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Darkiee | Yesterday, 4:15 PM
I read "Of Mice and Men" in grade 9, we also watched the movie which was much better than the book imo. How long are each of your classes ?


I think manga storm was a alright app to use.

Ill ask my friends on tuesday maybe they will know :p

Well at least it wasnt as bad as it could have been.

Me too actually, well i love any scene with Yuno :3 I felt her stomach was the only place it would look good :p Well im glad you like it at least thanks :)

Darkiee | Yesterday, 2:40 PM
Well you do right enjoyable rants so i could see why youre good in your English class :p We only need to read 1 maybe 2 books a year for my english class. Ill find out on tuesday maybe, im not sure if i even have math in my first semester.

Not sure what to say next.

Hmm i cant think of any reason why it wouldnt work. If anything there are other manga apps you can download and try.

No im being serious, its starting to bother me now the more i try to think where i heard it.

Is that at least better than your normal sleeping habits ?

So i made a forum set but im not sure how i feel about it, it seems like something is missing. If you want to see its on my about me under the layout

Darkiee | Yesterday, 8:36 AM
Yea thats true, well occasionally ill look at notes if there is a certain detail i think may have missed. Im pretty average when it comes to English class most of the time, though if its something interesting i can do very well as far as writing goes. I like being able to have this 'skill' but it would be nice having a good math teacher this year.

I just realized how creepy and/or weird this could possibly sound but anyway...If we knew each other irl and were able to hangout and stuff, assuming we got close and knew each other for longer time i think i would probably end up asking you out eventually. Which could be a good thing or bad thing which is why its 50/50 :p God this sounded creepier the more i typed :$

Oh wow, i dont think i had that happen to me, well it happened a long time ago once or twice i think. Do you have a lot of memory left on your phone ?

Yea i know we have to but i mean specifically "Yea there is always a chance." "No matter how small the chance..." has been said somewhere but i cant put my finger on it.

So did you get to have a good sleep last night ??

Darkiee | 08-30-14, 8:56 PM
Oh, though it works best on things im actually interested in so it doesnt always work. Math is the only thing i understand very well, though the reason i can do that thing i said in math is because i had a bad teacher so i had to find ways to understand things my self. Thats actually really stupid.

Ill tell you if u want, but of course its a what if thing.

It occasionally crashes for me but thats only if i try to download like 100 chapters at once.

I swear ive heard this exact thing somewhere.....

Exactly !!


Darkiee | 08-30-14, 8:07 PM
I have a good understanding of things and dont need detailed explanations of things to get them and a good memory so it makes things very easy for me. Though in math especially i can understand a lot of things by simply looking at the start and end without the steps in between needed. LOL wtf two lines in an entire episode ?!

Its 50/50 tbh, though for reasons of course.

I dont normally update it either but Manga Rock was having problems so i updated my ipod just to see if it worked better which it did.


Yea there is always a chance.

Yea i could see that being true tbh.

I really happy for you that you got such a good sleep ! Lets hope it happens again :)

Darkiee | 08-30-14, 7:31 PM
See the thing is, i dont even study for my exams either XD but i see why you'd rather study across a long period of time. Yea i doubt ill ever go back to it.

Ahh i see, well one could be negative or positive, it depends :p but still its good youre happy.

Well with the newest firmware you cant jailbreak it, though its been awhile since i checked. I see.

Im glad <33

I would hope that would happen but I cant say there is a good chance of it happening sadly.

But its still amazing :D

Whoa !! Thats awesome !! How did it feel sleeping so long for once ?

Darkiee | 08-30-14, 3:51 PM
Oh wow that sucks :/ I never study which i should change, though it hasnt really been bad for me not studying. Ive added things to my On-Hold list but nothing to my dropped list aside from Glasslip

You dont even know what it was XD but im glad youre happy still.

Ahhh yea it is ad free. There is something you can get if you Jailbreak your i-device to get no ads i think, but im not 100% sure, its been a long time since i last jailbroke a device.

Thanks, it really means a lot to me <3 And like ive said before the same is for you !

Ahh..........yea id stay away. Yea i have no clue why tbh, i read the forums after each episode of M3 and there is always so much hate.

I love Japanese singers, i may not know what they are saying exactly but still the voices sound amazing.

Darkiee | 08-28-14, 8:18 PM
If i get in to the rhythm i had before ill be able watch an anime everyday after school so ill keep my hopes up for that to happen. I dont even remember the other things i dropped if any.

Well to be fair it wasnt all bad things i thought about there were good things i thought about too.

Yea, i think it mightve been how many different series you could have downloaded at once.

Im still thinking about, i know it couldnt be bad but i dont feel i need it right now, so ill wait for school to start and see how im feeling then because who knows maybe school will help me.

LOL they cant ALL be weaboo'. it was 6.7-6.8 but then it dropped to 6.60.

Yea his voice it great !!
it will probably take me awhile to decide on something.

Darkiee | 08-28-14, 7:25 PM
I slowly lost interest in a lot of them or decided id marathon them later on. I officially added it to my dropped list actually earlier on today.

Sorry, i always bring up bad things.... :s

I dont think there was a huge reason for getting the paid version that i remember, but i got the paid version a long time ago. Oooh i see.

Yea its my last year, but with how ive been feeling lately i dont think things will go well, i might actually go to a doctor or something soon because of it. Ive heard its the most fun as well but i guess ill see.

Yea, though i make sure to get everyone i know who watched anime to watch Shin Sekai Yori. I think M3s score actually dropped more compared to a couple weeks ago sadly.

Yea thats who i heard sing it in the first place.
Chitanda was my first thought but yea i think its to much, i may go with Yuno or something Kingdom Hearts related.

Darkiee | 08-28-14, 6:50 PM
Im only watching like 3 airing anime or someshit now.

Yea i guess :p

Though i usually think that you will end up hating me for some reason irl.

There is a paid version of the app but i dont actually remember what the difference is. So that means you get more sleep then ?

Yea its close. I dont think ill be able to enjoy it tbh.

That still annoys how people actually dropped it for that kiss scene........ LOL thats true.

OOOOH, i actually know that song aha.
You wont disappoint me i know that for sure. Im not sure who i want my forum thing to be themed as.

Darkiee | 08-28-14, 5:34 PM
I hope I can solve it as well, though with school coming up soon it will be even harder XD

My friends dont know, well i think 1 or 2 of my friends know because i mentioned it before that i didnt like him but oh well i still have fun. I also choose to just not go, but that depends on my mood and if i want to put up with him.

Yea it does.
Oh oops.

Im not sure what devices its on aside from i-devices, i know you told me what phone you have but i cant remember it was a i-device.

I found out today i start school on Tuesday so its coming close.

I agree, and the part in the new episode when he touched Akashi face like he was going to kiss him creeped me out oh god.

I try to notice you ;) Lily.....Not sure ive heard of that vocaloid before actually, regardless id love to see what else you can make ! I think i might make a new forum layout, even though i never use them XD

billyq14 | 08-28-14, 7:46 AM
That all depends on how much you have to do and how you handle your time!!! Hahahaha yeah I guess xD what don't you even know????

Darkiee | 08-27-14, 8:16 PM
Whoa so long ago. I know i think about it sometimes like we have been talking a long time considering we are random people on the internet. I need to get around to them soon.

I dont choose who gets invited so i get stuck with him.

Most places like that have very highly priced foods and drinks.
Yea it is :/ I sometimes wonder what things would be like if we knew eachother in person.

Its called Manga Rock.

im glad that things have been good for you so far, hopefully i have as good a start as you aha.

Yea i think he deserved it as well tbh, oh and Minashi again is giving me the creeps...

Yea this is one my faves that you have made so far, i really like the style of it. I can tell you work the hardest on it from how amazing it looks. Well you can use this one as a guide to making the eventual Yato layout even better.

magji | 08-27-14, 5:28 PM
thanks i like yours as well :D

magji | 08-27-14, 5:22 PM
same though i watched half of Aldnoah Zero i'm waiting till it finishes and then i'll either marathon the rest or start back from the beginning and marathon all the episodes.

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