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Giant Killing
Giant Killing
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Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
Yesterday, 11:45 AM
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Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note
Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note
Yesterday, 9:54 AM
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Xenocrisi Nov 23, 4:01 AM
I still can't get enough of your Profile Picture <3
TomboyEXE Nov 13, 3:40 AM
ya because of 3D effect...hurts my eyes as well :P
TomboyEXE Nov 12, 1:44 PM
Hawt Profile Pic ;P
iridium137 Oct 31, 8:41 AM
Happy Halloween. :3
Xenocrisi Oct 29, 4:48 AM
Trick or Treat?
Happy Halloween, how are you?
Halloween is near and I'm hungry! Please, give me some candies in the MALC event. Here.
xXSilverSoulxX Oct 16, 6:15 PM
Hmmm i dunno...i dont really planing it..but it can happen anytime. xD

Over 9000? xD Better not yeah. haha xD
Now that you said it. Its should. ahahahaha xD Its sucha badass rooster. <3
Don't be lazy!!! xD
I would torture all of them. :D Even the girls. :> I would piss on Hana too. xD
Thats her now
She's totally timid and shy. But all of them try to get her back. xD Hahaha yeah maybe something with piss happened to him too and he liked it. xD I can imagine. xD
I hope it will happen soon. :P
Awww yeah. I'm like that too. :D I'm like that mostly for Jotaro my bby. <333
You're right i shouldn't start so many. 3 are already too much for me. xD It seems so..i think, i won't follow the seasons anymore and watch some older anime again. :) (If i find the time of course. xD)
Ah yeah okay i have to admit there are some good and not so high pitched female voices which i like too. xD

No matter if its harem or reverse harem, both are shit. xD My anime for this season are Haikyuu, OPM and Hokuto no Ken Ichigo Aji. hahaha and some shorts ones which i watch sometimes...not weekly. xD
Rei Oct 9, 7:15 PM
There's going to be a series with the MC having those features, It's a gag series so it's not supposed to be taken seriously. It was originally a game on the App Store.

I wish they could just take a risk and see the results through, Most series that are good in the west aren't so hot in Japan. Like Rokka no Yuusha for example didn't sell much in Japan.

I know that feeling way too well, Somtimes fandoms have ship wars which honestly is just to irritating to see happen.

The new episode hurt me too much, I don't want any feels.
I love that the story is focusing on her, I can't wait to see her back story.

Either way you're my bara!

I'm wondering what the next episode of the gag series is gonna be like, I hope since next episode they're getting jobs they will make references of series that involve jobs.

I want to see more of him already. I love when shota characters wear shorts, It's the cutest thing ever! *^*
ZoroZoldyck Oct 8, 3:49 PM
I guess XD

Not for overlord, the last few episodes were quite disappointing.
ZoroZoldyck Oct 5, 11:17 PM
Yeah for now I'm also watching 3 anime from this season.

One punch man blew me away with that animation, I've never seen Madhouse have that kind of animation before xD
Rei Oct 5, 9:08 PM
Kind of, Then again it could've been that weird yaoi anatomy. I loved reading yaoi manga for the weird yaoi anatomy at some points, It gives me so much life and laughs.

I feel like there's much good material out there but anime directors don't want to expand out of the usual because they think they might lose viewers.

I know right! That's exactly how I felt through the whole episode.
Have you seen the gag anime series yet? Osomatsu-san? I really like how ridiculous it is so far.
Me too! It would be such a disappointment. I really love the shota character that showed up though, His a total cutie!

You have rare pairs like me, It's nice knowing other people who have rare pairs.
I know that feel.

How's Haikyuu for you? I really love the opening too much, Also for Noragami since it's really catchy as heck.

Bear this might be weird but I want you to be my bara.
xXSilverSoulxX Oct 3, 5:52 PM
Sorry for the lateness again!!! >.< I get less and less active here...its kinda sad. xD

Hahaha how high is your pervy-level? >:D Better not to try or you'll end up like the guy in 2 guys 1 horse. xD
Nuuuuuuu dont hurt the rooster...he's awesome. There's even a metal version of it. xD
I think its a good life...if you're not a lazy person. :P
I would always be nice to a different way. hehehe But he would probably like it. xD Ohhh you should see the Vice President now..her personality is totally different. :3 I'm up to date with da manga...and damn, i tell you it gets more and more crazy in every new chapter. xD I think the mangakas fetish is piss. Seriously!!! xD i was reading another manga of him...and there was so much piss again. xDD
Noooo you should give some manga a chance. >.< You miss so many awesome things. ;w; You just have to find the love for reading manga. :PPP Someday it'll happen to you too. xD Just wait!!! hehehe
Awww yeah but almost all bad boys are actually nice. :3
Its not that i dont have the motivation...its time which i dont have. xD
Nope...girls are fine. But i like them more in manga. xD No voices no problem. xD

There are many harems again? o.o I choose my anime for the next season too already...and it will be only 3. xDD and maybe some of the short ones. xD
ZoroZoldyck Oct 3, 2:20 PM

Sorry for not chatting for a while XP I had exams.
Anyway, just want to ask, are you watching Young Black Jack this season?
There are some interesting "shots" in the anime(if you know what I mean;) ), and it seems like a promising story.
Rei Oct 3, 12:00 AM
I know! I want an anime series with a small guy and a big guy so badly to happen, I crave it! It would probably be pretty popular too.

It's even cuter when the smaller one pulls on the other's collar or shirt to bring him to level so he can kiss him or something.

Same! I saw it but the subtitles were literally "" in it so I was like nope, The new season looks so good so far for the series I was looking forward to! I'm glad they didn't turn out like crap, A bit disappointed on K:Return of Kings though. The fanservice just upset me so much, I'm hoping since it was a teaser that the actual work won't include that at all. The ridiculous ass zooming in moments though. It felt more like an RPG game to me than an actual anime.
The animation was nice!

I meant that!
Same! When will they be canon though, They're some ships that's just gotta get canon. I Somtimes hate whenever a series does a lot of gay undertones, I don't need to get deeper into shipping hell.
Nice! Favorite pairs? I have a ton
Rei Sep 30, 7:49 PM
Well the yaoi content is mostly read by female readers, So I can understand why mangaka want to please their readers that way.
Then again that's why I'm really happy yaoi mangakas like Sakira exist. I love how their stories include younger/short guys topping taller/older guys.

I know right! I love seeing that so much, Height differences is the best!
I like how the taller guy usually has to bend down to kiss the other.

That's exactly how I feel too, I feel like I've been rating anime way too lowely lately. Their haven't been a lot of good series for me. The series either get so hyped up they become a total let down once you actually get to watching it.
Madhouse is a good animation studio, I'm expecting a lot from it.
The previews make the adaption look good so far.

I hope you watch it Bear! It'll be great if we could talk about it!

I haven't seen it, I'll make sure to add it on my list.

Can I ask you if you usually have any favorite pairs in anime series? Do you read Doujinshi?
Rei Sep 29, 6:25 PM
I guess that's to appeal to the female readers, I really wish that more shounen-ai would have more masculine guys.
I wouldn't mind a combination of the two as the main pair, That would actually be cute.

Have you heard that Ace Attorney is turning into a anime series?
I can't wait to see the characters adapted, I'm excited to see the gay lawyers

Same here! I feel like some series that have a mystery looking synopsis are gonna try to force the whole mystery in it or deep stuff and are gonna fail at it. Kind of like Ranpo tired
I'm expecting a lot from the adaption of OPM too, I hope it turns out alright.
The MC is so relatable to me.
Are you gonna watch any of the upcoming movies? I can't wait for the swimming anime movie, I get to see them as small swimmers.
I can feel it's gonna be really angst just from looking at the new preview.

I feel you, Somtimes the stories get to predictable for me or I just don't like it at all, I mainly read anything that has a plot twist in it or is twisted as heck. That's why my favorite yaoi mangaka is Harada!
I also like fluffy stories too.

Yeah I do actually!
It's my guilty pleasure

Can I call you Bear? Oh my gosh I'm so sorry for the lame name, I just think of you as a bear! In a good way though