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04-17-15, 6:03 PM
May 20, 1986
March 20, 2009
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Subpyro | 07-10-14, 11:30 AM
Yeah, I was kidding. I understand what you mean.

Thanks, and I'll try I will! :) I kind of already took a snap at Spice and Wolf, and I must say that it did draw me in. I'm prepared for a lot of dialogue, so yeah. ;)

Subpyro | 07-10-14, 7:24 AM
Haha lol, MAL is that invisible, eh. Yeah, yeah, guess we're cool~ :P

Same over here, I picked a few up in the last season but finished none. Hence why my dropped list actually includes some relatively good series. Ah yes, VNs for the win. Have fun with those. :)

I'm doing very well, thanks for asking! Have passed two important final exams and am now mostly free for the summer, lol. Time to chill, yesh~ I'm not and won't be watching anything that's airing for some time now, until (if ever) I finish some older series that are famous for their quality. They range over the years, but it's basically the famous ones such as Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Baccano!, Spice and Wolf, and so on. There are so many titles! Yet, it's almost assured that they will bring enjoyment. ;)

Subpyro | 07-09-14, 3:45 PM
Aaand I missed your birthday. Kind of extra late now, but happy birthday, lol. I hope you've found yourself entertaining series to watch these days. :)

Subpyro | 05-14-14, 9:58 PM
Haha, so that's how it is. (Un)lucky rainy day, yay. Hope it'll be a blast for you! I really don't have any special plans, but I'm still deciding whether I should spend the day with my girlfriend, family, or friends. A little bit of both, perhaps? It's only 24 hours, nuu~!

As for the anime series this season, I honestly don't have the time to watch any. Furthermore, I have so many most amazing series on my on-hold list that I'll complete before heading towards something new. As rough as it may sound, I honestly see almost no quality in the products made nowadays. I can take my time with them, as series like Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate, Durarara!!, etc. are just waiting for me to see them in their full light. ;)

PS: That's an awesome new profile picture and DaL2 gif in your About Me. :3

Subpyro | 05-14-14, 2:42 PM
Birthday in 6 days? Pweeeh, I'm older. :3

Subpyro | 01-03-14, 12:09 AM
I do know what you mean. :P

Thank you very much on the compliment and feedback, dude.
Appreciate it. :)

Hahaha, that's the way it should be!
Full-covarage of satisfaction. Lol.

Subpyro | 01-01-14, 3:40 PM
A tad darker, but still simply amazing - I love your new profile picture.
That expression. ;)

Subpyro | 12-24-13, 8:10 AM
Hey, Marlblanke.
I wish you all the best in the upcoming Christmas and New Year! Let them both be great! :)

Subpyro | 11-28-13, 5:46 AM
Yeah, I do see what you mean, totally agree.
One other thing are expectations, I guess. I knew NouKome would be a total mind-free anime, while I thought Outbreak Company would bring more.
As you've said, it all comes down to opinion. ;)

Subpyro | 11-27-13, 10:18 PM
Lol, I still think that Outbreak Company is a comedy nonesense, tbh.
Altough many disagree with me, I see it as a weak-point of this season.

Subpyro | 11-27-13, 11:28 AM
Yeah, Monogatari is a 2-cour, meaning that it spreads through two seasons. ;)
I'm not quite a fan of the season either, but some series do bring at least some enjoyment, tbh.

Subpyro | 11-26-13, 7:24 AM
Haha, I guess that's understandable. ;)
Yeah, they are there-there for me as well.

Cannot deny the work of Shaft - welcome to the wonderland. ;)

Subpyro | 11-25-13, 9:19 AM
Great to hear for the most part. :)
Yeah, I'm disappointed as well. Especially in Golden Time, since the Novel is much better, IMHO.

Subpyro | 11-25-13, 8:32 AM
Oh yes, your About Me picture still owns.
How have you been, mate?

Subpyro | 10-08-13, 8:13 AM
Ahh, yeah, it sure did come in good use. ;)

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