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05-02-15, 9:32 AM
August 3, 2011
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Time (Days) 19.6
Watching 20
Completed 65
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Dropped 0
Plan to Watch 175
Total Entries 280

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 1.2
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Plan to Read 45
Total Entries 57

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Unknown :(

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About Maeriel
scoring system:
most of them need to go up or down for .5

10-8 are those i love the most, sentimental values up high
3-2 are what the eff have you been doing with this, you idiot, you don't deserve any right to call yourself an artist

10 - absolute favourite and don't you dare say something against it and/or just really effing good
9 - it was awesome and i loved it and i want more, but it lacked something magical to get it to the top
8 - it got something, a little tiny thing i don't like, and therefore cannot get any higher, but i still enjoyed it a real lot
7 - was enjoyable, but had some meh parts
6 - expected something, got something and then something bleh. isn't all that too bad, but left a bitter taste in my mouth. and for people who understand Croatian, it was ni vrit ni mimo
5 - this is probably for when i have no idea what to do with the score
4 - a complete waste of my fucking precious time. something irritated me with this one a lot
3 - you screwed something up here, and you did that amazingly good
2 - go take that hammer and pretend your head is a nail
1 - i hated you from the bottom of my heart

I don't have a favourite genre. However - ecchi, military, mecha and horror are usually avoided; hentai's completely avoided (negates for yuri and yaoi, that's highly acceptable)

As for other parts of my life - i like playing games, listening to music, reading and spending time out in the nature. Preferably alone. I also like watching TV shows. Also, bow-ties are cool.
My passion - languages. My dreams - too many to tell. My first and foremost goal - to escape.

Any questions? Ask.

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Zvijer | 07-31-14, 1:50 AM
Ok, očekuj poruku na fejsu. :D

Zvijer | 07-28-14, 3:25 PM
Zašto? Što se desilo (ili se dešava)?

Zvijer | 07-26-14, 2:57 PM
Ajde, ajde, spavaj dok možeš. :D

Zvijer | 07-21-14, 1:51 PM
Nemoj biti tužna. :(

Zvijer | 07-19-14, 3:10 PM
Nemoj raditi takve face. :/

Zvijer | 07-17-14, 3:03 PM
Nije vrijedan muke...

Zvijer | 07-15-14, 2:06 PM
E da, počela sam gledati "Death note". :D

Zvijer | 07-14-14, 4:36 AM
A što bi ti htjela? Dizati revolucije? :D

Zvijer | 07-13-14, 12:41 PM
A zašto ne bi bila?

Zvijer | 07-12-14, 6:49 AM
Baš si uzoran građanin. :)

Zvijer | 07-11-14, 1:26 PM
Ekološka svijest na razini. ;)

Zvijer | 07-10-14, 1:49 PM
Recikliraj, čuvaj okoliš. :3

Zvijer | 07-10-14, 8:48 AM
I to što kažeš. :D

Zvijer | 07-08-14, 1:41 PM
Profesionalnost... al' ne. :D

Zvijer | 07-06-14, 2:03 PM
Rekoh ti, trpaj slikice. :D

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