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traed | 12-18-14, 9:56 PM
aw poor bruised arm :c

I always get confsued about people who are into bruises. >_>

Darkiee | 12-18-14, 6:34 PM
There are a VERY small amount of people in my school who have done things that get them arrested and stuff but even then its not even that bad compared to people like that guy. This person just sounds like a complete douchebag.

As long as there's an obvious pairing then ill be sure to pick it up. I hope you enjoy :D
It will be easier for me to pick as i learn about characters more. Speaking of the characters one thing i think is that Ange can control dragons and that Vivian is a dragon or at least not a norma.

I think that has to do with demand, i dont think there were a huge amount of people wanting the Ao No Exorcist movie so it didnt have a good priority.

Im glad you ended up liking DRRR and that your opinion on it changed. Im super hyped for the next Seasons of it. Who were your fave DRRR characters ? Im surprised you want to re-watch Clannad tbh.

The problem with me not having anything is that somethings need a lot of time to be able to do by the time im out of school and right now the one thing i want to do i cant do anytime soon at all since i took to much time finding it.
The librarians are also really nice and funny so its nice being there.

Thanks :). I wouldnt mind seeing yours.

Errr i dont know how to feel about it tbh.

traed | 12-18-14, 5:26 PM
oh that sucks >.<

Darkiee | 12-18-14, 4:35 PM
Thats horrible.. like wtf ? It may sound awful but its not like you have any reason to feel bad for him considering how he is.

Is it a harem, or is there an obvious pair ? My break starts so ill have a lot of time to read hopefully. Yea it wasnt bad though.
Im not sure i have one, but if i had to choose it would be Tusk or Hilda, maybe Ange, its hard to decide.

The reason its so long for sub groups is because they need to wait for the DVD/Blurays to be releases so they can get the movie themselves.

There are people who love and those who dont, i personally dont love it as a whole, though i do like a few characters, though tbh i need to rewatch it myself, at least the 1st season beacuse i dont remember much.

Well its good you had it in mind at a young age unlike me who didnt find anything for a very long time.
Whoa...thats really stupid honestly. For us we can use it during our spares or at lunch with no problems unless a class books it the period we have spares, or at lunch if the teachers have a meeting. Though even when a class is there we can use the library most of the time just not the computers and we have to be a bit more quiet

Thats the only one i liked out of all the ones they took, but even then its not a fave of mine. Yours couldnt have been bad, i dont believe it. I dont think anyone ever likes the student ID photos.

Soooo.... Psycho Pass.....

traed | 12-17-14, 9:38 PM
I was joking >_>

Did they use a normal needle or a buterfly needle for the IV?

traed | 12-16-14, 10:24 PM
No interest in ears? You kinda need your ears :P *takes yours*

Oh i see. Thats good

Darkiee | 12-16-14, 7:25 PM
The bad ones in my schools arent "the worst people ever" but they can get pretty bad. At least you dont see him often.

I think ill start it tonight or tomorrow since im not going to school tomorrow because i have to get a needle.
Thats true, we got a long time. Whos your fave characters in Cross Ange ?

I hope it airs really soon !!!

Infinite Stratos eh....its not horrible and has nice characters but im not a huge fan of it.

How long have you wanted to go in to the medical field ?
Yea we can do whatever in the library as long as we arent loud of we can jsut leave school to get food if we didnt eat lunch. erks..

Darkiee | 12-16-14, 5:33 PM
Most of the smart kids in my school arent bad, i cant actually think of any that are. Is this Chris person in a lot of your classes ?


Its that good eh ? Maybe ill try catching up, ive been looking for something to read anyway. If my class wasnt like that i wouldnt have even tried.
At this point i cant even think of what score it will get from me atm.

Im not sure though so dont take to much im saying to heart.

Yea there are a lot of harems which make it harder for me to find shows XD

Yea i dont want to go in and waste years on things that wont matter to me.
At least i have my two closest friends with me since they have spares at the same time.

I can show you one if you want. Yea even my Mom doesnt like them that much XD

traed | 12-15-14, 10:32 PM
Im not sure... i guess its possible to be too clean but i think my earwax replaced itself now so its coated inside with fresh thin coating so it should be not an effect. Im worried my ear canal might be differet shaped on the left side.

Because its not very pleastant to have down your throat. I had a cam with a little grabber on it down my throat when i was a little kid. I dont really remember it all though.

Darkiee | 12-15-14, 6:56 PM
Well thats understandable. Well they must be really bad if its that noticeable among so many good students.

Thats also true, but im happy you arent in that bad of a spot.

I think my friends read that, how many chapters does it have ? Im pretty good at keeping up with the manga i read, so im fine with reading publishing manga. Well my class was small and i only talked to 2 people in the class and we were always on computers away from the others so it was pretty easy to on my ipod.
I understand where youre coming from since i agree with you, i recognize some of it but i dont like it regardless.

It will be, im almost sure of it, the new characters might not even be in the movie either.

Its a bad thing for me though since ive been having a really hard time finding 13 episode shows.

Yea thats true, but at the moment i dont plan on going to college, i dont have a passion for anything so while i try to find that passion ill be working most likely. Its not always good to have them since if i have nothing to do i sit in my library for an hour doing nothing.

Yea thats the only explanation i could think of at the time i typed that.

I got my grad photos back today and i literally hate all of them except for one....

Darkiee | 12-14-14, 8:23 PM
Yea aha. I trust quite a few of my teachers now that i think about it, they are all really chill about things. The students at my school arent that bad to make my teachers want to leave,


I cant help you with that one sorry. Yea, i read Velvet Kiss at school but that was an exception because of the classes i had.
Honestly i feel that the normas could not only overthrow their commanders but the Mana users as well. I dont think they fight the dragons for the sake of humans but beacause its how they live and get money, also a lot of them were there since they were very young so they have no attachments to the outside world and are fine with things as they are it seems.

Im pretty sure S2 wasnt even supposed to happen, i think it was just to fill the time between S1 and the movie seeing as the movie was announced and stuff before S2 was a thing.

Im exactly the same actually, i find my self not watching shows just because they are 2-cour.

Yea thats true, but there isnt anything math heavy that i have a passion for in regards to my future occupations. Yea its nice, i get one each semester.

Well i think it would be possible, considering SAO and ALO are based on the same engine (?) for lack of a better word and since character transfers are a thing in the games i would think that transferring her character over would be quite easy for someone with money or good knowledge of the gaming hardware and software. So since at the time her character and consciousness were tied together as well as the 2 games are using the same engine i could at least see how it could happen to an extent.

traed | 12-14-14, 7:38 PM
I sort of remember i didnt like clearing my ears too much since the right side feels more open than the left...

Ahhh endoscopy @_@

billyq14 | 12-14-14, 7:35 PM
Since I said it first I get all the credit ;D am sure you will. Because they had their permits revoked?????? Oh right you're still in high school! I forgot xD I know it's not. BESIDES YOU, YEAH ALL MY FRIENDS ARE ON FB. THATS FINE AM MOT GONNA FORCE YOU TO GET IT.

billyq14 | 12-14-14, 7:22 PM
Isn't that what I just said????? Hahaha well at least you will be the best driver out of all your friends!!!!! You get yours grades in January???? Yeah I don't know either so let's just forget it xD it's not and its good that you know it isn't. BECAUSE I DONT REALLY USE IT OR TALK TO ANYONE ANYMORE AND THE ONES I DO I HAVE ON FB!!!!

Darkiee | 12-14-14, 6:59 PM
Yea it was lucky as hell, i figured "I havent used this formula yet so it must be whats needed". Persuasive essay on Sex Ed. 0_o. my school has old teachers but they just love teaching and want to stay or some shit. Man i wish my school did that....

Well at least the fear is gone, or hopefully most of it.

I want to read it again soon, but i usually only read during class time now, and you know..Nozoki Ana may not be the best thing to read in class.
I like it but i know its bad like you said before. I dont like that every single characters personality just does a complete 180 when any thing happens. Its enjoyable though and im glad i caught up with it. If i didnt think it was entertaining i doubt i would have even been able to catch up this quick.

You can fangirl as much as you want aha.

2-Cour = 24~ episodes so 2 seasons, and 1-cour is 1 season.

Yea thats pretty much all i excel at. Yea me passing made it so i can have 2 free periods instead of one.

Im sorry but i dont really see what you mean by that, considering they are in video games i dont see how realism would matter.

I guess thats true.

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