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Darkiee | 32 minutes ago
I dont like my school much, but you being here would make it better! Im glad it did :D Its a mystery.

Yea :p

Cant be worse than Wind Mobile which is what i use -_-
HYPE LEVELS INCREASING! Oh yea add Grisaia in to my hyped ones as well.
Why do you want spoilers ? XD

Darkiee | 2 hours ago
Yea i know :p It wont happen, plus nothing would be able to be better than my dream of being with you ;). .1% chance id say.

They all sound the same, mostly because u can barely tell what hes saying anyway XD

I dont think we have T-Mobile in canada actually now that i think about it.
Oh wow thats very few shows 0.o Next season 2 shows will be enough for me tbh, but only because those two shows are F/SN: Unlimited Blade Works and Psycho-Pass 2.
Those are the same to i want to see as well actually, though i want to see "The Maze Runner" the most since ive read the books i want to see how a movie would turn out.

Darkiee | 5 hours ago
Not at my school, alot of the younger girls are stuck up and to good for everyone while the guys all act cocky like they own the school. Who knows maybe there will be a cute transfer girl that i will have a fateful meeting with in my grade can dream....

Im pretty sure its the same for most people.

I think my current phone is the only one i have ever had a contract on so things like that i would know nothing about. But still thats a pretty cool deal.
Yea the four airing anime already feel like a chore to me.
Hmmm i see. Are there any other movies you have been wanting to see ?

Darkiee | Yesterday, 8:44 PM
Yea i know, but its hard to as i get older since the new students are always younger than me.

I know two of his including that one XD

Oh wow i didnt know that was a thing.
Honestly i probably wont there isnt anything i want to watch that badly atm tbh.
I think i saw commercials for that movie, was it sad at all ?

midnightblade | 09-12-14, 6:38 PM
I dropped it after episode 1 xD I was just wondering how the show was going from someone who kept watching it.. thanks a lot for your opinion :D

Darkiee | 09-11-14, 7:31 PM
I havent made any new friends yet this semester :/

Right ?! He is actually amazing.

Ooooh, well then thats stupid. What do you mean by your upgrade ?

Adorable ? Does that mean a girl :O
I wont interrupt your anime watching, i can wait for when you give Gintama a break yourself.
Ok good thing its girl....b-but its not like i would be jealous if it was a guy or anything....b-baka.... what movie you going to see ?

midnightblade | 09-11-14, 5:40 PM
How is glasslip?

Darkiee | 09-11-14, 5:21 PM
I dont get attached but i make friends easily.

LOL you cant be that bad. Not worse than this guy atleast

I didnt even know they changed where the camera was :p Why not just stick with your current phone instead of switching ? Looking back though i dont even know what my friends and I talk about, like i dont remember much of it.

Is the second season better than the first ? I put S2 on hold for now.
Im not sure when ill finish Penguindrum yet, ill for this weekend since i havent been watching anime at all lately. Hmmmmm just a 'friend' ? D:< jk

Darkiee | 09-10-14, 6:29 PM

Yea...eventually XD I get more attached to them and a lot quicker then id get attached to a real person.

It wasnt good, but not horrible either.

I dont like the iphone 6 either tbh, it seems to big and its corners look weirdly rounded XD Well today me and my boys talked about League or Legends and Anime and Video games and stuff.

Yea i think that would be best for you.
Ill finish Penguindrum and if you start an anime that i havent watched next ill watch it alongside you.

Darkiee | 09-09-14, 7:15 PM
Love ya :* <3 hehe

He likes it a lot, which im happy about, i finally have someone i can talk about it with. RIGHT ?! Hell i care about them more than people irl.

Yea thats true, well i have recorded my self to hear what i sounded like singing XD

Yea we have some pretty sick convos tbh. Omg my friends and i talk about shortshorts too !!! ;) ;) ;) I joke, i joke, kinda.

Well i hear watching the original would give you better understanding of the new one since the new one covers the new things in the P4G game that werent in the original P4.
Maybe i will start but idk as much as id like watching it along side you i still havent finished penguindrum.

Darkiee | 09-09-14, 6:36 PM
Anything for you my love.

Oh yea i forgot that you were reading that :p I FINALLY got my friend to start reading Hakomari and i am really happy :D It really does hurt :c

I never sing on recordings either.

Today me and a few friends were talking about how much we hated her actually.

Persona 4 Golden the animation isnt actually a season 2, its a remake of the original anime Persona 4 with the new stuff from the remade game Persona 4 Golden on VITA.
OMG thats the anime !! I was going to watch an anime before Penguindrum and i couldn't remember which anime it was so i started Penguindrum first but it was Ergo Proxy, finally i remember xD

Darkiee | 09-09-14, 6:12 PM
Then its perfect because my goal would be to make you happy :D

Well i already added 3 characters from Hakomari yesterday, but i might remove them, i took out Lelouch, Sunako from Shiki and Yuuko from Dusk Maiden of amnesia yesterday but i might put them back XD Ill look to watch it then seems good.

Yea when i first heard my voice on a recording i didnt even know it was me XD

lol me too, though i dont hate her as much as Yuka from 11 eyes.

Honestly though i think it will be fine it doesnt have horrible ratings it seems and after looking more it seems to have gotten better.
What anime do you plan on watching ?

Darkiee | 09-08-14, 8:21 PM
Id give you nothing but compliments.

Ill consider adding her after i re-read it like i said before and also ill prob end up removing the 3 characters i added since i want to wait till i finish Hakomari before adding its characters. I still need to watch Gekkan Shoujo..... Omfg i actually dont like Mine at all...

LOL i guess ill be good then.

I guess im decent, i find it hard judge ones own voice but ive been told my voice isnt bad.

I actually think Sasame will be the only one to die out of the remaining LIMS tbh.

Well from ive been told the pacing is terrible, and un less you watched the original anime or played the games you shouldnt watch it. There is also a joke that the anime is in NG+ (New Game Plus) because MC is OP apparently and more social then the original anime.

Darkiee | 09-08-14, 6:21 PM
I bet you would love to go and show off your body if i were there to swim of course. There is always a good and bad to things.

I just changed 3 people in my faves XD Yea thats probably why tbh, i agree.

Yea it doesnt seem hard.

Well i guess thats good aha. I dont like singing solo at all ive been told to but i never do, mostly because im horribly shy though. Ahhh i see, that does seem like a problem.

It was pretty intense, the Aoshi thing was pretty sad, im curious as to whats going to happen now.

The only anime that isnt worth the time that ill watch soon is P4G because i love the game.

Darkiee | 09-07-14, 6:26 PM
If my school had a pool a bunch of the perv guys would go and just creep around...... Yea you showed it me before, we dont have a stadium we just have a field thats it :p

She was on my faves list then i took her off for no reason, im probably going to put her back on soon when i re-read the manga. Atm he hasnt died, but i wouldnt be surprised if he does tbh, anyone can die in AGK.

I have 2 ipods already so an iphone would be to much for me XD

I never took it because it was all the weird kids and i cant sing for shit imo, though some people say i can so idk. Guitar is fun but getting used to transitioning chords can be hard to learn at first, and strumming without a pick will be hard on your fingers for awhile.

Ahhh i see.

Oh lol im a god. LOL im glad i dropped it then XD

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