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4 hours ago
Gekkou (Manga) add
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Upfront honesty: I'm not that much of a 'Light Novels' reader. Nothing too deep really, I'm just not the biggest fan of 'A lot of dialogue, little details' when it comes to the writing styles. While that is not the case for every Light Novel, for sure, I mostly found myself coming to those conclusions.

Gekkou isn't really that different - expect a lot of dialogue between the characters and, while there are some detailed descriptions, most of what's written is either monologue or dialogue. But, despite all that, I didn't mind.

Gekkou is rather short - so short I read it whole in one read more
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Jan 18, 2015
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (Anime) add
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Before watching this show, I'd recommend you Wiki-up on the term known as "Stockholm syndrome". It will help you understand the ultimate wrong aspect of this anime far better, but, unfortunately, it still won't ease the fact that this anime is completely and utterly average.

The story is really simple and there isn't much to it: the girl joins high school, wants to make friends, lies to them about having a boyfriend, turns out that her made-up boyfriend goes to same school with her and is quite popular, he for some reason agrees to go along with her charade and then their adventures begin. I read more
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Dec 24, 2014
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
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Sometimes you'll force yourself to connect with something - someone - whatever or whoever, and during the process you realize that it just isn't working. Something's off - and not long after you start figuring out what that something is. That was the case with me and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Since the initial spark wasn't really there - one that drags you in into either the characters, the story, the world, the sound or anything connected to the anime - I had to force myself to immersion, which is never a good sign.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso starts off simply - there's read more
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Sep 14, 2014
Log Horizon (Anime) add
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While Log Horizon may not end up being in the list of favorite shows all too many times, and while majority of its characters won't have a long-lasting impact on the audience, it still manages to be a fun ride with occasional fantastic moments as well as some downfalls which all eventually balance themselves out.

When I first found out about the show, I, as many probably have, instantly thought "Oh look, carbon copy of SAO. *sigh*". Still, as I scrolled through some opinions, a lot of people have said that Log Horizon plays out as SAO should have. I'll leave that to your own decisions read more
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Jul 1, 2014
Shinsekai yori (Anime) add
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I watched Shinsekai Yori long, long ago. The reason I never really reviewed it is from the fear of being too biased towards the show since I instantly graded it 10 and labeled it my all-time favorite anime. You must be asking: "But --- but, it's still graded 10 and still your all-time favorite anime! What's up with that?" - now that I've re-watched the show, knowing the ending and all of the twists basically, I was able to catch a few to several inconsistencies in story, world, art, characters etc. - but did it really take away anything from the show? Not really.

Shinsekai read more
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Jun 9, 2014
Black Bullet (Anime) add
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Oh, another monster of the week show ... oh, sorry, Loli of the week. My bad.

The very first true sentence in the show goes "If you don't want to die Rintarou, survive." Now, here already, I knew this was going to be one hell of a ride.

Black Bullet bears a whole lot resemblance to "Shingeki no Kyojin", a whole lot more popular counterpart. First and foremost, the main characters are practically identical, both having suffered a terrible tragedy of losing parents, and having one female sidekick by their side, all the time. The reason why this doesn't work as well in Black Bullet read more
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May 10, 2014
Love Lab (Anime) add
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Well ... that was a freaking surprise. If someone told me, based on that synopsis, that Love Lab is a hilarious and heartwarming journey all through, I'd have him jump off a cliff into my love lab of death. Glad no one did. Regrets would be far too many.

So, where do I even begin? It's quite hard seeing as I'm still kind of thinking about the anime. I'll just begin by saying this: do not let title or the synopsis drive you off. If you think that this anime is filled with cute girls (it kind of is) doing cutesy things (it kind of is) read more
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Jan 5, 2014
Clannad (Anime) add
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I love watching/reading sweet but dramatic love stories involving high school kids. So, when people keep throwing the same name, over and over again, into my face, telling me 'it will change my perspective on life', I have to watch it - it's stronger than me. And I did watch it. And it did change my perspective - so, technically, they weren't lying.

The major fault in Clannad is that it's ... Clannad. It's a laughable comedy, at best, but not even close to some of the actual comedies. Clannad is a story about, I guess, growing up and beating the life ... kind of. read more
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Dec 23, 2013
Chihayafuru (Anime) add
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Whenever I'd enter anime which mentions things as "rivals", I'd always enter it with caution. Japanese can go a little bit overboard with its concept, and I kind of shrug upon their idea of what the rival is - actually, to be honest, I shrug upon the idea of rival itself.

That being said, I started watching Chihayafuru solely because of its endless good reviews. I had to reach third/fourth page before I found a review that scored it below 9, and that kind of says something. Unfortunately, I did not see the massive appeal as other reviewers did.

The story of Chihayafuru is simple read more
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Danganronpa - KNGTZNK - The Animation (I KNOW!) is a weird anime. Not because he it pinkish blood, or it feels as if you're flying with Enterprise within the distance of a small country or anything alike - it's just weird.

To put it off my chest, I loved first 4-5 episodes. They really hit the point with me since I love the detective stories. They were well executed, they actually had SOLID pacing (I KNOW!) and weren't as ... well, as bad as the rest of them. As for the rest of them, they suck - flat out suck.

The story of Danganronpa is simple read more
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