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kirihara | 07-20-10, 8:11 AM

Hello! I'm the Creator of Anime & Manga Recommendation! XD I wanted to Inform Everyone about the recent changes that are occuring in the Club! :) But Mass Messenging isnt workng so I'm going to TRY to message as many people as i can!


Changes Made in Club or Being Made

News/Things to Know

Die_Mann | 06-05-10, 6:59 AM
Anime compatibility High 78.5%

Katsuki | 04-02-10, 3:33 AM
Here's your Battler's Alliance card! x3

Please, save it and upload it in your own image host!

kyouri | 02-15-10, 2:50 AM
Here you go ^^

jackdevils | 01-31-10, 2:26 PM
Don't forget to save it before use.

Asiaa1408 | 01-23-10, 1:20 PM
Here's your member card:

jackdevils | 01-23-10, 12:15 PM
Don't forget to save it before use.

Yumei_Noir | 01-18-10, 3:08 AM
The first four episodes of Higurashi were absolutely tense. I think that was the big different between Higurashi and Umineko - Higurashi it deserved the horror tag. Umineko, well I just felt like it was trying to make too many excuses with magic. By the end I was just laughing because everything was so ridiculous. My favourite character in Higurashi would probably be Rena. She was probably the most fleshed out character. She was absolutely scary in the first arc. Her personality changes were flawless and creepy XD

Yumei_Noir | 01-18-10, 1:52 AM
I thought Higurashi was tied together a little better than Umineko. I mean, there's random siesta girls and all these other random characters popping out everywhere... Erghh... Sorry - rant :)

Yumei_Noir | 01-18-10, 1:21 AM
MAL - as in abbreviation for myanimelist. lol

Anyway, I'm not too big a fan of Umineko, there's just too much craziness and unexplained randomness. I liked the first four episodes but apart from that, the rest is just... well crap?

Yumei_Noir | 01-18-10, 12:50 AM
Hi, thanks for the message. How are you finding MAL?

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