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Hakushaku to Yousei
Hakushaku to Yousei
Jul 7, 10:18 PM
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Ore Monogatari!!
Ore Monogatari!!
Jul 3, 11:25 PM
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Haikyuu!! Second Season
Haikyuu!! Second Season
Jun 24, 11:26 PM
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Pin to Kona
Pin to Kona
Jun 6, 2015 10:31 PM
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Reimei no Arcana
Reimei no Arcana
May 20, 2015 5:19 PM
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Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
May 17, 2015 8:05 PM
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billyq14 Jul 20, 6:50 AM
be it luck, reflexes or the divine protection of ones fairy god mother all that matters is you are alive!!! HAHA see i remember your age!!! I'm glad we can agree on some things :P lets hope its not the latter. there is already enough crazy in the world without someone adding more stupid to it like that!!!! yeah but all i have to say is really just advice that isn't suited in this moment. hey if you ever need to talk to someone about your relationship or anything ill be here to listen and give an honest opinion (also if i do give you and honest opinion please don't get mad :D) look a lot more goes into a relationship then love. its hard work and compromise, love isn't always going to be the answer. and also don't let your love for him overtake who you are and vice versa! and am glad that the two of you are good friends and in such a nice place. i hope it works out for you. yeah i guess that would be nicer. hahaha thats pretty impressive! welp keep on catching them Pokemon!!!! and no i have a shitty old phone that can't connect to the app store so i have to wait until i get a newer better phone in October!!!!

Yeah i used to be terrified of change but now i kind of hope it would come around more often!!! yeah and its also an experience of itself when you get to interact with so many different people and you get to see what their choices have made of them. its a very interesting and unique experience!!! its alright i was raised as a child in Colombia and the water was just fine (then again i lived in a city with good plumbing, its usually the small secluded villages that have bad plumbing!!!). yeah brazil will always be very dangerous and unstable but like i said ill be very cautious when going there especially since i don't know Portuguese. Yeah but I'm not exactly the easiest person to love. I'm an extremely broken person and the only girl I've ever truly love was never even mine. but hey at least i still have alcohol and music to keep me company at night!!!
billyq14 Jul 16, 5:08 PM
WOW!!!! im glad you and your brother both made it out safe and sound!!! I'm not really into cars so ill just look it up to know which it is :D the cat doesn't need to be anything fancy, you're what 17? 18? all you really need right now is something to get you from point A to point B safe and sound!!! thats good maybe that incident will be what they need in order to be more cautious when they are driving!!!! .....why would i rip on you? for being in love? no if anything I'm glad and jealous. being in love is the most amazing thing that can happen to a person and i really am happy for you! just be careful is all. that really sounds like a nice thing! welp keep being nice to strangers and making the world a better place one stranger at a time!!!!!! hahaha which pokemon have you caught so far????

oh i miss it so so much!! that trip changed me wether its for the better or not only time will tell but for now I'm just moving forward. yeah i guess thats true i just want to make enough money to go on my trip and leave enough in the bank for when i get back (its going to take a few years but it'll be worth it!!!) I'm planning on exploring the whole continent or as far as my resources will take me when i embark on that adventure!!! yeah when i go to brazil ill try and go with people or just stick to the super touristy stuff to avoid getting kidnapped in the favelas!!!!! hahaha yeah so I'm told but with my luck and pasted experiences ill probably fall for someone who won't ever truly love me or someone who will use me to cheat on whoever she is with at the time.
billyq14 Jul 12, 6:10 PM
Hahaha i appreciate the long version? I'm happy to hear that you got yourself a new car and that you didn't die in the accident!! hope the other person is okay as well (maybe with a huge fine or something) and what is this new car that you have gotten yourself? am also happy to know that you've found love! ....there are many things i would like to say but lets save all that for another time. for now all i will say is that I'm glad you're happy and that you are doing so well!! as for being nice to other and caring for random is that like??? I've always wondered about that!!! and is the thing that you've decided to do in life is become a pokemon master??????????

as for myself.....what can i say!! my time in Europe was amazing i got to do so much, see even more things and meet some nice people. My trip abroad was amazing. I've been back in New York for a little under a year.just working so i can save up some more money and then leave again. I'm thinking of going to South America on my next excursion. and unfortunately i haven't been lucky enough to find love myself but hopefully ill find it one day!!!
billyq14 Jul 10, 8:23 AM
Hey how you been???
Darkiee Jul 2, 7:10 PM
I work in a ware house for school uniforms and clothes, I pick, pack and check boxes before they are given out to stores and stuff. When we played it in Gym class I realized I was better than I thought and I really liked setting.
Darkiee Jul 2, 12:11 PM
Yea thats true. Yea its getting pretty scary aha. Yea its really hype I love them, it made me like volleyball tbh .
Insanity- Jun 26, 7:03 PM
I become friends with people sometimes and wonder later on why and how did I even become friends with them in the first place. And once they leave, it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Wow, that's pretty dumb. Doesn't make a difference between driving your freshman or sophomore year or so on.
It doesn't happen often since I walk to school so I don't use public transportation all the time.
Yup, I already have one friend in mind that I made in high school who I can see in my future.

Make up is definitely fun to apply. Trying on new shades of stuff and blending in stuff. I've never actually tried doing a wing before idk why. I should though because for one, it looks hot, and two it seems fun to apply it even though it's a struggle for many.

Insanity- Jun 24, 9:33 PM
Yeah, definitely a good choice you made.

What the hell, just freshman year? What's the point? Yeah, you're right. I should first actually find a job and stop being lazy.
It is.
That's nice. I think even if it's just one person, if I manage to have a life long connection with them, that'd be great.

I love watching people do winged eyeliners or get their eyebrows threaded. It's so satisfying. The only thing I can probably actually do is mascara and waterline eyeliner. That's about it I think.
Insanity- Jun 23, 7:51 PM
oh wow. Like obsessive/psycho or mentally ill?

Yeah, but I wanna finish high school and enter college already knowing how to drive. Ah that's why. Makes sense. That's cool that you have your own car. I haven't gotten a job yet, but if I do I should save my money for a car.
When it gets overcrowded, it's the worst. Especially since I'm claustrophobic. It's horrible. That's why I just try to get my dad to drive me to places of the time.
Awh that's cute. I've tried still connecting with friends from elementary/middle school, but it hasn't worked out so well. I think my high school friends and I will have a lasting connection.

Haha yeah, but makeup isn't really my forte.
Darkiee Jun 22, 5:28 PM
I guess but I don't have anything I want to buy and I also don't have a lot of free time either. Yea thats very true. My friends and I would watch Haikyuu before Volleyball in gym to hype us up LOL. Its actually so good.
Insanity- Jun 21, 7:35 PM
Ah, that's nice. I always used to be scared to cut people off, especially if they were bad influences for me. But I learned that it's okay to cut them off, because chances are we both won't really care anyways.

True. I don't know why I haven't started studying yet though. Are you the only child? I'd probably have to share the car with my parents for now until I turn 18. Or my sisters and I can buy our own car and share it. Because I have like 4 other older siblings so it'd be unfair for just me to have a car.
Oh wow. I agree. I never really liked public transportation anyways. They always stop or come late which got annoying.
Yup! Though I always study, I like to take breaks a lot and make memories with friends and classmates and all. Even if I won't end up talking to many of them afterwards, just looking back at the memories is nice.

Yeah, but it's also the cause of the really large bags under my eyes.
Insanity- Jun 20, 7:43 PM
You moved to the city?

Oh wow, I'm really late haha. But that's great, do you have your own car yet?
Yup, I won't have to rely on public transit no more. I definitely need my permit this summer.
No that's not dumb at all. I think that's great that you think that. I'm not saying being in a relationship right now is dumb or pointless, just that you shouldn't focus your whole high school life on that. But i'm happy for you. I mean it doesn't really matter how long you've been together, if you're serious and see him in you're future that's sweet.

Orange Marmalade.

School really consumes so much of my life.
Insanity- Jun 19, 8:36 PM
Yeah I can see why others would find it boring. I'm grateful to live in the city where everything I need is right there, but I'd like a little change.

That's great, congrats!
I plan on getting my permit this summer hopefully now that i'm 16, but idk.
I see a lot of girls so intent on trying to be in a relationship in high school. Which is fine by me, but I'd rather just enjoy the short 4 years and worry about stuff like that later. Spend all your time trying to find a guy or girl, and you'll end up wasting all 4 years of your life.

It's a nice feeling, because you were there from the beginning and now you get to see it rise.

I re-read it a while ago, and he was a pretty annoying sometimes. I mean first he was weirded out by her, then he was interested, then he practically was in love/obsessed by her, then he gave up on her, then he loved her again, then he hated her and now he's in love. He was confusing, but I still liked him.

Same to you. Schools over, so I'm back for these 2 months, until school starts again. Then it's going on hiatus all over again.
Darkiee Jun 19, 6:03 PM
Ive been working full time again, worked 52 hours this week really tiring. I need to work since im not in school my mom said so my summer wont be fun. I really liked Punpun if I didnt get spoiled about Punpun killing Aikos mom (well it was Aiko technically but w.e) and Aiko killing herself I would have loved it so much more. I have no clue actually and Ill get one buy tonight since I need one to read for work tomorrow. What anime you been watching?
Darkiee Jun 18, 9:41 AM
Oh hey!! Ive been pretty alright I guess, just been working, havent had to much time for anime, though I still read manga (literally just finished Oyasumi Punpun). How about you?