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Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen
Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen
Yesterday, 7:25 PM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Ushio to Tora (TV)
Ushio to Tora (TV)
Nov 27, 11:51 PM
Watching 22/26 · Scored 7
Noragami Aragoto
Noragami Aragoto
Nov 27, 7:40 PM
Watching 9/13 · Scored -
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Days: 38.6
Mean Score: 7.39
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One Piece
One Piece
Nov 25, 9:09 PM
Reading 807/- · Scored 10
Nov 25, 5:23 PM
Reading 652/- · Scored 4
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Nov 4, 9:06 PM
Reading 74/- · Scored 8


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AironicallyHuman Nov 3, 7:17 PM
AironicallyHuman Oct 29, 7:32 PM
Forgot about third message. Doh.

Deffo gonna watch Prison School. Like the manga's serious-lulz thriller femdom thing. Gangsta I downloaded but dunno if I'll bother given both you and another friend said it's shite.
AironicallyHuman Oct 29, 7:17 PM

It was very cool that my Austrian friend did that, off the cuff. Surprised me. Only way I could think of to pay him back was to show his work.

My Aldnoah parody review feels like a lifetime ago now. Esp with how much MAL has changed since. Akatsuki's OVA is out and subbed, btw. Probably irrelevant fluff, but eh: might be last anime of it we get unless series sold better than I suspect it did. I watched the Psycho-Pass movie, btw. Think you did too. It wasn't quite as bad as S2, but it ran it close as far as sequels go. Even posted about it in discussion thread to say it sucked. Fuck TV series movie sequels. Glad I never finished S2 for it now.

Working is the LAST-last season? No more? I might check it out after all, then. I had assumed it was one of those things that would keep going forever until tedium won out. Relationship progress is deffo a reason to carry on. Maybe?

I tried watching Kekkai Sensen but was left aghast by how confusing-disjointed it was, as well as how bland-shitty it looked. Production issues ain't the half of it. Only like the Tales of Abyss OP band. If it was an original main story/filler, btw, that would explain away my confusion and dislike.

Madhouse shoujo was deffo too nice of a show for me. Need more blood/death/kill/rape. That and I could never suspend disbelief over size of ugly lead. Unless there's a squirrel and medieval setting, fuck shoujo: my philosophy going forward.

About HxH, I spent days downloading 90+GB 1080P Blu-ray rip, complete with movies, MP4'd. So, gonna be seeing about this chimera ant business everyone keeps mentioning in the coming months. FINALLY. Need to understand the high average. Unsure if it gets that good or it's only ratings over 1/4th of series watched counting. But since I 7'd LotGH and 6'd Steins, all bets are off.

JoJo is indeed the shit, btw. My Austrian squirrel drawing friend got me into it. SEASON/PT4 COMING! I know own/pre-ordered the hardback manga releases and will deffo watch pt4 when it airs. Shingeki S2, JoJo pt4 and FMP--next year will be good. Maybe.

I gave up e-reading on-going manga. Always lose interest waiting then need to re-read everything. NO!
Mormegil Oct 15, 9:32 PM
zaloner Oct 13, 1:04 PM
Happy birthday friend! Have yourself a good time!
kaitonic Oct 1, 12:51 AM
Okay well let's see what Fall season will have for us xD
kaitonic Sep 30, 11:36 PM
Yeah there are many i will check out but what i am sure to watch is One Punch Man, Noragami 2 and Haikyuu 2.What about yours?
kaitonic Sep 30, 12:57 AM
Yeah One Outs is great.You can try out Yawara, it is a Judo anime where a girl as main character.
kaitonic Sep 29, 3:52 AM
Well Baby Steps might get a 3rd season but not for now and it seems like season 2 ending was the final.I just hope not since there are many awesome match that need to get animate.
So I love Hajime no Ippo as well and i hope there will be a season 4 but hope it will be quick.What are your favourite sport anime?
kaitonic Sep 27, 10:18 PM
Yeah and not much just going to work and you?
I can't wait for Haikyuu season 2 next week or so...
kaitonic Sep 25, 10:33 AM
Hey! I just notice we have some anime and manga in common.Are you are sport anime fan?
AironicallyHuman Sep 3, 6:14 PM
A belated cheers for wishing me a happy bday. Dunno how you and Battosai remembered.

No doubt we just typed about airing anime way back when, so no worries: the msg. I suffer from the same laziness. Only fair I get ignored as well as ignoring.

Random Q4U: Is Working S3 unfuni 'more of the same'? I remember thinking it started getting stale in S2...
Oushuu Jul 5, 6:26 AM
Amazing profile picture! Ore Monogatari is very lovely to watch. :D
AironicallyHuman Apr 23, 5:40 PM
"Kishi just doesn't want to end Naruto, huh? "

I noticed ch1 of a sequel is out. Plz tell me Boruto isn't gonna get his own full series...
AironicallyHuman Apr 23, 4:32 PM
It was a pain to get that screenshot (of my now deceased Aldnoah review), FYI. I couldn't Goggle cache the 'more reviews' page--just the main Aldnoah one. With so many 4/10 reviews, it kinda defeated the point of a 10/10 parody review, anyways, and the deletion enabled me to be lazy. I like being lazy.
Btw, UR LYING! Teenagers don't remember yesterday, much less a troll review. Sadface.

I like Ao's MAL description: "She loves to eat and is very energetic and cheerful." They missed the part about Ao speaking English, saying 'fuck you' and secretly despising her traveling companions. Such inaccuracy angers me. Good on you for recognising her rightful place at the top of your favu list, btw.

It might be a blessing in disguise if Akatsuki doesn't get a continuation, tbh. As you know from shared experience, anime sequels tend to suck balls and something about Akatsuki's (lack of) story makes me worried about it when deals with the serious business of war. I dun like the idea of Dynasty Warriors bodyguards. *shrug* I just like the squirrel, tbh.

I'm neither sure what I want out of discussion threads: if I leave my mark on the internet and no-one comments, it's strangely depressing. But if some argumentative arse disagrees with me, it becomes far more irksome. I understand why some people lurk and you seem to like just posting a few words.

I fully intend to forget Psycho-Pass exists whenever I watch the movie (which has a worryingly low pre-internet average), though Mika's continued existence will be a problem. How did it end, btw? I remember jumping ship when organ transplants to evade scans became a cannon.

HxH: Well, that sucks--if I stopped watching right before a big fight and the end of the arc. I did intend to keep going... but I was downloading MP4 torrents to watch on my TV individually, and the torrents I needed were dead. Have them now, but TOO LATE. Since you didn't tell me the shounen battle arc is the best in the series and the mind-games return/the best is yet to come, that does make me semi-interested.

Wasn't there a Phantom-sumat HxH movie-film? Related to the next arc? And WTF is the deal with this 'chimera ant' arc I keep seeing mention of? Do the characters fight an army of killer ants? Chimera sounds menacing. Ants, less so.

I hate when authors like Miura just decide they don't wanna continue a series/cba then go on hiatus. Either commit to selling your soul for money or piss of the world by quitting while you're ahead. Though I do have some sympathy for Miura: there's no easy way to just end Berserk. HxH, iuno, but even if anime end decent... two adaptations; no true end. Kinda annoying. FMA was bad enough.

Btw, what think you of this new season? I've either decided to be a 5-6/10 cunt or everything is average at best, though your Bones series Gungrave tag (Kekkei Sessi or w/e) does excite. I want to like that Madhouse shoujo thing but the guy is so huge and girl so small it's like pedo series in disguise. Dunno whether to laugh or frown. Also btw: EDIT YOUR WATCHING ANIME ARRRGGHH. On-hold what you ain't watching now. It ain't good for my laziness: scrolling. Just FYI.

Hello, btw. Sorry for sluggish response.