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Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
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Cardcaptor Sakura
Cardcaptor Sakura add
Michiko to Hatchin
Michiko to Hatchin add
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii add
Eyeshield 21
Eyeshield 21 add

Favorite Manga
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE add
Deep Love: Pao no Monogatari
Deep Love: Pao no Monogatari add
Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari
Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari add
Complex add

Favorite Characters
Houshou, Hanon
Kinomoto, Sakura
Inuzuka, Kiba
Raimon, Tarou
Roronoa, Zoro
Nico, Robin
Malandro, Michiko
Momoshiro, Takeshi
Lotto, Miranda

Favorite People
Nakai, Kazuya
Nakai, Kazuya
Konishi, Katsuyuki
Konishi, Katsuyuki
Morikubo, Showtaro
Morikubo, Showtaro
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Park, Romi
Park, Romi

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About me:

Favorite anime genres:
Shounen/Shoujo, Sports, Magic, Action. I enjoy most things, except Ecchi/Harem and Mecha.

Favorite manga genres:
I read mostly Bara, Shota and Furry DJ's. Besides those, not really that into manga.

Anime guilty pleasures:
Yaoi/Yuri, Magical Girls, Animal Traits Characters, Gender Bender/Traps

Favorite types of music:
Jpop/Jrock, Nightcore, Vocaloid (Mostly Rin and Gumi)

Favorite visual novel:
Morenatsu (Forever waiting for Torahiko route!)

Don't really have much else to say about me. If you have anything to ask me or just want to chat, leave me a comment

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iridium137 | 3 hours ago
Yeah. xD In fact... I'm getting a bit of a deja vu here... :P

Wow "mandatory"? :o Was it any instrument or did it have to be the flute in particular? I don't think it was mandatory for me, but when I was a kid, I thought it would be pretty cool to be able to play some instruments. Though I got bored and quit after like three years. :3

Yeah I know. :/ This doesn't happen very often with magical girls (mainly because I hardly talk about anime outside of MAL, and anime fans are generally open-minded), but it happens to me a lot with video games. I've met plenty of non-gamers that think games are "childish", stupid, or even think I'm crazy for liking something that's "clearly unfun". -_- I've learned that there's no arguing with these people. And it's their loss, not mine. :P

Dream continuations? xD I think I've only gotten it once, and it wasn't an exciting dream to begin with. I wish some of my "epic" dreams could have "sequels"... how awesome would that be. :D

B-but I find a lot of magical girl dresses too fancy. :3 Too much ribbons, jewelry, and other decorations for my taste. Oh and a lot of the time, the hairstyle is just ridiculous. Like this. I think school uniforms for girls are really cute! :o And I like the long socks more than long boots. Oh yeah, by skimpy, I was referring to the top. Short skirts aren't a problem for me, but I get "offended"(probably not the right word, ... but w/e) when the entire upper body is revealed and the clothes are barely high enough to cover the chest. :o But I think that's just me.

How would you explain magical girls to someone who doesn't know what it is? :3 I got asked to explain magical girls a couple days ago and I gave an explanation of "Magical girls is a type of anime about an ordinary girl that receives magical powers, and then transforms into a sparklier version of herself, and fights bad guys." I wasn't very satisfied with my explanation, because even if it's technically correct, it doesn't make it sound appealing at all. :o

xXSilverSoulxX | Yesterday, 7:45 PM
Ohhh Mlady...i've been in so many gyms already. xD But no real Bara dudes there...just some fugly turkish poser and teenies. ;w; xDD I can't get rid of her...she was too fat!!! >.<
Wahhh...?? the weather is totally nice...its not too warm and not too cold. *.*
You just have to ask if you can try it out...its simple. :P And if you can' about buy your own. *.*
Ah yeah that one. I dont think i'll watch it. xD
Eehhh...why would you hate them? o.o
The name is soooo ugly!!!! >.< But thats still not my number one of the worst german names...but its pretty high. xDD
I'm sure you'll like it. :D

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 04-13-15, 2:24 PM
Haha nije, sad za ozb ne znam xD Ali sam slabo ucila x'D
Hmm znam na sta mislis. Well pogledacu jednom.

Haha nice xD Da, ne izgleda jos, mada prosla mi se cini kao da je bila bolja sezona. I meni se ti svidjaju, narocito Arslan i Owari no Seraph. Uh svima se svidja Souma, meni je uzas ._.
Btw gledaj ova dva videa i to ovim redom, ja sam oplakala xDDD

xXSilverSoulxX | 04-11-15, 5:56 PM
I'm outside zi whole day, since the weather is so nice...but never meet a bara dude. ;w; But i saw a cute daddy playing with his daughter in the park. :> And then his fat wife came...and destroyed the view!!! xDD And what are you doing when the weather is that nice outside? :>
Why bother with break into the house? :D How about ask to try it out? xD
Omg sounds awful...what was the name of that anime again? xD
I know. :D Yes i watch all anime with german subs...except of the licensed ones. >.< And you? Only with english subs? :O Does serbian subs even exist? I wonder...o.o
Same here Kekkai Sensen is awesome...and i like Klaus too...but that name. D: Why they always choose this fucking ugly and unpopular name for a german character? >.<
You should try it if you have time. :D The bromance in it strong!!! <3

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 04-11-15, 4:50 PM
Haha nisam radila pismeni, bilo mi je lose, zato cu da radim ili sledece nedelje ili one tamo, a ne znam bas najbolje :(
Yeah slazem se xD
Hmm a cek' koliko sezona ima? :o

Umm dosta toga sam pocela xD Novu sezonu Gintame, Diamond no Ace, Baby Steps, FSN, Utapri, Kaitou Joker i Nisekoi. Onda Arslan Senki, Dungeon, Kekkai Sensen, Kyoukai no Rinne, Ore Monogatari, Shoukugeki no Souma, Owari no Seraph i par kratkih. Ti? :)

xXSilverSoulxX | 04-09-15, 5:37 PM
Ohhh how much i want a harem full with middle-aged bara dudes!!! *.*
Its really should try it out someday...somewehre. xD
Haha i see~ so its the 1st time you like a fanservice anime? xD
I just watched Owari because it was the only anime with german subs when it comes out...and it has only 12 episodes. :D
Hmmm...maybe someday. :D Okay i've watched Kekkai Sensen today...that was totally cool and that Gungrave!!! *.* Have you seen Gungrave? :>

xXSilverSoulxX | 04-08-15, 5:43 PM
Not various....Mlady...what do you think who i am?? xDD Its just a friends place because i'm too lazy to go home after work sometimes. xDD And i love his nice waterbed!!! *.* But atm i'm on holidays and back home. :3
Whoa really? Which one you thought you would hate them, you like now? :D
I only started Owari no Seraph...i dunno..i'm kinda only i reading mode currently. :DD I'll start the rest when i'm back at work again!! :D (Next monday!!! ;w;)

Tanikaze | 04-07-15, 7:25 AM
It's still fine. But I guess I've reached my limit to add more people. And about my avatar lol thanks dat ass mesmerizes me <3

iridium137 | 04-07-15, 12:20 AM
...darn. I even put some effort into preparing this joke ahead of time. Oh well, it was totally worth it reading people's reactions. :D

Actually, I like playing instruments as well. When I was younger, I played the piano and flute. It's just that I never recorded myself playing those. xD

Yeah, there's no such thing as being too old to watch magical girls or any anime. There are people that are too "scared" to watch them for fear of being seen as "childish", but... not my problem, it's their loss. >:D

Well, most of my dreams are more like nightmares, so even if I could "save" them, I wouldn't want to watch them again anyways. D: Though there are a couple of interesting/epic ones.
After I had that dream, I started "brainstorming" ideas about a magical girl game. Not that it's good for anything, because I don't have the skills to create a game. But I like to ponder on the weird but cool ideas that I get from my dreams. xD

I find the transformed costumes are often too over the top, and there is such a thing as too fancy or sparkly for me. :o I feel like plain clothing on a girl emphasizes her "natural beauty", whereas too much frills and sparkles on a dress distracts from that. (I hope that made sense.) And some transformed appearances are just ridiculous, especially some of the hairstyles. The worst offender IMO is Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew. I think the normal version looks really cute! But the transformed version? Sorry, I'm not into cat-girls with a weird wavy hair and wearing skimpy clothing, with a ring on one leg for some reason. :x

xXSilverSoulxX | 04-06-15, 5:20 PM
Whoa sorry again. xD I don't spend my days and nights that much at home currently. hehe :D
Thats nice to read. :D Do you plan to watch all anime of this season again? xD

Tanikaze | 04-06-15, 6:12 AM
Yeah I've checked your favorites and noticed him from there but It was Itto? I was like Mentaiko? and then I saw Priapsus and added few of his works <3

Tanikaze | 04-05-15, 8:23 PM
Oh my God, I just realized Mentaiko has a profile on MAL and his manga are also on MAL's database.

Tanikaze | 04-05-15, 5:32 AM
omg thanks x3

Tanikaze | 04-04-15, 2:46 PM
I've read priapsus from mentaiko and <3 nosebleed <3 I wonder if the series continues? Where is the third chapter?

iridium137 | 03-31-15, 9:19 PM
Recently, I've been re-watching Mermaid Melody, and to my surprise, I'm not enjoying it anymore. It's full of clichés, stupid jokes, and over-rely on sickeningly-sweet quantities of the color pink. It also uses the words "love" and "friendship" so much, it got to the point where I'm sick of hearing them. And then I tried re-watching some other magical girl animes, and I feel the same way... I no longer enjoy those either. It baffles me how I even enjoyed them in the past in the first place. I decided to take all those magical girl animes off of my favorite animes list, and replace them with animes that are actually good.

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