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Oct 24, 2015
Fairy Tail (2014) (Anime) add
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(I mean it's shounen, so who gives a crap ...)

Hey! Remember that fun, light adventure anime with lots of humor, no bullshit recap, satisfying action, one liners and lots of badassery? Yeah, me too! So where the fuck did it disappear to?

This review is written solely for people who've watched original series (but then again ... if you didn't watch the original, why the hell would you be looking this one up? damn man, you're weird) and will reference, what I consider to be, two halves of one Fairy Tale. Pun indented.

Fairy Tail is somewhat of a guilty pleasure read more
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Sep 30, 2015
Charlotte (Anime) add
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Upfront warning: Review contains decent amount of profanity. Read ahead on your own accord.

It just so happens that I was out of my house, descending into madness due to cold, wasting away hours of my life on things that aren't anime (BLASPHEMY!) and, as all of us, at one point I came back home, saw that the last episode of Charlotte was out and decided to check it out for shits and giggles. By episode 9 you already realize this is a major clusterfuck of raid-wipe proportions and you kind of stop giving a single bird for it. So, why am read more
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Every once in a while you’ll come across an anime that’ll literally help you grow as a person, help you understand some things you may have misunderstood, and when you do come across such anime you hold it in such a high regard that nothing else can even come close, and, on top of that, you begin believing anime to be the best entertainment medium there is.

Then, unfortunately, you come across an anime so terrible, so bad, so devoid of any worth, that you want to quit it altogether, fly to Japan and kill anyone even remotely connected to the world of anime. Such is read more
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Apr 15, 2015
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (Anime) add
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With the glaring number of praising reviews, and a decent enough of the overall, I had thought to find at least something that would temporarily be a time-killer of sorts. Unfortunately, what I found was a show riddled with problems, unbearable story and poor characters. Throughout the entire show, the only thing that stuck out was production value - something that matters the least in the show of this genre.

What Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii has is not a story - it's rather an abomination, shrouded in overlapping layers of discomfort, insanity and terrible writing. Story is crippled by its inability to stay consistent, subtle read more
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Apr 10, 2015
Noragami (Anime) add
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What would happen if there were so many gods out there that people slowly started forgetting more than half of them? I don't know. I just needed an opener to this review.

Noragami was one strange ride. Riddled with kind of a bad story, coupled with some great characters, accompanied by decent art and solid sound, it's really hard not to like for what it is. It kind of sucks you in, despite its flaws, and ultimately you end up feeling as if the time spent watching it was a good waste - but waste nonetheless. So ... why such a high score? Let's dwell read more
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Apr 7, 2015
Hibi Chouchou (Manga) add
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How far can cuteness take it? For how long can absolutely nothing extend the life? The answers lie in Hibi Chouchou: apparently not as far and not as much are the ones.

Hibi is like Kimi no Todoke. Only a tad bit faster. At first, it will give you that "warm and fuzzy" feeling about young and innocent love, but the further you progress in manga, you'll just keep skipping pages because literally nothing of interest and importance occurs. For an example, you can skip 39-44 chapters, and you'll be easily good to go.

Let's talk story briefly: it's cliche. It's a standard shoujo premise read more
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Mar 14, 2015
Haikyuu!! (Anime) add
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Is Haikyuu!! a volleyball version of KnB? Yeah, pretty much. Does it mean it's bad? No, not really.

In my honest opinion, sports genre in anime, especially shounen related, has gone way too stale over the past few years. They're all driving the same formula, and, while it is fun and games, it's also extremely predictable and at times flat out boring and unwatchable. Unfortunately, Haikyuu!! suffers from same problems most of these sports anime do - it takes every play in the book and drives it home without stopping. The one spin, though, is that the initial "rivals" become teammates, but that's about it. read more
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Jan 27, 2015
Gekkou (Manga) add
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Upfront honesty: I'm not that much of a 'Light Novels' reader. Nothing too deep really, I'm just not the biggest fan of 'A lot of dialogue, little details' when it comes to the writing styles. While that is not the case for every Light Novel, for sure, I mostly found myself coming to those conclusions.

Gekkou isn't really that different - expect a lot of dialogue between the characters and, while there are some detailed descriptions, most of what's written is either monologue or dialogue. But, despite all that, I didn't mind.

Gekkou is rather short - so short I read it whole in one read more
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Jan 18, 2015
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (Anime) add
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Before watching this show, I'd recommend you Wiki-up on the term known as "Stockholm syndrome". It will help you understand the ultimate wrong aspect of this anime far better, but, unfortunately, it still won't ease the fact that this anime is completely and utterly average.

The story is really simple and there isn't much to it: the girl joins high school, wants to make friends, lies to them about having a boyfriend, turns out that her made-up boyfriend goes to same school with her and is quite popular, he for some reason agrees to go along with her charade and then their adventures begin. I read more
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Sep 14, 2014
Log Horizon (Anime) add
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While Log Horizon may not end up being in the list of favorite shows all too many times, and while majority of its characters won't have a long-lasting impact on the audience, it still manages to be a fun ride with occasional fantastic moments as well as some downfalls which all eventually balance themselves out.

When I first found out about the show, I, as many probably have, instantly thought "Oh look, carbon copy of SAO. *sigh*". Still, as I scrolled through some opinions, a lot of people have said that Log Horizon plays out as SAO should have. I'll leave that to your own decisions read more
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