminA mean?

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