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Flying Witch
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Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari!
Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari!
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xXSilverSoulxX May 23, 1:58 AM
Both games in such a short time? How? xDD So the games are not that long? :O I want to play the 1st game too. Only for Ishimaru. <333 Ah yeah Nekomaru was it. xD I've seen many pics of him and that one in the speedos as well. xD haha xD
But you wouldn't read it, right? xD Omg ewwww that sounds old is he? And more old are the girls? D:

Haha of course just as a joke. xDD
I think the lost for our interest is we grow out of it slowly. Ahh good old times. <3
Nope but that guy is awesome too. xD And i wont tell you more. ;D
Angelo...the 1st bad guy for example. xD Ah that guy is just an idiot...not really that bad. hahaha xD I was also never a big fan of Koichi...but for him i was glad they changed his voice. xD Romi Park is the voice i actual know for him. xD And you know, i find that voice super annyoing. xD If they change the main villain voice i'll fly right to japan and beat them up. xDD
I think so too. Lets hope i wont forget it. xD Ah i'm at episode 3 with Hero Academy and i like this guy. :D

He's too adorable. :D
Yorozuya-no-Yume May 20, 4:53 PM
Haha da, znam kako ti je xD Negde je i padao sneg... like wtf man xD

Ne, mislila sam da pocnem da ga gledam, ali sam posle ipak odustala jer sam dosta toga pocela :P Haha a jel vredno gledanja? :o
Haha da, to je razlog zasto moja sestra ne gleda, ne moze da smisli shote xD
Cool :D Meni je verovatno Boku no Hero Academia omiljeni :)
spelunky May 15, 4:47 AM
I don't watch pokemon hahahaha but he looks like Rider too much xD

he should shave his underarm hair don't you agree ?
spelunky May 15, 2:31 AM
is this raider in your profile pic ?
Queer_danshi93 May 9, 4:43 PM
Cool anime tastes XD
xXSilverSoulxX May 8, 1:41 AM
It was? xD Have you finished it already? :O Ah i know that Bara dude~ He's cute....wait whats his name? Something with Neko....xDD
I've bought these ones. ;D Hahaha okay if you really wanna know how it was, i'll let you know. xD But he lives a lil bit far away so i don't know when i'll see him again. D: Btw do you have any friends with fetishes? xD

Are there Ash bara pics too? xDD
Well for me it is. xD Ikr? Its really not worth to watch so much anymore, since the anime become more and more shitty every fucking season.
Yeah, i've read and reading both manga of it. :D JoJo will get more great'll see. ;D When you meet the main villain (my fave). Omg he's so awesome!!!! <3333 Awwww Okuyasu is one of these character you have to love! <3 So adroable~ i like almost all of them. :D
Oh i've watched the 1st episode of Super Lovers and decided to watch it when all episodes are out. :D I like that blonde guy. :3 I also watched the 1st episodes of Boku no Hero Academy & this Kabaneri thingy. xD Pretty nice gorey steampunk zombie are the later episodes. Is it worth to continue? :O
Yorozuya-no-Yume May 2, 9:11 AM
Haha isto, ne znam ni kako da se obucem, ujutru mi bude hladno, a popodne se kuvam lol

Hehe ja sam kao i po obicaju puno pocela xP Da vecina je subotom ili nedeljeom :P
Slazem se, dobra je sezona, ne gledam nista sto mi je shitty xD Haha da gledam i dobar je anime, svidja mi se jer nije samo shounen ai vec ono likovi imaju neku mracnu stranu proslosti itd xD Taj ti je omiljeni anime ove sezone? :o
xXSilverSoulxX Apr 29, 12:23 AM

Ohhh nice, nice. And how is the game? :D
Hahaha not the whole day but almost...and they also have manga there, so i bought some. ;D For me its a fun fetish...i'm thinking about to let him lick my feet. xD

Ah okay~ Too bad i dont know any of these Pokemon guys. >.<
Whoa you're watching too many again. hahaha I only watch JoJo and Sakamoto....yeah i have no time & interest in anime that much anymore. ;w; But i'm still reading many manga. :D
Manethon Apr 28, 4:45 PM
Iskoči mi da si apdejtovo Magi, jbt mislio sam da je do pospanosti kad ono stvarno titlovali nakon dvije i nešto sedmice haha
xXSilverSoulxX Apr 21, 12:43 AM
Yo!~ Thats nice. What are you doing? :D
I'm great as always too. Made some new friends and one of them works in a comic bookstore, so i spend my time mostly there. :D Ah and yeah this guy has a foot fetish. xDD

Who is it btw? :D
And what do you like from this season already? :D
xXSilverSoulxX Apr 16, 1:15 AM
Hey Mlady~
Its been awhile. How have you been? :D

Cute profile pic. :D
Des Apr 6, 2:04 PM
Lol, only one in my friends list is watching Super Lovers :P
iridium137 Mar 31, 10:14 PM
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Yorozuya-no-Yume Mar 5, 4:04 PM
Haha da, bilo bi dobro da samo malcice otopli tj da vise bude vreme kao prolecu, ovde kod nas stalno duva kosava pa se smzavam xD

Haha jaoo da, znam kako ti je xD Uglavnom vecina izlazi subotom i tako u svakoj sezoni :P
Da, slazem se xP

Hehe da i ja se nadam, bilo bi dobro da makar dodjes na jedan dan ako nista drugo ^^
Yorozuya-no-Yume Feb 13, 3:47 PM
Haha da, mada ovde kod nas duva kosava poslednjih par dana pa se smrzavam, ali bice otopljenja sledece nedelje o:

Hehe da, kapiram te xD Ja moram sa nekima da se catchujem up, jbg ne stizem da gledam na vreme >_<
Hmm da Grimgar nije los, hvala Bogu pa nije pokusaj SAO-a xD Meni overall nije losa sezona, tj. ima mnogo moe sranja, ali ovo sto sam pocela mi se mahom svidja :)

Hehe da, tako je bilo i prosle godine, mada sam tad isla na vise stvari, prosto sam vise stizala, ali jeste zanimljivo, ako ikad budes mogao i budes bio zainteresovan da dodjes, ti javi ^^