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01-12-15, 1:52 PM
June 19,
February 8, 2009
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LOL - Hellsing
03-25-09, 1:27 PM Edited 03-25-09, 1:33 PM

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lopika | 10-28-10, 8:45 AM

lopika | 07-31-10, 3:32 AM

Next | 11-30-09, 3:33 AM
I was actually going to nominate it to your comm when I checked our shared manga and saw it, so :)! Blood Alone is perfection.

Next | 11-09-09, 11:57 AM
You've read Blood Alone! :D

Next | 10-29-09, 1:14 PM
It's okay :) I'm thinking of continueing Akumetsu and Angel Densetsu this weekend. I'm glad you liked Halcyon Lunch, it's so, so awesome.

Next | 10-05-09, 7:18 AM
Arigatou is fun, but it's very, very black humour. Read Halcyon Lunch! It's a oneshot that is beyond awesome.
I've missed your slice-of-life recs.

Next | 09-30-09, 9:42 AM
I'm okay :) I'm reading Yamamoto Naoki's Arigatou, which is one of the funniest, most shamelessly hilarious manga that I've ever read, and Battle Royale, but I keep getting distracted.

Next | 09-30-09, 3:14 AM
Long time no see :)

ridmage | 07-19-09, 4:06 AM
Nem tudom, valahogy nekem úgy tűnne jónak a befejezés ha bele halna... bár tudnám miért, na mindegy. Szerintem az uralkodóig nem jut el, mármint vele nincs semmi dolga. Tény, nehéz kitalálni mi fog legközelebb történni :D

Grabiarz | 07-17-09, 2:02 PM
And his giant sword sometimes is funny :)
I think likewise, this complete chaos is a virtue, we never know what will happen next and how it will end (and when? :>) It's fascinating when hardly none of the characters are totally good or bad
I also think it's one of the most awesome thing in mangas that the villains aren't pure evil, they have complex personalities and they're loved by the people

ridmage | 07-17-09, 6:09 AM
Übel Blatt témában tévedtem, de remélem nem az Ifkes fogja megölni, mert valahogy nem kedvelem azt a karaktert :S

Grabiarz | 07-17-09, 3:26 AM
Berserk is the most epic fantasy slaughter I've ever read. I loved the TV series, but now it seems very poor to me, without all this gorgeous characters.
I plan to print my favorite pages and wallpaper my room with it :)

ridmage | 07-02-09, 12:05 PM
Na ja, ráadásul az emberek ízlése is különbözik :)

OMG Most olvastam és wow Oo

ridmage | 07-01-09, 11:07 PM
Ismerős :D
Nem tudom, engem ez valahogy nem zavart, bár tény, hogy jobb nélküle. Szerintem nagyjából mindenki meghal és Glennt fogja egyedül életbe hagyni és szerintem Koinzell meghal, legalábbis én így tudom elképzelni. Na ja...
Mondjuk igazából nem tudom miért a shounenért vagyok oda annyira, valószínűleg, mert szinte végig csak azt olvastam/néztem :D

Jure | 06-30-09, 4:47 AM
Yeah, the drawings and colorings are amazing, but the plot is just full of holes.

Like... what happened to Logan in the future anyway? Did he die like the most of human population? Why didn't Fusa simply go back 11 years ago and stopped the mad scientists from creating Mandate?
But than again, once you disregard those weird plot holes, it makes more sense than usual Nihei's manga, lol.

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