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05-15-11, 1:35 PM
February 26, 1934
Gilbert, Arizona
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December 20, 2007
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Cosplay of Hijikata from Gintama:

Honey and Clover I, II

You'll laugh..

And you'll cry.

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Gasaraki | 05-15-11, 2:31 PM
lol man that was from ages ago. Are you planning to see Kalafina or Hatsune Miku at AX this year?

Ryuuka | 05-16-10, 10:43 PM
I didn't know you had a MAL! Check your friend requests!

Scypher | 12-28-09, 6:31 PM

skapuppet | 12-20-09, 11:00 PM
Lol, hey.

*high fives back*

TheAlxEnigma | 12-15-09, 10:43 AM
which compared to our unknown manga compatibilty with 3 shared is pretty good :]

Sable | 07-08-09, 12:39 PM
that's what Josh said, Monster is amazing!

Sable | 04-23-09, 5:59 PM
but Morita is can be suck a jerk,~ Mayama is so much cooler, how are you?

mashi_tare13 | 08-04-08, 6:41 PM
I wanted to watch the second and third season of Jigoku Shoujo too, but those were rated R. T.T

mashi_tare13 | 08-04-08, 6:39 PM
yeah... but i kind of wished i didn't see it chronological order now... Haha!

And, yeah, I have! I've had time all summer. Tehe

Sable | 08-03-08, 1:56 PM
how are you getting to Kumori?

mashi_tare13 | 08-01-08, 11:42 PM
Hey! I finished Haruhi Suzumiya! It was good! I think it's less weird in chronological order, but it ruined the ending for me! T_T

kachosen576 | 06-08-08, 10:27 PM
i need some help setting up for the melty blood online play do u think u can lend a hand?

SomebodyR | 05-06-08, 9:01 PM
To anwser your H&C question it really would require a rewatch on my part. I was waiting for VIZ to get busy with the dvds but since its taking a while I might tackle it after i finish kenshin.

uhohitsparis | 03-28-08, 11:52 PM
i dropped pokemon lol
its too homo for me now hahah

ClaraMittens | 03-16-08, 10:54 PM
dude thanks for introducing me to Honey & Clover. I've only just started watching it, but it's great. Now we're even since I told you about Beck.

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