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09-18-14, 7:25 AM
August 14, 1989
Honsho, Atsugi, Japan!/p...
March 29, 2008
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Time (Days) 100.6
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Time (Days) 61.7
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About MoMo-Da-Gr8

I go by the name Momo.

Im 25 years old, manga fan since 15 years old.

Im a United States Navy Sailor.

Currently Stationed in Groton, Connecticut.

Married and expecting a child with the cutest guy ever.

Kind of a loner, but I love making internet friends.

Working hard to be able to play hard.

Fave Anime/manga/characters/actors can be seen on the left

Im a huge fangirl of:
o Game of Thrones
o Grey's Anatomy
o Card Captor Sakura
o Pikachu <3
o The Avengers (all the movies/comics leading up to it as well)
o The Amazing Spiderman

My favorite Actors/tresses:
o Emma Stone
o Jiro Wang
o Andrew Garfield
o Ella Chun
o Ryan Gosling
o Amanda Bynes
o Ikuta Toma
o maki Horikita

Favorite manga/Anime Genre:
o Shoujo
o Slice of Life
o School Life
o Tragedy
o Romance



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Roth | 12-10-14, 8:13 PM

WatashiwaCandy | 02-12-14, 5:00 AM
Hey! ^^ Thanks for accept me to be your friend *.*

ishitagupta | 01-07-14, 1:00 AM
Hi Momo! I saw that we shared a couple of common manga titles (not much of an anime person, lazy me!) and I liked your about me very much :) Keep reading and writing about manga!

gorokushi | 08-08-13, 10:44 AM
you should watch Liar Game live action ! it's adapted from a manga with the same title, try it!

Jori-kun | 05-06-13, 1:59 PM

Jori-kun | 03-19-13, 11:43 AM

Aloha101 | 03-01-13, 8:37 AM
Hi, hows it going

Some great reviews :o)

Completely agree with the Baccano review, Im always telling people to watch it.

Whats next on your list?

Xenograft | 02-24-13, 2:52 PM
Read your review of Asatte no Houkou and added it to my 'to watch list' simply based on that


jjpak119 | 01-29-13, 7:22 PM
hey there. i happen to stumble across Asatte no Houkou while I was looking for more romance/drama/slice of life animes and saw ur review. i like that we have common genre interests in anime (not much of a manga reader tho) but if you dont mind, i'll keep u as a reference when i need a good suggestion for more of these kinds of animes! right now I'm on clannad. finally getting to watch it after putting it off for like 2 years XD

vocaloid_anime | 12-04-12, 4:10 AM
Shoujo, RomCom, Mystery, Slice of Life and School are my most favorite anime genre same goes for manga.
Since you love shoujo anime so much can you give any suggestions for me to watch? I've been watching a few shows every week but I only like two of them at the moment and since they're both on-going anime I'll have to wait for the following week before I get to watch a new episode. Plus in my plan to watch soon list they're mainly sci-fi or shounen anime so I'm not really looking forward to watching them regardless of the fact that they got really high scores and have been favorited by a lot of people.

vocaloid_anime | 11-22-12, 4:21 AM
Oh my Fudge... You're a Potterhead and you watch ANTM?! Seriously? I finally found one! LOL, sorry haven't met someone like you in any site that includes people you haven't seen in person so I'm really thankful to have met you :))) My favorite HP movie would probably be Goblet of Fire but I also like Half blood Prince cause it's mostly about Snape :> and my favorite cycle is 14-18. Haven't watched 19 yet and I've been planning to watch 12 and 13 while I'm at it. :))) What about you?

Miya_ | 11-21-12, 1:01 PM
xD cool, well im planning to lose 5 kg in 7 weeks with a diet~ got it from a site! , if u got any tips, pleaasee tell ^^

vocaloid_anime | 11-20-12, 1:23 AM
Nice to meet you too~ I'm always glad sharing my knowledge of a few things to others, although most of the time they might not be very important but it's the value of living, to learn something everyday : ) I'm really glad that there's a Potterhead hidden somewhere in MAL. Almost everyone talks about anime, although I'm not surprised since this is an anime site. An aspiring model? I don't suppose you watch America's Next Top Model too? That would be a huge coincidence then : )

Miya_ | 11-19-12, 10:39 AM
>< Thnx, urs is cute as well~ reminds me of peaches =D

I see! >:o Good thing I planned a diet[WE]next week! xD

Miya_ | 11-18-12, 10:55 AM
Nice to meet you! My name is Miya =D

U sure dont look 23 >:O How do u stay young? tell me the secret!! xD

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