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Days: 77.4
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A's
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A's
Yesterday, 8:34 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 9
Stranger: Mukou Hadan
Stranger: Mukou Hadan
Yesterday, 6:38 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Yesterday, 6:37 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 15.8
Mean Score: 7.41
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  • Chapters2,828
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Nov 25, 9:19 PM
Reading 47/84 · Scored -
Gokujou Danshi to Kurashitemasu.
Gokujou Danshi to Kurashitemasu.
Nov 25, 5:20 PM
Reading 5/12 · Scored 8
Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai
Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai
Nov 24, 6:18 AM
Reading 13/- · Scored 10


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oliviasyl Nov 14, 9:28 AM
Heheh, yeap, I have an elder sister, she's one year older than me but we look like twins lol Hmm... not sure about selling game accounts for real money, I'm not really fond of it. I guess that's why I like playing games on steam, so I don't have to worry about buying or selling accounts and such. Heheh.

Nah, I'm pretty sure you will get a hang of it within a few days. I also forgotten how to use photoshop after I am out of hiatus, but after installing photoshop, everything becomes pretty automatically, I am using all the tools automatically. I might have forgotten how to use, but my hands didn't XD Hahah, I am bad at drawing, but pretty good at tracing? LOL, I can duplicate a drawing if I have it right next to me, but I can't create my own drawing/characters for god sake. But it have been such a long time since I've drawn, I really suck at it though :/ Hmm, I guess the clubs are pretty much the same, not much difference in my opinion. English movies, hahaha, my friends call me movie manic because I always watch movie in the cinema, like once per week, so I actually spend a lot of money on movie D: Hmm.... nope, I don't play mmorpg now, I have a steam account, so I buy games on steam :o
oliviasyl Nov 11, 4:50 AM
Omg, really sorry for the late reply ;_; School is basically killing me.

Well, I also just got sick of another game, I was playing this game called "Rainbow Saga" with my sister because she wants to look for a game that is similar to Maplestory. I was playing it for about a week or two, but got tired of logging in to play the game everyday. LOL. It was just so repetitive D:

Oh well, I manage to finish making the layout, it looks too simple but whatever XD Yeah, I have been reducing the amount of work I'm supposed to do in clubs. But you know, whenever I have time, I would be watching shows instead... still not focusing on my studies. Hahaha. Hmm... I would still prefer real life though? I have a lot of good friends and we still hang out every week :D Yeap, I don't chat to people in games too, I would just act like I'm afking and wait for the person to go away. LOL, if he doesn't go away, close the game XD I see, well, I'm not talking about Dota 2, I'm talking about Maplestory. Levels in Dota 2 aren't really important, because you don't really use levels to compete, its about teamwork, team dynamic and individual plays :D Maybe I should get back to Dota? XD I'm feeling tempted.

Hmmm... okay, but really, JC is really hard to cope, just a bit more and I wouldn't have to repeat my first year of JC too. I scored really well for my O level, but repeating my first year of JC wasn't what I would expect too. I just needed 2 marks to get me to year 2, but JC is just that strict. I'm not sure about JP uni, but if it's me, I would rather go to local uni, Singapore university are ranked very high in the world rankings, not sure about Japan though.
Katsuki Nov 5, 8:08 PM
well I would watch anime after doing homework/work really
Katsuki Nov 5, 2:24 AM
years of watching anime? xD
oliviasyl Nov 5, 1:15 AM
I wished I have time to play, assignments are coming in like mad. I don't even know how am I going to survive now ;_; Yeap, right decision, just quit the game XD

Oh well, like I've just said, weird people all over the internet. Just ignore him, I don't even see the point in even arguing about how many animes. Its not like theres a competition about who watched the most animes anyway. Now I feel like I am spending so much time on MAL that I am neglecting my studies D: But I have so many things I haven't done on MAL. I still have layouts and cards to make ;_; Save my soul. Its hard to balance real life and online life D: LOL, so the guy is from the game? Bah, all the weirdos from the game. Glad that you quitted. Pfft, there's no true friends in games because everyone level up at their own, I also think its silly to wait for your friend and then level up together. I was gaming with my friends, and then I play like everyday while she only log in once a week. What am I going to do? Wait for her? =_= But oh well, I stopped gaming anyway.

LOL. RM = Running Man :/

What? Why can't you get to sec 5? You didn't score well for N level? But I think studying in school is a lot better as compared to self-study. I know this may sound kinda mean, but I don't think you should aim for JC, because it is really hard to cope with. You are cramming 3-4 years worth of syllabus in just 2 years of JC. Everyone who've gone through JC would say that JC is the worst period of time they've had. If you think teachers teaching in class is slow, then lectures are going to be even harder to follow. All I know was I kept sleeping during lectures in JC D: But everyone have different studying method though, all the best for your O level, its coming up soon right? Hmm... good luck in getting japanese husband, lol, but Japanese guys are very... how do I say... prideful? LOL, Gintama ._. I haven't watch/read the manga yet tho :/

Rice, noodles, porridge? Depends on my mood though, but I'm usually pretty lazy to cook like a full meal if its only for myself. Of course it's my own money, lol. I don't have pocket money you know.
oliviasyl Nov 1, 4:16 AM

oliviasyl Oct 31, 11:37 PM
Hahaha, I don't play not because I would get addicted, but I think its very troublesome if I kept having to play the game everyday on my phone, to summarise, I'm just lazy. LOL. Oh well, there are all sorts of people everywhere, but there are even more weirdos hiding behind their screen. Lots of weirdo in the internet, so better be careful. Or maybe you should just stop playing the game in general? XD

Ohh, I think I am pretty much used to sleeping late, I can still concentrate in lecture for the first 3hr, but after that.... it have to depend on the module. If the lecture is so dry, I would just doze off, but if I have something to write/copy then I can still remain awake :3 Nope, I usually don't have lunch break in school, because my morning lecture ends at 11.30am and the next one starts at 12pm. Not enough time for a proper lunch, and the canteen is usually super packed since all the lectures ended at 11.30am as well. Yeap, but I can't kept having the habit of sleeping in on weekends. I want to wake up early during weekends as well.

Yeap, I am still making cards... I think I need a new hobby, but I can't just abandon my club ;_; Hmm... RM was kinda boring for the past few months, but as I said, it has become a habit for me to watch RM every week. Thank goodness the recent few episodes seem to be more interesting and funny, hope the old interesting and fun RM will be back soon ;3

I have no idea as well, I just don't like to watch anime >_< I prefer to read the manga, if the anime is actually the adaptation of the manga. I see, I worked for about 3 months after my uni year 1 finals. Eh? Why are you private candidate? :/ MOM = Ministry of Manpower. LOL, there are some terms you should know, my dear. What? Japanese husband? Stop dreaming, wake up and study more XD

Hahaha, I usually cook for myself or buy food from outside when I'm at home alone :o If not I would just skip lunch and wait for dinner or something >_<
oliviasyl Oct 31, 12:37 AM
:o App game as in mobile app games? I don't play games on my mobile, hahaha. But seriously, 30+ year old adult acting like this? Just quit the guild and find a better one.

How many hours per day? Hmm... about 3-4 hours per day? Hahah. No lunch break, but there's dinner break. But still, trying to survive the entire day of school with 3-4 hours of sleep isn't the best feeling. I kept dozing off in lecture D:

Nope, I mean cards on MAL. LOL. I am still in the card-making business in MAL, but not for as much clubs as before. I've created my own club with one of my old MAL friend... you can join if you want XD Made de Inspire Oh well, I have been watching Running Man for 5 years, can't quit it as and when I like, its more like a habit to watch the newest episode every week. Nope, I don't watch US/UK variety show, tv series as in more like dramas. So, I don't watch X Factor or Ellen show.

Ermm... Doing cards doesn't mean I have to watch a lot of stuff. I only make cards for those that I know, means I don't participate in anime-related card editions unless I've read the manga or watched the anime. Hahah, I still prefer studying than working though, my last part-time at MOM is a 6 day work week. That is the real definition of no life. Totally, I work like 26 out of 30 days in a month. Thank god I'm back to school now.

I see, I totally gave up on anime so... no matter how much people on MAL kept asking me to watch anime, I'm not gonna do it. Hahaha.
nyamu Oct 30, 4:49 AM
omg i've heard him ~ (〃▽〃)
he sounds so cute and soo similar to ayato ♥♥♥
lol but i didn't get something, do ppl call him and talk to him as if he is ayato and he acts as ayato?
hmm around 40% but im learning ^^
ohh and you can dowload the app of twitcasting (if you haven't already) and just follow him there and you'll get notifications when he's live ^-^
AnnoyingTiger88 Oct 30, 3:23 AM
Sorry I couldn't be more help >_<
AnnoyingTiger88 Oct 30, 1:04 AM
I'm not one hundred percent, but I THINK it's the guy from Sword Art Online?? >_<
oliviasyl Oct 29, 2:10 AM
Yeah, school getting more and more busy for me, I barely even have time to sleep D: Yeap, I have some days where I have lecture from 8.30am to 10pm. Died.

Ahh, I see. I guess I am used to listening to people speaking fast? Hahaha, even I myself speak pretty fast in real life :3 Hmm... I still read manga once in a while, but I don't really have time for manga either. Spent most of my time in school, school assignments, cards and watching tv series. Hmm... I am still watching Running Man, but I am more into US and UK tv series at the moment. Mostly US tv series, those with a lot of seasons XD I started my tv series marathon in August, and completed a few series - Grey's Anatomy (12 seasons), The Last Ship (2 seasons), Suits (1/5 seasons), Sherlock (3 seasons), Teen Wolf (5 seasons). Hehehe. I'm taking a break now because I'm really dying with the lack of sleep.

Ohh.. I don't use twitter, lol. I have a twitter account but I forgot my username and password, so I just gave up on it. Nope, no time for gaming as well ;_; I technically have no life now. I don't watch anime, you watch even more than me, lol. I've given up on animes 6 years ago.
nyamu Oct 28, 8:33 AM
ugh i wish i read kanji and understood japanese more, but this is motivating to start learning! ~
do you know japanese well?
nyamu Oct 28, 8:30 AM
haha okaay! i'll do that ^^
thanks for all the info! ~~
oh do you have more cute guys that i should follow?
nyamu Oct 28, 8:04 AM
you little stalker! haha jk (;
will i get notifications when he's live? if i register