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03-16-15, 1:42 PM
January 3, 2013
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My anime list is not very big but it's getting there. I love anime despite my very small anime list lol. I recently started reading some manga. I have no interest in any Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai anime/manga. Feel free to recommend me some anime/manga that I have yet to watch/read.

My favorite sport is Basketball and I love playing it when I get the chance. I listen to a wide variety of music such as Rap/Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, and R&B. I also like to play video games.

The Significance of my MJBaller23 is- MJ stands for Michael Jordan. Baller means I play basketball. 23 was Jordan's NBA jersey number.

Feel free to add me

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FrozenAnchorKing | 02-11-15, 9:35 AM
Yeah same feeling of characters too. I'm probably gonna watch it in sub next time. But right now I'm gonna watch Air and Angel Beats.

FrozenAnchorKing | 02-10-15, 5:07 PM
It has the same feeling as clannad, all the characters are great. But the only thing i don't like is that their are alot of "Supernatural" moments.

FrozenAnchorKing | 02-10-15, 4:52 PM
Dude did you watch an anime called Kanon? its by the same people who made Clannad and I think its more sad and depressing.

KakaKarrotCake | 02-01-15, 12:27 AM
Remember Anime Critics club? haha

Eastern_Warrior | 11-09-14, 6:49 AM
I was going to reply "air".

Nothing really other that Naruto finally ended e_e and btw how're you? how's life?

Eastern_Warrior | 11-08-14, 5:41 AM

FrozenAnchorKing | 11-06-14, 3:25 PM
hmm looks like the manga has ended and alot of the characters got married.


also they have Kids! and Sasuke just left on another journey or something. What do you think of the ending? It's funny how Kishimoto listened to the fans and made Naruto and Hinata a couple.

FrozenAnchorKing | 10-23-14, 10:45 AM
yeah that's true, Perhaps they'll lengthen the manga a bit with more info. Or more nasty fillers just to give them more time to end the manga. And to answer unanswered questions.

FrozenAnchorKing | 10-22-14, 7:06 AM
I'm doing awesome thx,I'm currently rewatching Clannad and Elfen Lied. Such good animes lol. WHOA SERIOUSLY!? I heard it was still gonna go on going till a couple more years..I've been keeping up with the manga and Naruto and Sasuke are fighting again so it must be the final battle!! Personally I think Naruto is gonna die cause like his father he died protecting what he loved. What do you think??

FrozenAnchorKing | 10-21-14, 2:20 PM
Hey man,sorry I haven't been online for such a long time lol been real busy with life and such lol. How've you been??

AbyssBreak | 09-19-14, 11:32 PM

KakaKarrotCake | 07-31-14, 6:23 PM

Hey, you should get some cards.
Extreme Club Cards
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Eastern_Warrior | 06-16-14, 11:49 PM
which team you supporting in fifa?

otakugirl13 | 04-14-14, 8:13 PM
me too,me and my dad love dragon ball,he has all the series

otakugirl13 | 04-13-14, 9:01 PM
awesome me too, have you watched all the dragon ball serious?

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