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March 13, 2010
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Hai there!
About me

I'll post here videos i have made myself :P (mostly about SNK) :
Srsly if you are going to watch any of them, i'll love you :D :

Let's start with something funny:

for more videos click here -->

I have small notes of every anime i have watched, check my list :P

My most favourite running manga at the moment: Koe no Katachi
My most favourite running anime at the moment: Hunter x Hunter 2011

Oh, btw, some TV series i have watched and loved:

WOW! I actually counted it this time.
150th anime completed - Nagi no Asukara

Things i need to remind myself every day:

''When you begin doing something, you dont need an unshakenable will or impressive motivation. Little by little what you have begun will naturally become important to you. What you need at the start is a bit of curiousity.'' - Haikyuu

This picture made my day, thought i'd share.

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ArufeimKirra | 09-11-14, 1:55 AM
Can I ask which manga is on your forum signature? Btw glad to see that you love SnK :)

Ando- | 09-07-14, 12:49 AM
Oh wow, you finished all 75 episodes of Bakuman in a little over a week :O You can really marathon anime! *claps haha
I actually didn't start Bakuman until a few episodes of season 3 was out. And then I caught up and had to wait weekly :(
I said that about new manga? I don't remember, and I don't know what I mean.. Reading new manga sometimes makes you forget about some series or have no time for them?

Well that's good to hear that the art of HxH is better. I haven't started reading it yet, but I'll be starting off where the anime left off!

I hope we both succeed! :D It seems like I'll have to put a lot more effort in now that I'm in a university instead of a community college. The classes are so much harder ><
The online interface for my university isn't as good compared to the one at my community college, which is surprising. And it sucks =P haha.
So did you decide to enroll in any online courses?

So most Estonians are bad at opening up? That's interesting. Well I'm pretty introverted myself, but if you wanna talk about anything I'm interested in, like the NFL, anime, or CoD, I won't shut up LOL.
Speaking of rain, I've recently found out that the city I moved to, Mobile, Alabama, is the rainiest city in the US. It feels like it rains maybe at least once every 3 days? The rain is so gloomy ><
We have a ton of organizations/associations/clubs here. I don't think any of them are too fun though.. The ones I've heard of don't sound fun anyway. I never joined any of those in high school either, but I wish I played for our American Football team (even though we were one of the worst teams around haha). But right now, I'm too busy trying to keep up with schoolwork to join anything T-T
Joining the fun and optimistic people groups sounds like fun to me. I'd probably join them! Haha So did you go to any of the "get to know evenings?"

Awesome :D I love Barakamon. As of right now, it's my favorite show of the "season full of amazing shows" :) I still haven't watched the new episode of Zankyou no Terror or Barakamon yet though. Hopefully soon! I absolutely love Naru. She's so cute and funny :) Did you know that they let kids be the seiyuu's for the kids in the show? I thought that was really cool.

Pretty much sadly :( Well I was able to catch up on a lot of anime last weekend, but I've been doing homework almost all day today on a Saturday, and I'm still not done x__x And now that football season has finally started, Sunday is officially football day for me haha. I'm an Atlanta Falcons fan, and we play the New Orleans Saints tomorrow afternoon. They're our most hated rival of the 32 teams in the NFL and we play them twice every year. Worst part is that a ton of people around here are Saints fans because New Orleans is so close by to Biloxi, so every time the Saints beat us, I hear about it alll the time lmao. I'm really hoping we kick their asses tomorrow :)

I hope you don't end up like me! I haven't had much time to watch anime :O Good luck with school! :)

Ailly | 09-04-14, 6:46 AM
Eeeh, is it? Awesome! I've been wanting to read/watch that series, but now I definitely have to :D

Ailly | 09-01-14, 8:25 PM
Hi there! I have a little question. Which manga is your signature from? Or was it just an edit?

TicklingThoughts | 08-31-14, 3:20 AM
*googles ArcheAge* WOW!
I know Hunter x Hunter. Many people say it's cool. But I'm so lazy to watch an anime with sooooooooo many episodes. Maybe if I have a vacation, I'll download each episode of it. XD

Ando- | 08-27-14, 10:46 PM
You definitely should! Bakuman was awesome :)

Nope! She's crazy haha But I guess everyone has their own opinions on things. It's just that I love watching and listening to openings =P
Yeah, only 4 more episodes? :O I will definitely be reading the manga after it ends. I heard the art is really bad, so I guess I'll have to be prepared for that. I hope he doesn't go on any hiatuses either. It must've been pretty bad for the long HxH fans that had to wait years x__x

Yeah, I can definitely see their relationship taking it further, but we'll see! :)

Well I got super lucky for signing up last-minute and got better times and professors for my classes :) My public speaking class is online, but you meet up for the presentations. The first meeting is Friday, but it's called "Icebreaker," so I'm guessing it'll just be more of an introduction. Well every major pretty much requires you to take public speaking. I guess it's not as important as my engineering classes, but I certainly don't want to do bad in the class or it will bring my overall grade down ><

How did your orientation go?? :) And what did you think of the school and everything?

Haikyuu isn't part of this season either, but that's okay haha. It is really good. My top 3 this season would have to be Zankyou no Terror, Barakamon, and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Barakamon is super funny, cute, and heartwarming :) Nozaki-kun is hilarious, definitely the funniest show of the season :D

I'm so sad though. I haven't been able to watch any anime at all with school :( I'm about to try to binge-watch for maybe an hour or two, since I don't have any classes tomorrow. I really wanna get caught up with a few series. I've only watched 2 episodes of anime in the last 8 days o__o I'm about to die LOL

TicklingThoughts | 08-26-14, 4:59 AM
Yeah. I'm just really obsessed with SnK, <3
Cool! What game?
I'm doing good haha. You?

Ando- | 08-19-14, 2:22 PM
No problem! I'm sure the ending to Reversi is roughly about the same ending that Ohba wanted for Death Note. I think it should've ended that way also. The 2nd half of DN wasn't as good :(

But my sister doesn't watch any openings at all haha She doesn't like 'em. Well, I was still super creeped out when Alluka had that face for the first time and when she smushed the maid o__o haha But yeah, I can understand where you're coming from with OP's! :)

Yeah :( I think I'll just wait for this last game to end and then read it again. I don't think I have the memory to remember the details weekly :P
That's funny that you say you want more romance. My step-sister and her friend that I was watching LG with both asked about romance haha It would be nice maybe towards the end, but nothing has been hinted I don't think. Besides that they have both been helping each other throughout the series.

I moved in a few days ago and school for me has been hectic. I had a problem with my transcript transferring, so I had to make due with last-minute classes and couldn't get into some that I needed >< Oh well, at least there will be no way my classes can get worse in the future. Gotta get public speaking over with! :X

Thanks! Make the most of the rest of your break! I'm so behind on my anime. I watch too many airing anime. But this season is so good! Hahaha.

TicklingThoughts | 08-17-14, 5:32 AM
Hello, I also love SnK and your spam pictures related to it. How are you? :D

Ando- | 08-13-14, 9:04 PM
I believe it was towards the end of the 3rd season. Let me try to find a good episode.. At the end of episode 17 is when their manga that's like DN called Reversi is being brought up, so I guess you can start from there if you plan to watch it again :)

Hmm, I don't think openings of anime have too many spoilers (most of the time). And openings are one of my favorite parts of anime so I can't help but watch them :D My sister, on the other hand, could care less for the op and ed, so she doesn't ever watch them :O
Yeah.. Idk why people have fun spoiling others lol
I think you're right. I'm still confused about the Battle Royale thing now lmao. Ohhh, okay. I think I get it now. I thought Battle Royale was just a movie at first, then you said you plan on reading it one day so then I assumed that the movie was based off of a book. But it's actually based off of a manga. Did I get everything right? Haha

They changed it from a group of women to a group of men and changed Fukunaga to just a man that can change his voice instead of a transvestite that wore a wig. They changed a lot of other things too :(
Yeah, every once in a while they pull out old manga to be animated, but the chances are slim :( Maybe when Liar Game is over, some studio will make a long adaptation? The manga is pretty close to the end. There's only one more game left :O

You got accepted? That's awesome :D I have about another 5 days D: I'm moving out to live with a friend in a few days also. The house is closer to the school and the university is an hour drive away from my home. Then I still gotta get my classes worked out. It's been stressful ><

5camp | 08-10-14, 5:14 AM
Yeah I've been thinking about going back to it. I really wasn't that keen on what I saw and any anime that requires you to get through some 20+ episodes to "get good" is something I have a real problem with. But eh, I think I'm already halfway there so maybe someday

Ando- | 08-07-14, 3:20 AM
Well it didn't really explain how the 2nd half worked. It basically just told everyone that DN was supposed to end after the 1st half, how the 1st half was actually supposed to end, and why it didn't end after the 1st half haha.
Yeah, I thought the arc with Nanamine was one of the weaker arcs. I never thought about the people helping him would've spoiled it if it was real life though. That's a good point!

I'm pretty sure everyone wishes they could pause time to have time to do what they wanted haha. Time needs to stop now, so I don't have to go back to school in a couple week! =P

Oh yeah, I remember think that the scene where the little girl died was a lot better in the book also. I've never seen Battle Royale and I didn't know it was based off of a book. And yeah, I've learned to not ever go on wiki's before you finish a series the hard way haha. Spoilers are definitely everywhere. Especially for SnK. If I didn't read the manga, I would've already known everything about the series with people just putting spoilers everywhere they can lol

The trip was okay. Wasn't as fun as I expected it to be. A lot of family members that I was looking forward to seeing couldn't make it. Well I can't speak for the caucasian people, but a lot the Vietnamese here are usually connected somehow, even if it's distant. Say, 4th cousins or so. The generation with my grandparents all have about 5-7 kids or so o__o. Asian families are big haha

So I watched the Liar Game live action with some friends and I really didn't like it. They changed too much for my taste. The live action feels so much more creepy than the manga does, and they changed the story a bit. They also changed some genders around. Sex sells I guess lol I really hate how they changed Fukunaga in the live action. He's such a good character in the manga compared to the live action :( I'm definitely not gonna continue the series. Too bad it doesn't have an anime adaptation. It would probably be so much better =P haha.

AironicallyHuman | 08-02-14, 12:30 PM
Cowboy Bebop. One of the last episodes, when Ed and Ein leave.

KaniowskiKun101 | 08-01-14, 1:47 PM
Haha I like your avatar :)

Ocean_Sea | 07-27-14, 2:10 AM
Yeah, it's not from Ichigo 100%. :P

From Shinigami-sama to 4-nin no Kanojo

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