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09-06-14, 10:41 PM
New York
June 14, 2009
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About Merciless
Hated on anime hard, but friends got me to check out some series.......and been hooked since.

I tend not go lower than 5 when scoring series (probably because I'm picky when choosing series to watch to begin with), but if I do then I must have thought it really sucked.

You are welcome to friend and leave comments.

50th Completed Anime - Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
75th Completed Anime - Fairy Tail OVA

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TMC2014 | 05-19-13, 6:51 PM
Whats up Merciless, I love Shingeki also. I want to see how the humans will finally overcome the terror of the titans and also their origins of the titans or the source of their existence.

I see what you mean in correspondence with Guilty Crown because Shu is kind of a pussy but I liked the fighting and the OST was amazing. It made all of the fights seem beast.

Yea I tried to get past that fact of religion because I ma not really religous myself. What i liked about Hellsing was that it was a vampire anime and ALucard is a beast. Hellsing was one of the first animes I have completed so I kind of think of it as my origins for watching anime.

TMC2014 | 05-13-13, 7:43 PM
Hey Merciless Youy dont know me but I am similar in saying that I never used to like anime but then I was showed in by a friend and ever since I have been hooked also. How do you like Shingeki no Kyojin so far? Also, wondering why you didnt like Guilty Crown or Hellsing?

guanhian | 09-24-11, 10:01 AM
Man, I know everyone is telling you this but i can't resist it. Your avatar is so misleading!! xD

Lylaaz | 03-24-11, 8:55 AM
haha ur welcome : ))

Lylaaz | 03-21-11, 8:40 AM

your awesome avatar made me remember this video. buhahahaha x'D

Tenori | 09-21-10, 6:00 AM
your DRRR avatar is definitely a WIN !

Marroann | 09-17-10, 4:46 PM
Comment from the nujabes club

Sry for maybe a slightly late announcement.

See this topic for more info about the new album release: Nujabes featuring Uyama Hiroto – Homeward Journey (Summer 2010).

/the function 'mass message' don't work

Lylaaz | 06-26-10, 4:03 PM
Hah, I like your DRRR avatar. It's so wrong x'DD

noteDhero | 05-04-10, 9:07 AM
Hahaha, It won't. I watched some of the World Cup last time around with some friends. Like a lot of sports, it can be exciting when you're with a group of people who knows what's going on, but I can't really be bothered to learn about the rules and the players.

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