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Neon Genesis Evangelion
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Yagami, Light

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02-19-08, 2:00 PM
February 14, 1985
July 18, 2007
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I'm a guy with a severe weakness for anime, so hopefully I'll fit right in. ;o)

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Die_Mann | 05-27-10, 9:11 AM
Anime compatibility High 79.7%

Mai-Wish | 01-02-08, 2:32 PM
Well, Sailor Moon mostly appeal to girls since it's a mahou shoujo anime, but if you want to check out a mahou shoujo anime, Sailor Moon should be it. My favourite season isn't the first one. I actually like both Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon S better (the 2nd and 3th).

Mai-Wish | 12-30-07, 5:30 AM
Yeah, the first anime will always be something special. It's the same for me with Sailor Moon.

Mai-Wish | 12-29-07, 7:22 AM
Well Death and Rebirth is basically just recap... I guess my interest faded because I found out that the anime world is so much bigger than expected and because I watched other animes which seem easier for me to relate to.

Mai-Wish | 12-23-07, 4:55 AM
Hi. I'm checking out most of the Danish users just out of curiosity and to spread the word a bit about Herning Anime Forening. ^^ Evangelion used to be my favorite anime too, but I'm not as fascinated by it as I used to be. You must be a hardcore Evangelion fan since you rated Death and Rebirth 9.

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