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Currently busy with life; responses might be very slow. The combination of school and my job make me too tired to function.

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traed | 6 hours ago
Oh yeah i use task manager but windows doesnt always get rid of the ram after the program or process is closed. It helps to disable flash and use a plugin to convert flash to html5 videos. Flash uses up a lot of my cpu and sometimes lag whenever it tries to open.

My mom seems annoyed im learning german like it is a waste of time that i should learn spanish instead but i find that stupid since so many americans know english and spanish its not too hard to find someone who knows both and with jobs anyone could replace me. Nothing special about knowing spanish here. Plus i live too far north ive yet to see a single mexican here or anything but ive ran into europeans when i went more to the beach

Darkiee | 11 hours ago
As bad as it is, i love the fries at McDonalds. Thats free money right there. How much of you worked as of now ?

I have never been one to enjoy it, I personally find it boring, but to each their own.

Oh wow lol.

Im dont excel at any sports, but im also not bad at anysports, im pretty average at everything.

Yea it was paced well, it actually ended about a month before the anime ended.

This years famine was pretty bad sadly :/ How was your lazer tag?

traed | Yesterday, 5:56 PM
Yeah i was who told you about cleanmem iirfc lol you can do it manually? I havent seen how to do that.

Yeah thats true but i think it might just do with their voice in how it makes things sound. Guys use deeper tones and deeper tones get blended together more i think.

traed | Yesterday, 5:05 PM
Ive never had to had clean the ram on my mac. Ive done it on windows but i have to use cleanmem to do that.

I noticed girls who are deaf are better at being understandable speaking than males. Although that may be due to me being male. Think male hearing is tuned to understand females better and vice versa.

traed | Yesterday, 12:36 AM
For Mac OS vs Windows its a matter of what you are used to and what you want to do. A lot more programs have versions for both although the developers often make stupid decisions or backtracking on mac versions. Mac specific programs some are good some arent so good, it really depends. Some people prefer Linux over those two but they seem to mostly be programmers. Ive used both Mac and Windows and mac was more hassle free for me. I actually had a mac desctop last over ten years before the power supply died and needed replacing but it wasnt on a surge protector in this house with bad voltage issues in the lines.

I used to have a deaf person in a class and he had a sign interpretor who signed our conversations and it was pretty funny watching her try to stop him from cursing haha we both said lewd stuff to make it weird for her sometimes. He didnt like using her too much though because he reads lips. One time i sneezed and he thoughtbi was yelling haha

traed | 03-27-15, 3:32 PM
I think i will reply to some of the PM here since not all of it is personal since some side subjects came off it. That reverso thing is useful and it has an app but i havent noticed audio on the app version. Why did you want to learn sign language? If you told me sorry i forgot.

traed | 03-26-15, 9:15 PM
Reminds me some drink i had while in England that has high levels of glucose as its main thing.

Whats normal blood sugar level?

Yeah Microsoft is fucked up. They closely work eith the gov and police agencies to spy on people too.

DoctorWasabi | 03-26-15, 2:33 PM

traed | 03-26-15, 6:54 AM
Im really pissed off. I lost everything I typed in the PM I was writing because fucknng Windows decided to update and restart without my fucking permission while I was away as usual ad I had nothing saved and firefox would not restore the session properly which sometimes restores typed tex t too but didnt. I already was pissed off at how skype is lately with how its been sending files. I fucking swear i will brick a microsoft developer in the head if i see one.

traed | 03-26-15, 3:30 AM
Strange since i thought ketoned arent that toxic. Maybe it has something more to do with lack of energy to the brain

Darkiee | 03-25-15, 8:31 PM
Oh yea you have a job now.

I hated history class so much when i took it.

Its probably to early for anyone.

Yea id be on the receiving end of that beating.

Yea even in the manga it was the same, but i agree they weren't really relevant to the plot.

Yea, i have done it every year of highschool. Oh i see, have fun !!

Darkiee | 03-25-15, 7:55 PM
Meh my break was super boring. What do you plan on doing during your break ?

Yea i use it whenever i do any type or writing.

Thats to early for people.

My friends are really good at badminton and destroy me with smashes and stuff XD.

I wanted to see them a bit more and have them more developed but other then that i didn't have much of an opinion on them.

Aha its all good !! Oh btw on friday i may not reply at all, im doing the 30 hour famine at my school and ill be staying the night there so i might not get to reply to you.

traed | 03-25-15, 7:49 PM
The breaking down of fat cells. Like i dont get how that works out worse for someone diabetic.

traed | 03-23-15, 8:41 PM
Im not sure why its different for a person with diabetes than other people.

traed | 03-23-15, 7:32 PM
That sucks. I presume the four hours doesnt apply to sleep hours.

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