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Hai there!
About me

I'll post here videos i have made myself :P (mostly about SNK) :
Srsly if you are going to watch any of them, i'll love you :D :

Let's start with something funny:

for more videos click here -->

I have small notes of every anime i have watched, check my list :P

My most favourite running manga at the moment: Haikyuu, Boku no Hero Academia
My most favourite running anime at the moment: KISEIJUU aka PARASYTE

Oh, btw, some TV series i have watched and loved:

WOW! I actually counted it this time.
150th anime completed - Nagi no Asukara

Things i need to remind myself every day:

''When you begin doing something, you dont need an unshakenable will or impressive motivation. Little by little what you have begun will naturally become important to you. What you need at the start is a bit of curiousity.'' - Haikyuu

"If you've already decided you are no good, you will never get any better! You are selling yourself short!" - Whistle

This picture made my day, thought i'd share.

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Ando- | 12-15-14, 10:41 PM
I'm glad that I was able to make you happy with the card! Muhahaha :D

Well I'm out of school until Jan 7th! I'm actually going back to where I went to school for two years, so I don't have to be away from home anymore. They're opening up a degree program for engineering soon :) But I still gotta do a few things to re-register before I'm officially back in. I have until the end of this week to do all that; I need to stop procrastinating xP
I've been hanging out with my little brother and our little cousin for the past few days. I'm trying to watch all the Studio Ghibli movies I've never watched :) I've only watched Spirited Away and The Secret World of Arrietty before a few days ago o__o We finished My Neighbor Totoro and got 40min into The Tale of Princess Kaguya so far. Totoro was really light-hearted :) Here's a gif I made of my favorite scene from the movie :D

I do stuff last minute and I need to stop too. Ouch, a 2-month project last minute? That sounds like death LOL I hope you got it done and got a lot of rest!

Yeah, it's always more fun to play games with friends ^^ Call of Duty is pretty popular here in the US. Probably 80% of people who own a Playstation or Xbox has the game.
Hahaha, we all watch KnB when it's airing, so that's fun. I always like talking about anime with others.

Here in the US, no one really walks anywhere. Everyone takes a car out besides I guess some cities like New York where they also take cabs and subways to get to where they need to be.

Oh wow, The Maze Runner is already out on blu-ray. I guess I'll watch that soon :D Interstellar won't come out until March though ><
The Asian guy, Ki Hong Lee, in The Maze Runner actually started off doing shorts on YouTube with Wong Fu Productions and made it big when he landed a role in the movie ^^

Mutta was also my favorite character :D All the characters were great! I loved how Serika has such a big appetite haha. Remember that episode when Mutta made the heart in the sky for Serika, but instead, Butler saw it and thought it was for him? I laughed so hard at that scene! Mutta x Serika needs to happen already though xD Also, the show is really good at making dislikable characters into very likable characters ^^
That was my favorite episode also! I never shed tears of joy while watching anime, but moment where he survived almost got me xD Another anime where the brother dies? Have I seen it?
I hope it's not bad omen :O I loved how Mutta would always think of the best ideas! Like the sponge wheels or the road projection on the windshields. He's super clever haha
The OST for the show is wonderful also. I usually go through OSTs and delete the tracks I don't like, and I loved just about every track :) Talking about Space Brothers makes me miss it so much! I wonder when we'll get a continuation.. Hopefully within a few years :)

ABHISHEKV | 12-11-14, 10:08 AM
You're Welcome :D

evil_clown | 12-11-14, 5:09 AM
happy b day

Ando- | 12-10-14, 5:28 PM

Believe it or not, that actually took me longer than it should have to make LOL. Idk how I got the Microsoft Publisher award in high school xD

Sorry for not replying in over a month o__o; Honestly, I've been mostly lazy >< When I'm not busy with school, I've been hanging out with my little brother, playing video games, or trying to catch up with the 50+ episodes of airing anime that I'm behind on lmao. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare came out too, so I've been playing that a lot with my friends. I got back into an MMORPG called Eden Eternal for about two weeks and quit xP Not enough people play it, and I got lonely haha. I also finished my last final exam today, so I'll have more free time for a few weeks :) So what have you been up to? You're probably asleep right now, but I hope you're having a good birthday whenever you're reading this :D

I actually got four friends into KnB :) They're all into sports, and they've all watched anime to some degree, so it wasn't too hard. Getting friends to watch Haikyuu has been harder for some reason lol Maybe it's because it's a volleyball anime. Oh well, they're missing out!

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I've never rode in a train or subway before :O
They let you sleep in the school? Did you have to bring your own sleeping bag? That seems like it'd be fun :)
That old guy seems like a pretty awesome grandpa xD
I will go to an anime convention one day! I'll show you pictures whenever that will be too xD

Idk... hahaha I guess I really love space, but I don't like getting into all the physics of it? There's just so much out there that we don't know, and I wanna know how it all works! I really wanna watch the movie Intersteller, but I'll have to wait until it comes out on blu-ray. I was too lazy to go out to theaters to watch it xP Same with The Maze Runner. I heard that was good too :)

Let me know if you ever find enough inspiration to enjoy doing schoolwork, 'cause that would be a blessing LOL.

EDIT: You finished Space Brothers :D I miss that show so much still. How was it? ^^

ABHISHEKV | 12-10-14, 11:45 AM
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday :D

Ando- | 10-17-14, 2:51 PM
Speaking of KnB, I saw this gif the other day and thought it was hilarious. The caption I saw for it was "Get that weak loli shit outta here!" LOL
Oh wow, you really love Haikyuu huh haha. It's an awesome show ^^ I love how intense they make the moments in matches. I'm trying to get some of my friends that watched KnB to watch it. They watch anime, but not as much as I do :P Can't wait for season 2 though!

I'll probably look like a ball of yarn by the time I get enough clothes to keep me warm in Estonia lmao.
Where was the anime event you went too? I've never been to one :O I really wanna go one day though.
A few days in the fridge? LOL
I really like the weather where there's a breeze, and it's not too hot but not cold either. But I think everyone likes weather like that haha
Hmm, I actually don't know why the snowpocalypse happened. I just tried googling for like 10 minutes, but I couldn't find anything >< Maybe I just fail at google hahaha.

The 1st episode of Parasyte was great :) Ahh, yeah, I noticed the smartphone too. I was like, I'm pretty sure they didn't have smartphones back then.. Haha. Are you happy about his design at the end of the opening? I wonder how well his character will develop after seeing that. I really like the idea of how as Migi learns, it also affects Shinichi. That seems to be the case at least, as he's not too afraid of insects anymore, but maybe could just be that 'cause no insect can be worse than a talking, morphing hand xD
Ohh, I thought that scene looked familiar LOL.
Thanks for the recommendation for me to watch it :D I'm already regretting my sequel-only season. I wanna watch The Seven Deadly Sins, and I also really wanna watch Your Lie in April. It seems like I'll love that show for some reason. Maybe it's the music aspect. ..I'm most likely going to give in and watch it xD Maybe use that show as a reward when I catch up with my other shows :)

No problem! F/SN's story should be picking up very soon now that they've introduced the most important characters. Yeah, it's pretty popular for a reason :) Sawyer7mage even made a video about how excited he is for this series after watching Fate/Zero. Possible Spoilers start at 2:02. He also says that he feels like he was missing out all this time but didn't know it xD But yeah, you can watch F/Z first if you want to, but it will spoil things from F/SN. I have a bad memory so I barely remember the details of F/Z. I guess there are a few bright spots of a bad memory after all lmao.

I'm glad we met too :D Technology is pretty awesome. I always think that robots are gonna take over one day though LOL
Barakamon is awesome, and I can't wait for season 2. I love Naru :) She's so silly. I see you finished Gekkan Shoujo! What did you think of it? My favorite scenes were from the rain episode and the episode where they played the dating sim. I laughed so much.
Being depressed isn't good! I actually saved episodes on Nozaki and Barakamon for times when I felt down sometimes, and it instantly cheered me up hahaha. I hope you've been feeling better lately!

Physics about stuff in space definitely seems difficult. And it is indeed pretty cool :) Astronomy is my favorite subject. I actually wanted to become an astronaut when I was little haha There is so much stuff out there that we have no idea about :O

What do you mean study math at home? I just study whatever lesson we're on at the time and try to get it down at home really. Yeah, situations like that, I feel that you'll just have to put a bit more effort in than others >< Idk, I feel like when I know what to do, math isn't too bad at all. It's like figuring out a puzzle haha. It's just when I have to learn how to do it at first is what isn't fun :P

razamataz | 10-15-14, 12:19 PM
haha okay... *nom nom* COOKIE MONSTER!! xD

also, you can definitely post pictures. you just have to use code! here TRY THIS! :)

I'll definitely try BECK, after I finish a few of the others that I'm currently watching.

hmm...when did I start watching anime? well, I guess I started as a kid. pokemon was my first, but I didn't even know what 'anime' was back then. there were a few others, that I would occasionally catch an episode gundam wing and yu yu hakusho.

the first anime that actually hooked me was death note.

the anime that helped me find myanimelist was one piece. I wanted to see what other people were thinking about some of the episodes. so I searched in google for "one piece episode 258 discussion" and THERE IT WAS.

I didn't make an account for the longest time, though. I just read what people were saying about the episodes in the forums.

then I guess I got bored and wanted to join in the discussion. so I made an account, but still didn't even use it for a few months.

finally, I decided to introduce myself.

razamataz | 10-14-14, 9:07 AM
pff...I want my bag of cookies for reading your profile! :p

I think I'll add BECK to my plan to watch thanks.

Ando- | 10-05-14, 3:44 AM
Actually, Sawyer was the one who made the comparison. That's why I mentioned his name haha.
I feel like the end of Kuroko might have ruined the series for me. When I think about it now, I just don't think of the 10/10 show I once thought it was >< But I do know that that's what I thought when I watched it, so I'll just leave it there. Maybe S3 will refresh me of how good it was. It most likely won't be enough to adapt the last game unless they make it a 3-cour season.
You learn when you lose, and it only helps you get better if you have a positive mindset! You re-watched the whole series? :O

Hmm, well, I just heard from my friend that he thought it wasn't as cold up north when it was snowing compared to how cold it gets here, so you're probably right. I do know that it gets icier here than up north due to the humidity. The roads were all frozen and pretty dangerous to drive on during the "Snowpocalypse," and everyone pretty much had to stay at home.
Sigh, it sucks that the US is the only country to use the English System of Measurement. Even the English don't use the English System! LOL SI units are so much easier =P I have to Google convert the degrees haha. But that's really cold. I'm horrible with cold weather, so I wouldn't be able to live in Estonia, I'd die xD I'm usually the 1st person you see shivering when it's cold hahaha. Wearing the wrong clothes? Put some more clothes on before you get even more sick!
Aw man, getting sick often sounds like a bummer. You should talk to a doctor! I hate getting sick period. Waking up in the mornings are the worst when you're sick too ><

I might have to just watch sequels of shows this season if I wanna be able to keep up. I'll watch Parasyte too though :) You have some very high expectations of it! I'll probably just pick up shows that will have a high rating or get recommended to me after a few weeks.

Fate/stay night is a must watch this season imo. The animation quality for the first episode was freakin' amazing! Have you ever seen a ufotable anime? It's always top quality, but man, I did not expected the animation for that fight scene to be soo good.
Okay, so Fate/stay night is originally a visual novel. The VN has 3 routes called Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven's Feel. The heroine of the Fate route is Saber, Rin for UBW, and Sakura for HF. I never played the VN, but from what I hear, Studio DEEN, the guys who adapted the first Fate/stay night anime, did a horrible job adapting the Fate route into an anime. They changed the personality of the male protagonist into a douche, added some of the scenes from both of the other routes, and their animation is just bad. Most people don't even consider their adaptation canon.
ufotable, the same studio that adapted Fate/zero, are adapting the new Fate/stay night: UBW anime. There are a good bit of anime fans that consider Fate/zero to be a masterpiece. I'm considering re-watching it because I watched it a while back when I was first getting into anime, and I was spoiled with all the great anime I was watching that I don't think I appreciated F/Z enough =P But anyways, I hear that the UBW route is the most action-heavy route, so everyone that watches it is in for a real treat. I can watch that first that fight scene over and over again. It was amazing :3 You should watch the new F/SN and then go watch Fate/Zero :)

Log Horizon was a good show. It has sorta the same premise as SAO, but it is very different surprisingly. I just hope Studio DEEN doesn't ruin it :(

I haven't seen Spice and Wolf either, but I have a feeling that I'll really like it. I have Monster dropped, but I might pick it back up one day. I was watching the dub, and it was horrible so that might have ruined the show for me. I believe Ergo Proxy is on my ptw list. I wished I looked up analyses on Psycho Pass while I was watching it. I probably would've liked it more then. Gen Urobuchi always has some deep messages behind his works.

I honestly was more hyped about the last season, and it didn't disappoint. I'm not taking anything away from this season at all though, because it seems like it'll great also :) Besides F/SN UBW, if I ever pick anything else up and find it very good, I'll let you know ^^

Hahaha, I'll probably end up falling more than boarding my first time also. Yeah, I'm really glad I was able to get into anime and join MAL. There are so many diverse people on here :D

My top 1-cour anime from the Summer was:
1. Barakamon (My favorite "genres," heartwarming and feel-good :) Only the 2nd anime to make me tear up from joy ;__; hahaha.)
2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (One of the funniest shows I've ever watched. Had at least a smile on my face through every scene :D)
3. Aldnoah.Zero (After reading a few analyses, I feel like I can understand this show a lot more. I can really appreciate brilliant writing.)
4. Zankyou no Terror (Had flaws, but there were wonderful scenes and very good symbolism. Again, I love brilliant writing.)
5. Tokyo Ghoul (I haven't read but one chapter of the manga, so I really enjoyed the anime. I plan to read it when I have time though.)

Yeah, I guess, but I do know they have more specific classes dealing with stuff like that here. I believe our professor mentioned something like one-on-one communication and a few other specific communication classes that I think would be more helpful than public speaking in my field. All you do in public speaking is learn how to write and present speeches >< The writing and preparing to present your speech parts aren't fun at all D: You have to have eye contact with your audience 90% of the time, so you better remember what you need to say. Sigh, just talking about it makes me sad LOL Idk, I just hope I can survive haha. My classes are getting harder and harder every semester.
You seem interested in physics? What's astrophysics? It sounds pretty difficult haha. And yes, we have a ton of different analysis classes in the math section, but I don't have to take any of them. I have to take Calculus I, II, and III, linear algebra, differential equations, and maybe a few others. So far the first two engineering core classes I'm taking, statics and thermodynamics, feel like more specific areas of physics. I'm not as good with physics compared to math unfortunately, but I'm managing. Just need to put a little more effort in!

TicklingThoughts | 10-03-14, 1:46 AM
Woah. Yeah, I'm also busy with my studies. CF
I'll definitely try it if I have a time.

Ando- | 10-02-14, 11:40 PM
Hello :)

Yes, definitely. Death Note was my favorite anime for yearss.
You could be right. He could just pretend it's his health, so fans won't bother him as much. He's enjoying his "detours in life" just like Ging and Sayer7mage said hahaha. How many chapters did he write before he went back into hiatus? Iono, he sounds like a stubborn guy if you ask me haha. Not wanting anyone to draw for him, not wanting to draw himself, not caring about what people say. Shounen Jump must've begged him a million times, but he doesn't care. Sounds just like Ging xD
Hmm, I'm not exactly sure what chapters he was the editor for, but I read that it was towards the beginning of the manga. Well, I thought Kuroko was very good until the very last game. Realistic like Haikyuu?! I loved that last scene in the last match of the season where it looked like every thing was gonna go right and it was gonna be a super epic spike, then bam! Blocked :( I was devistated and in total disbelief D: The art, animation, and music for that episode was amazingg :D

Yeah, weather is weird. Especially around here. The temperature would fluctuate, mostly in the winter. It would be really cold one day, then get hot the next. And it rains a lot. It's funny, 'cause I always thought that this much rain was normal until I read that the very south or Gulf Coast of the US gets the most rain haha. And it's really weird when it's raining, but it's sunny and looks like there aren't any clouds in the sky o__o
Tonsils make you sick? I actually never really thought about why people get them removed.. What do they do anyway?
It's humid here. The humidity makes winters colder and summers hotter. Man, the more I talk about the weather here, the more I realize how much it sucks LOL

You have high expectations I see :) Good thing Madhouse is behind it then! ^^ Ahh, I didn't realize that the manga is very old. It makes sense for them to change the designs a bit now. Also found out that the main character's parasitic hand talks? Well, that's interesting xD
I have 13 shows I wanna check out.. I'll probably have to end up dropping some though. I just don't have time anymore, and plus, I still have 20+ episodes to watch from the previous season lmao
You're not gonna watch Fate/stay night UBW? Although the 1st one by Studio Deen was honestly the worst anime I've ever completed, I really trust ufotable with this one. And the main character is Rin and not that other guy. I didn't like the other guy too much lol
I would be more excited for Psycho Pass 2, but it changed studios, Gen Urobuchi isn't writing it, and it's only 11 episodes long. Log Horizon's 2nd season changed to Studio Deen also, so I'm praying for it to be good.
Trinity 7 and World Trigger are both being worked on by Hiroyuki Yoshino, who doesn't have too great of a history at all. He was the series composer for Guilty Crown, Accel World, Strike the Blood, and both Magi seasons. I only watched Magi, but people are always complaining about how bad the adaptation is in the forums. I believe all those series were very promising, so I'm going into those two new anime with low expectations.

It's okay, I think you only said it twice haha. Football is awesome ^^ I sometimes wish I could still play it, but it's okay. I might not have gotten into the world of anime, and we might not have ever met :O if my injury never happened. So I'm glad things lined up the way it did :)
I never went skiing before. That and snowboarding sounds like it'd be fun :)

Anything new? Hmm, not really. I've had a bit more time recently, so I've been able to complete a few series though. The summer season and the anime I finished this season was amazing. Best season of anime for me yet :)
This is probably really bad, but I really don't know LOL. I'm guessing you'd be able to help design and build a spaceship, but definitely not by yourself. Mechanical engineering is the broadest type of engineering. Here's a good description of what they do. I talked to my parents a few times about my stepdad's brother, who's a mechanical engineer, but I guess I never found out exactly what he did. They just always told me he sits in his office most of the time and works on his computer, and sometimes he would fly out and meet with other engineers. I guess I should ask them some more about it, but I don't even know if they know haha.

mayukachan | 10-02-14, 11:52 AM
no problem!

razamataz | 09-30-14, 8:34 AM
I agree. story is most important to me. visuals are nice, yes, but even if the animations aren't that good, it's okay, as long as there is enough meaning behind the fight. or if there is an emotional connection. that's why character development, setting, and background are so important.

anyway, I feel kinda special, since you shared that video with me first. I appreciate it. I can tell you enjoy what you do.

keep going with it. even if you don't get as many views as you would hope for, there are people who still appreciate it, like me.

razamataz | 09-29-14, 3:26 PM
wow... thank you so much for linking 'Don't give up on us now'!! I loved it! yeah, it's a much different vibe from 'HIDE & SEEK' because it's positive, and inspirational...looking forward, rather than looking back. still I loved them both, and you are very talented.

yeah, Hunter x Hunter was amazing to me on so many levels. truly a masterpiece that holds a special place in my heart.

razamataz | 09-26-14, 6:13 AM
hi. I came across one of your comments, and checked out your profile. just wanted to say the HIDE & SEEK AMV was beautifully done.

also, it seems we have a high compatibility, so now I'll check out your anime list.

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