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04-21-14, 10:26 PM
November 7,
October 5, 2011
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About MielxFoxie
Hello everyone~

I got into anime like most of you have, which is simply watching the stuff at a young age with no real clue what it was. Lol.

When it comes to the type of anime I watch.. It's pretty much everything: Shounen, Shoujo, Horror, Action, Drama, Comedy, Ecchi. As long as it has a decent plot, I'm game to give it a shot.

I dunno what to really say about myself here, but feel free to visit my tumblr. ( or my deviantart (

I don't really use MAL a lot except for the use of updating my anime list to share with others. That being said, if you post on my profile, I will respond. No worries! ^^

All pictures featured via my profile have been edited by myself. If I need to remove them at the original artist's request, I will do so ASAP.

Feel free to friend me and stuff. I'm a friendly and open kind of lady so yeah. :3


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Prophet6000 | 04-15-13, 6:05 AM
Gonna make sure to watch angel beats <3

OrochiPL | 04-02-12, 4:22 PM
Dat Zessica on your pic. Just why? щ(゚Д゚щ)

Crimson_Cloud | 02-21-12, 10:25 AM
Haha, yeah I guess but hey, it's an experience that will stay with you for life. ;)

Yup, that is the one. Really sweet image! Thanks. ^^

Pretty cool. I've done some forum RPs few years back, but unfortunately they are mostly ruined by the guys who face off against each other while trying to prove whose ego is larger. They tend to neglect story and non-fight character interactions.

Crimson_Cloud | 02-20-12, 1:14 PM
Graduation? That's pretty cool. Have fun at the ceremony. :)
Just to be sure, we are talking about your previous image, the one with the purple hair highlight? If so, then it doesn't matter if you edited her or not, if you have the full image I would be grateful if you could send it my way.

RPs? You mean like forum ones or real live ones? ^^

Crimson_Cloud | 02-14-12, 3:33 PM
Heya! How's it going? Sorry to bother you but mind I ask you what character is that on your profile? It looks really beautiful. ^^

ketsuro | 12-28-11, 5:05 AM
;3 That's good.

ketsuro | 12-25-11, 7:13 AM
;o And it airs in spring you said? Well, feels like I've gotta watch E7 before spring arrives then ^.^

Also, merry christmas although its a bit late now ^^

ketsuro | 12-24-11, 2:45 PM
I think I finish the most of mine now in 1 week XDD Want to start watching an other anime already -__-

;D Thanks for the info!
Ohh, so there comes a new season or whatsoever to E7?

ketsuro | 12-23-11, 12:58 AM
Sorry 'bout that though.

I see you've watched Eureka Seven, is it good? Plan to watch it .... one day, after I'm done with my animes I've on-hold and the ones I just watch XDD

Queen_Stars | 12-22-11, 4:18 PM
Your avatar is very pretty.

ketsuro | 12-22-11, 2:11 AM
Ow. Sorry to hear that about your father, does he have anything serious? Gomen, if it's a too personal question.
But I hope he's getting well soon. x.x

DeathByHarmony | 12-21-11, 4:29 PM
:D How's it going?

DeathByHarmony | 12-21-11, 3:48 PM
Hey. ^_^ Nice to meet you. :D

ketsuro | 12-21-11, 11:37 AM
XDDD. Well, my last week of school ends soon and I'll praise god then for giving me winter break =D So much to do then though. :s Also got a kidney inflammation since a few days and in school it's horrible with it because there are a few people that suddenly jump on someones back and it already hurts with every move I make, so you can imagine how it feels when someone is on your back. - Going through hell.

Smaster | 12-21-11, 1:48 AM
Nice to meet you too :D

Yay..Kakashi ftw!!

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