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April 23, 1994
July 16, 2011
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REST IN PEACE, CANDY, LOVED FAMILY PET CAT, died 21 Nov 2011, 14 years old.... will be missed, love you so much. Heart broken....

KONmusiclover aka Zoe, is my irl best friend and im so very glad she likes anime too or id be very alone with this stuff (: no anime marathons no going conventions, thank you zoe... thank you <3

My name is Aisha Mya Tynan im irish!! I like anime, kpop, food, cute things and being lazy, i joke a lot and i like cute clothes but i never wear any. i like to draw digital art! oh im kinda fat and short but if you want to judge me by looks then im not gonna give you the light of day anyway... bye ;3

~anime story~

I always watched DBZ and Card capture and tokyo mew mew on tv when i was smaller, i always liked shin chan and all this pokemon and digimon and the like! My sister is really into FF and anime games so i liked that style so she used to buy old anime movies like metropolis movie and animatrix and i was always a weird child who liked weird things, i always liked japanese things alllways, and then when i was on a site called Bebo, some girl had a theme of bleach so i asked her what it was and there used to be an anime channel on tv (its gone now /cry) i seen bleach on it, so i started watching it online and tv, and then naruto was on tv one day (the episode where temari and shikamaru fought) i thought it was the best fight id ever seen in my life xDDDD (this was when i was prob 14) and then online someone i made friends with on youtube told me a crap load of anime to watch like chobits and luccky star and kanon, and then it just spiraled from there on ^.^ now ive seen over70 anime :3

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Jishimorin-ku | 02-08-15, 2:57 AM

Lommelun | 07-02-14, 3:46 AM

Clap-and-Walk | 04-23-12, 2:08 AM
Hey Aisha, it's your birthday today? Happy birthday!

Clap-and-Walk | 03-25-12, 12:34 PM
YES. >:C (No, it's never strange to want to look at me.)

Clap-and-Walk | 03-25-12, 12:19 PM
Dude this is the best dress ever. Oh wow. I'd wear it.

Clap-and-Walk | 01-27-12, 5:38 AM
Yeah, Recorder to Randoseru is cool. Some of these 5-minute anime turn out really nicely. And they're perfect to recommend to friends because it doesn't really eat up their time as much as normal anime do while you don't even know whether they'll like the anime, ha ha. My personal favourite 5-min anime has to be Nyanpire.

Clap-and-Walk | 01-16-12, 1:20 AM
Yeahhhhh I love the ED. Did you know? It's by the same artist who did the OPs for Mawaru Penguindrum. Next time we talk, I'll have to show you something.

Clap-and-Walk | 01-07-12, 2:07 PM
I see you've started on Denpa Onna! I liked that one a lot. Erio is so sweet♥ I've got to make you listen to some character songs from that anime the next time we talk!

MiuNya | 11-21-11, 3:21 PM
/breaks down....

Clap-and-Walk | 10-12-11, 1:41 PM
Hey Aisha Aisha,
don't you use MSN or something so we can chat sometime?

Clap-and-Walk | 09-27-11, 1:36 AM
I never gave Steins;Gate enough of a chance. After seeing the first episode I wasn't excited enough to keep watching, which turned out to be a big mistake, ha ha. I want to watch it now, but the workload from my new school has taken me by surprise. I don't really have the time to watch anything now...

KONmusiclover | 09-25-11, 12:21 PM
REALLY!!!!!!!! Ah! so happy! i love the secret devil-chan! cant wait! I also decided i really wanna watch tactics today for some reason. i saw crow wings and i was hooked! Aisha, remind me when i am trying to think of an anime to watch!

Clap-and-Walk | 09-25-11, 11:58 AM
I am so disappointed in Kamisama no Memochou. It started off as possibly my favourite anime from this season, and ended up meeting almost none of my expectations. Well, I guess that's the danger of having high expectations. I was hoping it would be an amazing mystery/detective series with really complicated cases, but it ended up having two fillers and a lot of fighting instead of brain food.

Well, the new season is starting soon! I'm looking forward to what it'll bring. C: Also, a new chapter of The Secret Devil-chan should appear next month!

KONmusiclover | 09-24-11, 5:24 AM
Love the profile pic! Its super KAWAII (lol). Was stalking your list looking for inspiration on what to watch next, and started mayo chiki. I think its quite funny, even tough like you said, a lot of it has been done before, but it still made me laugh in places;) I have lost my interest in Kamisama no memo-chou. i got to like episode 8 or something, so i guess i will finish it sometime, but mayo chiki is better:)

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