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06-30-09, 2:52 PM
August 2, 1991
Port- of- Spain,Trinidad and Tobago
January 20, 2009
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Hi! My name is Chantel. I love to draw,read and sleep! I'm totally obssesed over anything related to anime or manga:) I love blueberry muffins and melons and I hate school.

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jeeka | 08-01-09, 5:31 PM
Happy Birthday <3 ...

misspv | 06-11-09, 3:19 AM
oh!! i forgot to ask you!!! do you have msn?? :)

shigofumi | 06-05-09, 6:35 PM
well because im not university student i bound to minister of education rules...thus holidays for two weeks only...but at we gonna holidays for 1 and half month late this year...errr....every year actually..

misspv | 06-05-09, 12:54 PM
so, if you ever come to greece, i'l make you your favourite sweet!!ok? by the way...what's your favourite sweet?? personally, i love all of them!! whatever you give me, i'll eat it!! haha!! :)

AliceZama | 05-30-09, 5:14 PM
fireflight! do u have a youtube thing?

shigofumi | 05-29-09, 5:31 AM
yo..wassup...sorry just comeback from boarding 2 weeks holidays..^^...

misspv | 05-27-09, 2:05 AM
oh my god! it's good to see that you're ok!! you should be more carefull next time...!!
anyway...yesterday, i made a cherry pie on my own!!!(my mun helped me just a little with the oven,only with that)
i love making sweets!!! hihi...
by the way...if you want, you can call me vasia instead of pv...!!! :)

jeeka | 05-23-09, 7:13 AM
hey ;D * Happy *
I'm doing fine thanks You ?

Aww , Thank you I'm glad that you like it :3
Long time no see ^^ '' Missed you so much ''
So, did your study end ?

AliceZama | 05-10-09, 5:55 PM
Hey do u have a youtube thing!? cuz mine is ↓

AliceZama | 05-10-09, 5:54 PM
wut up Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

misspv | 05-06-09, 5:07 AM
it's ok!! i understand that you don't have much final exams will start in 2 weeks and i want to study too but it's so boring that i don't think i will start soon...:) anyway...other news from you?? :)

shigofumi | 04-30-09, 7:12 AM

misspv | 04-28-09, 6:49 AM
good!! very good!! school started yesterday and I felt like didn't go on vacations although i spent 5 wonderful days in france with my know it felt like it was too short!! anyway were did you go? :)

mayo-chan | 04-27-09, 8:56 PM
ah okay, its pretty interesting hehe

have you watched galaxy angel?

popochan | 04-27-09, 4:08 PM
oh re u serious how big is the exam cuz it sounds kinda scary nd i alredy hate tests.....oh yea i just got out of vacation it was only for a week nd it was gud thers nothing to complain about my vacation so im gud......nd yea been busy is really tiring ...i hope for the best on ur exams nd hope u pass with a good great so work cuz im rooting for ya^^.

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