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December 4,
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July 5, 2009
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Airitoizzy | 05-31-15, 7:14 AM
Are You like Theatre :) I Want To Start Something more than Skakespeare Like Ibsen And Complicated Authors You Have To Read

Airitoizzy | 05-23-15, 3:50 PM

Airitoizzy | 11-26-14, 1:28 PM
I Want To Talk To YOU Soon And I Never Forget You Trui st Me You are Unbelievably Marvellous You are the most collaborative guy i can think of and i want you to remain like that I Love sing ang songs more and more Smile I start with MIKA is soo i cannot say just LOVE him I love many others obviously he is a person you can hugging because of hiBEEAAAAAAAAUTIFUUUUUUUULs attitude I will talk as soon as i can A Lot of BEAUTY FOR YOU ---------Romina

Airitoizzy | 01-02-13, 9:01 AM
I wanted to watch Artworks You gave ME And I will Them
YOU ARE FANTASTIC And U Need To HAVE THE GOOD ALWAYS I have Some stuff And I Will Find ARTISTS And More

Airitoizzy | 11-10-12, 2:15 PM
I Also watched that to watch DIFFERENT The Girl is FANTASTIC And u cannot discouragin her easiily and That MAN They Have HADES You cannot say if He is realible and I liked That A LOT Too You can say is DIFFERENT Have to say I Have the already seen Stuff Need Always To watch something DIFFERENT I Think U Will Say BEAUTY watching That You Want Your ART Like That And I Think Is INDEED What U Have To Watch I Have issues Stuff cause of that i cannot watch Haneke Really wanted to watch him I watched ARTWORK I wanted to Watch She is FANTASTIC Not Talking And U watch Eyes but i watched That
U cannot like it but the closure is FANTASTIC I Think He wanted to putting everywhere what is are BIRTH If U can watch it U Find him Really DIFFERENT Also U can say that GOOD-executed i cannot say Totally cause I Really want to Thinkin Can U Tell ME A Different Artist Please Then I want To gave YOU song Rapper DELIGHT And More DELIGHT IS FANTASTIC TOO !!!

Airitoizzy | 11-10-12, 12:50 PM
I wanted to talk To You And WE have And had hospital Fortunaly Some Stuff is FANTASTIC And Person Are FANTASTIC TOO You Need that A LOT if U want to Thinkin Optimistic and Cause of That You Start To Thinkin Differently Thanks A LOT REALLY YOU Always Put ME Thinking That I have to talk Already Feel A bit Guilty For That I wanted To Watch Some ARTWORS And I needed to REST Is That ALWAYS Thinking that put ME WantingTo Say Optimistic Please FANTASTIC You have that NOW U can Really managin Like YOU Want I Think and Indeed Watch Something because Concepts And Content Are Astounding Also I think He Researching Different Everytime You Said that Cause of Watching Or watching Them I Think He put Them Not living and U have to think but u can contraddict ME Really I think he wanted to cover Mask and other stuff with them and trasversal is what I Love More Face Eyes are Really what put me watching them like watching them if they are just like that or have More I want to watch other ARTWORS TOO I Love That watching because its Really FANTASTIC I Can put Different Artists And watch Them It is Really what I find FANTASTIC Have To say First Time I have Not The Artistic Perspective soo i needed to Research That I Think That Cause I watched something not him Then I watched One Of Them and I think I More persuaded NOW to Have his Thinkin I watched Nosferatus HE IS REEEEEAL I want To Watch Everything with Him And the rats in the coffin The Other Guy They Said Is Reality Put Me Thinking He abused him Sort of Watchin plants places Is ASTONISHING U said CORRECT He is Really Gifted in That And He put That Other He Worked I watched With A person The others Are Not Like him But with them U start To Realizing They Thinking Too I Find That Really OPEN To Something DIFFENT You Can Contraddict ME Please I Just Thinking That watching Other person Interactions with Him But If U can say More Really Want That As Always You have to Write Indeed Because u have that Love For ART I Think Is Needed Nowadays or that Always Criticizing To Say Good-executed Is Not What Person Need I Think ART is For Everyone I started Changing what ART is And What Art I want He Is A Research Like I Said But Just That I have To find That TOO

Airitoizzy | 10-31-12, 9:52 AM

Airitoizzy | 10-09-12, 1:10 PM
WE had Hospital soo Worries because that Doctor said Wanted To Talk Fortunately not REAL worries Unfortunately I Think Not GoodI started NOW cause is How U React I can JUST Hope and Thinking Optimistic U Gave ME Fantastic cause INDEED i watched Ingmar Bergman I Think YOU have Also To Watch that I started To Say ASTONISHING YOU Will Watch Talking It S Fantastic To Watch That Solution TOO I was Think Experimental INDEED And HE Himself said His The One with The Other ARTWORK Experimental Have To Watch It TOO I watched That u Said I wanted To Say Not Filmaker BEEAUTIFUL Concepts And Contents I Finished To Like It A Lot TOO HE is Talking With DEATH playing Chess I think It S GORGEUS and Like The ARTIST He s Like He Saying I Not FEAR YOU NOW I Not want to say if U have to watch I Can Say Death Lolitude Living And Mask are Stuff U will find In his ART I Love If i Can Have That Artistic Perspective I watched and entering In It HE is Changing Constantly I Guess Can Really Put ME In DIFFERENT Also Is theatrical U watch Close And in caged Darky darky and Moody but Like that A LOT U not watch body but face And Eyes U ALWAYS have to watch Eyes And Trasversal if I can Write That I Will Write To YOU cause More I can watch Tecnology again I start Thinking It S Not The ARTIST U can say It S like That Also Death Is Not Like U can Think I Love watching Them Talking U Will Like It A LOT Really HE Put YOU Thinking And What I have to watch to say DIFFERENT like WORK And Artworks I want To Say I Was Thinking If Can Showing ME ARTIST With Photography They Said That Person Working with Ingmar Bergmar Is FANTASTIC At That I Love To watch something like That Really I knew YOUR ARTIST MUST WATCH Unfortunately HE put ME Like Cannot Watch Please FEAR His ART Can Put ME like That but I WILL Watch Him REALLY I Started To Like NOt Color IS Really Astounding I Have to Research something FOR YOU TOO I Will Put Them One Is Like They Said Expressionism And Expressionist BEAUTY Can YOU Always Find What U Want To Watch I Have Also A Surreal Not Watched Unfortunately They Said Not GOOD but I think I can Like It U Please Say ARTISTS To ME Really I Have Also Gasby NOW I Recollect That TOO I Want To Have Them And Watch What I Think I Love More Not To Mention Ingmar Bergmar is Theatrical For That Immediately I Not Like Him As Filmmaker That Talking Is To Listen More Than Watched I Guess I Think Anime are To watch NOW I Have To Say That Artistic Perspective Is FANTASTIC and in the Other Artwork That Person Said Something Like That ART Is For Persons ART IS FOR BEAUTIFUL U have To watch That Really U Also Think Like That Of ART !! I WANT INDEED THAT LOVE BEAUTY And QUALITY !!

_gRim_ | 10-04-12, 8:38 AM

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Airitoizzy | 09-20-12, 1:48 PM
I Want ALWAYS Say Thanks A LOT Really I Feel Like Some Persons Are FANTASTIC And YOU Are Also Like That Showing ME ARTIST And ARTWORS I Was Enthuastic Really Thinking At Roshomon That One Is That Artworks I Loved And LOVE More I Think I Wanted To Write I Said Watch The Other ARTWORK Soo YOU can Talk Extensely Unfortunately I Was A Bit Tomorrow Stuff NOW I Watched It And What U said I think I have not Totally realized what U said I think Is Because I saw That Like A Research For LIGHT I saw ALWAYS That In His ART And that is Really fascinating It Put YOU watching Them More I cannot Say compelling Is More Like Theatrical with persons Interacts Between Them And I Think IS FANTASTIC INDEED I liked them talking together the exctasi of Becoming More than What They Have Thinking Not Fighting Is Something They Want To Preserve Them To Become DIFFERENT Considering Their SOUL That Concept And Content is something U can find A LOT What I liked is They Not Saying That Like U Have To Think LLike Them U can Think YouRSelf Watching Them THAT Arttist In His Artworks is ASTONISHING If I Have To Say From My Perspective What I Think Is Not Have Limits or Like I said SPACE is what Can put His ART like That NOT Boundaries If U Can Put YourSelf Everytime DIFFERENT You Will ALWAYS Find something U can Work with That is What I Think U Can Contraddict ME I Like A LOT hearing that From YOU What I Think INDEED Is That QUALITY To Put YOU Thinking Meanwhile Watching Something I Think U Can Say FANTASTIC And ART TOTALLY Not To Mention What His Artworks Can gave To You Everything Is something To Put DIFFERENT And That I think Is What Put His Art Being Innovative And Innovative Really Enthuastic INDEED I Also Like A LOT In Him That Research Of Light I think He purpouselly wanted that And I Find That FANTASTIC And Like U Said Captiveing In Roshomon Talking Like U I said U Wanted To Say GOOD-Executed I Watch From A Different Perspective I Not Need Them The Persons To Talk Together It Is Like Some Criticizing Said I have That Finding Some criticizing INDEED He wanted To say U Watched Everything DIFFERENT And What IS Truth For That They Said He wanted To Put Thinking Of Italian ARTIST Literature I not Think That I Think More We Cannot Said Totally Truth Because Of Fear Or Because Persons ALWAYS Have Different Perspective Watching Something I Think Roshomon Is More CONTENT And CONCEPT Like I Really Want To WATCH I ALWAYS NEED THAT And I Like A LOT That GOOD-Executed What I Not Like Is The Closure The Have The Son I Watched That More Like Death And BIRTH And I Started Thinking Can WE Trust Him Saying I Will Take Him With ME And That Monk Saying NOW I Have FAITH Is Like Anime I watched Previously I Can Say A LOT If U think Watching His ARTWORS YOU REALLY can Analyzing And Findind Everytime Something U want To Talk I Think I Got Some Stuff U Always Find in His ART And NOW I Want To Watch ARTISTS Like Him SAY That Or Them If U HAVE THEM Please I Started Searching Something I Totally TRUST YOU REALLY ARTISTS ARE WHAT I WANT I Think They Can Also Put ME Thinking And I Think IF U Can To Say What I Have To Watch GOOD-Executed Really I Cannot Immediately Think Like That And I want To say I want To Complete That Watching TOO I Think U Love ART Also because U Can Watch Something U Can Watch With Person
I Loved That A LOT And NOW I Not Watching That Have U Something I Can Watch Or U Can Say Not A LOT Really Some Issues What Artists YOU Think I Need To Watch And I Research I Not Watching Anime I Find ONE I Will Talk To YOU Soo I Love Have Something To Put ME Thinking I Will Talk To YOU I Think To Write To YOU If I Find Something With That U Have Not ALWAYS To Think WE Are NOT PleaseNT Stuff THink Please Sometimes I Want To Watch Not Think And Thanks A LOT To YOU For Having Said That
If U Are Watching Something U Can Said That I Can Watch
With YOU Like I Said Anime Are NOT What I Watch A LOT

Airitoizzy | 09-03-12, 8:22 AM
I Have Really To Say Thanks A LOT For Saying That Indeed I Have To Say Person Not Saying That Are Not GOOD cause I Just Want Something Like U Said Not Need They Talking And Talking Really Sometimes I Just Want Not To Think But I Start To Have More Different Thinking Like WE Can Fighting And That Is Needed Not To Mention GOOD
I Have Yojimbo TOO Watched It A Bit And Thinking Immediately At That NOW I Want To Watch Roshomon And MACBETH I Watched The One Ran And Him And Her Are FANTASTIC I Think I Have Also The Artistic Perspective In That And I Liked What He Was Showing If U Want To Watch I cannot Say but Couple INDEED And Beautifully Executed I Think Is Innovative And Being Innovative because is OPEN and Soo Is That Space If That Space Is Unlimited U Can Create Without Preclusions And That Put U Watching More GOOD TOO I Think I Can Say More But I Want To Watch The ARTWORKS To Think Indeed That SPACE Is The ART for Him I Almost Recollect Lil Wayne In Boundaries Just That ARTISTS not Need To Breaking Them And I Found That ASTONISHING U Can watch It Like Reading U can Also Think While Watching He Need INDEED To BE Watched Meanwhile Haneke Is Different And He Wants To Limited His ART I Have To Say His Realistic And I Want To Put Stuff Like I Said Is GOOD TOO
I Really Want You Analyzing I Think I Can Have More GOOD Thinking And I Like Other Person Watch U Have To Say For ARTWORK Like U Can Put Them Watching And Not Criticizing Find The GOOD Not ALWAYS I Think Criticizing Need More That Because Say Not GOOD Is JUST Not What U Want If You Can Write Is FANTASTIC because I Can Find More And I Like That A LOT Because I Like Watch Differebt Stuff NOW I can Have Different Artists To Watch I Think U Can Like That Just Need To Watch Them And Say What I Like More I Want To Analyzing And Writing Fortunately Are You More In Anime NOW I Want To Watch Something I Started GOOD but Not FANTASTIC And I Think The One I Watched A Bit I Said To A Person What I Can Watch Soo NOW I Will Watch To Not Think GOOD song If U want To Say ME Is Needed Want Almost To Making A Video Watching ARTIST IS Really I Want TO BECOME Like THEM

Airitoizzy | 08-27-12, 11:33 AM
I have To Watch and can gave You Artists Just I Need To seen Something But I hope to Talk With You Unfortunately WE are not GOOD And I really Think Not GOOD TOO NOW I can Just Not THink It S Really Panicking and I Feel Alone A LOT Really Thanks A Lot For Being Soo GOOD About That I Really Need Someone To Say That Indeed Art Put me Not To Think A LOT but I need Something U can Be Really Different

Airitoizzy | 08-15-12, 8:46 AM
I Want To Talk With YOU Unfortunately WE Have Hospital Again They Have Not ME With That It Is Like U Have Always Something Hospital Was GOOD Really I Wished They Think More GOOD NOW I Can Say To BE Different Thinking GOOD Is Really Something That Can Changin I Just Watched ARTWORKS To Not Think FANTASTIC That Artist You Gave Me I Started Watching And I Can Say LEGEND But I Have To Watch Him I Just Watched To Find If I Can Love More His ART And INDEED I Watched Also Artists Copy Him I Want Really Listenin Him Talking LEGEND And LEGENDARY I Guess
HE Really Put You Watching Him But I Have To Finish It Unfortunately I Said That Because ART Can Put ME Different I Always Want ARTWORKS And You Gave ME Being Innovative And Innovative What I Want INDEED I Have To Start Thinking Like Them It Is INDEED Like That FANTASTIC Is More Like U Said And I Find That Like HE Said Watch NOW
I Have To Say He Is Captivetin But I Like That A LOT Also I Think HE Has Find His Art Yet And LOVE Work With Other Persons I Think He Is Charming Charming I Love Color In Him And LOOK Like A Really GOOD Person He Is INDEED FANTASTIC I Also Want To Watch More I Want You To Watch Then Because U Can Find Not Just That But YOU Want To Find YouRSelf For Analyzing I Think Wanted To BE More Enthuastic But Sometimes I Want To Say I NEEDED REST I Think U Have Said That INDEED But I Start Believing YOU Have To Changin And That Can Put YOU Different If You Say Everytime Not GOOD U Will Always Watch That And Not Find Something To Have A Different Perspective I Want To Think That And In That ART Is The BEAUTY !! I Will Write About Your Artist Really Want To Watch YOU Have Always FANTASTIC Artists I Already Said To Watch Them If I Can Put Person Watching It Is FANTASTIC !!!
Hope GOOD FOR YOU --I Started To Like ORIENTAL CULTURE They Have Something I Like A LOT Sometimes I Cannot Think Like Them But I Said To MySelf To Watch And Research That
They Have To Put The GOOD Movie Fortunately More QUALITY And Astounding LOVE That Artist They Said He Is Really Really GOOD I Think Like That TOO

Airitoizzy | 07-31-12, 8:05 AM
I Want To Say GOOD Unfortunately Cannot Say That Yet And Fortunately NOW Is More GOOD But I Cannot Say To Not Have Hospital Again Not Me But It Is A Bit Like that It Started With My Mom And Then We Are Almost Defeated By Negativity Not Healthy Is Not GOOD Fortunately We Have GOOD Persons And That Doctor Finding That I Think We Will Have Hospital Again If Persons Are Not GOOD Me Myself Are Not Like That TOO They Are Not Optimistics Persons And I Not Like That Soo I Have Just To Think Solution Solution Solution Thanks A LOT Really GOOD I Find Persons I Was Not Thinking To BE GOOD Like That They Want To Always Gave US Something And I Love GOOD Persons Sometimes You Can Find GOOD In Something Not Really GOOD But I Want To Say GOOD Soo Everything Will Start With That In My Mind Then In SOUL And ART I Started That ARTIST You Said To Me And I Like Him A LOT He Is Also GOOD At Making U Thinking I Watched FANTASTIC And It Is Like That INDEED I Want To Watch Darjeing TOO
Have U Met Him I Like Him Because His ART Is Definite Love Cromatism U Can Thinking It Put U Also Smiling Cause It S TOO FUNNY INDEED And I Think He Can Become More GOOD Because I Was Thinking That Meanwhile Watching I Will Find That ARTWORK U Can Just Search Anderson
U Can Search His ARTWORKS If YOU Want I Will Find Something He Wrote A LOT
We Not Have GOOD To Watch Soo I Was Talking About ME GOOD I Find To Watch NOW cause I was Talking With A Person We Have Not GOOD Stuff Just Sometimes U Can FIND Something But I Find MySelf A LOT Searching They Not Want ART Unfortunately I Can Start NOT ART BrainyLess Stuff If U Think Not Art Is Like Not Put U Thinking And U COntrol Persons Soo From My Perspective Computer And Other Issues Can Gave Something To Think NOW I Talk To Everyone Watch That And STUFF Like That I Love Watching Them NOW What I Think I Like A LOT Is Realistic Meanwhile Anime Cannot Find Something To Put ME Want To Watching But I Want To Write Or Analyzing I LOVE Different ARTISTS ALWAYS TOO More If I Think To Have That Artistic Perspective I Watch More And Then I Want To Write U Gave Me Really GOOD I Have To Put A LOT Of Person To Watch I Just Watch U Are More Definite I Think If I Find What I Watching GOOD Then I Start Analyzing But I Have To Say ART Is Really Something I LOVE And Criticizing Make Me Love That MORE

Airitoizzy | 07-21-12, 1:16 PM
I Wanted To Say That Thanks For Caring REALLY Unfortunately WE had Hospital And NOW I hope Had And Not Have I Was Thinking To Read And Watch But I JUST Watched A Bit And I Rest I Have To Say I Started To Rest And Rest I Was Enthuastic I Watched Haneke And Wanted To Say YOU He Is ARTIST And Not Filmaker That Put Me Love Him A LOT More Than A Filmaker because I Feel like Artwork Is Totally his Work And He Control Everything He Is Totally Realistic But I Like That A Lot TOO Meanwhile U watching U can Also Think and that put me watching a Lot have Concepts And Content Conceptually Is FANTASTIC not because he said U That but because u can finf that YouRSelf I Think That Is QUALITY They Say Is Also Poetic Or Poetry I Have To Say not Considering i like that they can have reason but I want to watch a bit more i have not something for watch Just is not like i wanted but i have something Still more Good to have not something like PutLocker and i find that One U said If U want to watch Haneke i think u can start with Funny Games It S not FANTASTIC but it s Different I Like Him Soo I want to say Watch What U want He IS LEGEND I Not Like Realistic but he put me like that TOO Astounding I wanted to write because I found some GOOD to Watch but like i said I have not watched A LOT What I gave U Is Life Experience of That Artist HE wrote wrote wrote A Lot And His works are watched Nowdays TOO I Think HE Can Become GOOD For Your Art I have watched because searching something Life Experience Of Artist I Like A Lot Not persuaded It Is Totally Realistic They Are JUST Good To Watch Meanwhile I Think I Can Like A Lot Basilisk Needed To Have It TOO I Said That Can Become GOOD I Think I Find Something Like U can say It Can changing ME And My Perspective I Have To Admit I Want That Like Recreating Something Because NOW We Have Not Deeper And QUALITY Is not Totally Animate I Think Artwork Need More But If Persons Watch They Will Put Something Not GOOD ALWAYS Not Think At comparison They Say It Is not Possible but If Watching Put You Wanted To reading I Think They Have Put Something Needed To Be Mentioned I Will Write More Just I Need More Time And I Sound A Bit Noo brainy I Guess He watched JUST Wrestler Or More because I Have Reason The More GOOD Is That And I Believe He Need To Work with Person Not Couple Or But I cannot Say That He need More To Become Totally ARTIST I value A Lot That Cause He Wants Persons But I Want Persons And The ARTIST Like Something U can Say His ARTWORKS Are Like That Is Really Living In Poverty A Sort Of I Cannot Changing I Not Like that Convenient Sort Of
U Can But U Not Have To Changing --NOT Tollerable U Have To Watch The Wrestler That One Is Totally Astounding Realistic TOO GOOD-EXECUTED For That I Said Something To Watch INDEED He Put You Always Thinking I Like That A LOT Everytime U Want To Think He Needs GOOD Artists Cause U have That Already Seen I Not Want Really IS That Something To Work Because U cannot Have Always Reliable on Other Persons I Think They Love His LOVE INDEED For Our Human Beings And Persons I Think I Have His Artistic Perspective Need To Watch a Bit More TOO but That Comparison For ME Is GOOD Cannot Promise To Watch That Because not Like A Like That Or I Not Think I can Like That But I will Think About That I Want to Watch Many And Different Artists NOW

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