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Hai there!

I'll post here videos i have made myself :P (mostly about SNK) :
Srsly if you are going to watch any of them, i'll love you :D :

Let's start with something funny:

for more videos click here -->

I have small notes of every anime i have watched, check my list :P

My most favourite running manga at the moment: Koe no Kitachi
My most favourite running anime at the moment: Hunter x Hunter 2011

Oh, btw, some TV series i have watched and loved:

WOW! I actually counted it this time.
150th anime completed - Nagi no Asukara

This picture made my day, thought i'd share.

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Vexper | 6 hours ago

Ando- | 07-19-14, 8:38 PM
Oh yeah, and the 2nd episode of Terror in Resonance was amazing! I loved how they did part of the anime around that Greek story. The friend I watched Anohana with actually told me about that same story just about a month ago. I thought that was a pretty cool coincidence :)

Ando- | 07-19-14, 7:32 PM
What game have you been playing? MMO's are fun :) I wanna play FFXIV. I think the last one I've played was Eden Eternal? But that was 2-3 years ago. I had to stop myself because it was taking up too much of my time haha I still play CoD with my friends every other day or so though.

You could! But there are so many other anime to watch out there too >< I wish I knew which anime were gonna be amazing to watch, but then I might run out of anime to watch :O
We finished Anohana today! She said it was good :) I'm surprised she didn't end up crying, but I'm pretty sure she was close =P haha
I don't think it's a bad thing at all. I never notice it anyway haha

Yeah, Kids like to read early on are usually pretty smart. I wasn't really ever into it, sadly. I usually only read books when there's a movie on it for some reason. I guess 'cause I already know it'll be interesting? Lol

The animation directing for the 1st episode was amazing :) Episode 2 was when the censoring got bad imo. The beginning is just a black screen and I had know idea what was going on. I'm guessing it was anime original? 'Cause I went to the manga to see what happened, but I didn't see it. And another scene where there was a ton of blood, so they decided to invert the colors >< I don't think episode 3 was all too bad though. Maybe I'll get used to it. I wanna wait for the BDs, but I wanna watch it now! Haha

That's really interesting :) I'll probably check it out sooner than later. I need to finish Hajime no Ippo, the Monogatari series, Rainbow, then probably Kids on a Slope. I've been really wanting to watch that lately for some reason. And it's only 12 episodes haha. Have you seen it? But after that, I think I'll watch Beck :)

So it looks like Liar Game and One Outs were publishing at the same time from 2005-2009? How did he write/draw both manga weekly o__o; That seems like an insane amount of work! Have you watched Bakuman? They had trouble doing one a week, and they're a two-man team :O

Ando- | 07-15-14, 4:42 AM
Oh wow, I just got done replying to you, but I accidentally swiped my mouse and it made me go back, then I lost my whole comment LOL

Hahaha, it's okay. Did you ever start playing that game that you mentioned earlier?

We haven't gotten a chance to finish Anohana D: Hopefully we can soon, though.
I also watched Clannad about 5 years ago. But then I re-watched it again a year or so ago, and it was great :) The comedy was mostly in the first season and half of the second season before you-know-who passed T-T haha
Hmm, Idk. I feel like I don't notice when a scene is overdramatized until someone points it out. Like when we were watching Anohana, a character ran down the street while screaming and I thought nothing of it until my friend pointed it out haha

Wow, seems like you worked your butt off for school. I envy really smart people that can learn things easily. I think that of all the people in my physics class, I had to put the most effort into my studies. I was in the tutoring place almost every day after class so I could learn the material. But then a few of my friends in the class just had to study a few hours before the test and they would make really good grades :/ Oh well, maybe part of it is due to me slacking off and not paying too much attention in high school =P
Hmm, maybe you need a break? Idk if it's in the norm there, but I know a few people who took off a year of school after graduating HS to just work and think about what they wanted to pursue.
Good luck with what ever you decide though!

What a coincidence :) Giguk is hilarious, but he doesn't make videos too often. Though, his videos do seem like they take a long time to make. My first ever anime YouTuber I came across was Yokurama after finding his Top 10 Anime of 2012 video. That was when I was first starting to get into watching a lot of anime, and I wanted to find something really good, but also new. I also really enjoy watching HappiLeeErin's videos. She actually has a bipolar disorder, but you would've never guessed it by how cheerful she is in all her videos. It wasn't until she released a video to tell her story and to spread awareness of mental health. The video was really sad, but it was also really interesting. I also like watching BestAnimeTops. I like watching top videos haha
And I guess Korra is kinda childish. It would be a lot better if it was an actual anime. There were times in the show where you would want it to be a little more "ruthless?" I guess you could say. You basically never see anyone die or get hurt badly, when under normal circumstances, the bad guy would've killed 'em haha. But the animation for the show is always top-notch. I don't think Korra is as good as The Last Airbender series. I thought the first season or Korra was really good, but it went downhill for the 2nd season and the 3rd season is okay so far.

The first episode of Terror in Resonance was great :) There are so many good anime this season.
Tokyo Ghoul would be sooo much better if it wasn't censored :( I think I'm gonna just try to ignore it and finish out the series though. The release date for the BDs are too far away!
I really like Aldnoah.Zero so far, especially the soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano. He did the sound track for Shingeki no Kyojin :) And the story is by Gen Urobuchi, so I think I'm gonna love this series by the end of it :D
Barakamon has been a really cute slice of life. The style is pretty unique to me.
And yes, I've watched the first 2 episodes of Glasslip. It hasn't been as good as I expected. Maybe my expectations were too high due to NagiAsu being so awesome haha. I don't think I've looked forward to an anime as much as Glasslip before it aired, but it still has another 11 episodes to go :)

Liar Game is awesome. The mangaka is sooo smart. Idk how anyone could come up with the stuff he does. I've been getting a little more into reading manga lately. It's relaxing haha :)

I wonder how many smiley faces I used in this comment hahaha :D

Mojophobia | 06-29-14, 1:28 AM
If that's the case, I'll be looking at your profile regularly xD

Ando- | 06-28-14, 4:07 PM
You don't have to apologize, I think I'm worse than you are >< haha. I'm finally done with my physics class though! I think I did pretty well in it :) Don't have to stress over anything for another month and a half!

Clannad was actually my first slice of life anime! I still don't remember how I found it though =P I actually liked Clannad better than Anohana. Since Clannad had 50 episodes compared to Anohana's 11, it definitely felt like I went through more with the characters. Also, I loved the comedy in Clannad. Made me lol a ton :) Not to say Anohana is bad at all though! I absolutely loved both shows. Some people say that Anohana was over-dramatized, but it didn't feel that way to me. I loved it :D
Yes, I also love both the OP and ED. I thought it was really cool that the 3 female voice actors for the show sung the ED :)
I honestly wasn't too sure if she like the show or not, 'cause she didn't say much at first. But I asked her the other day and she said it was good :) She just wants to know what's going on with Memma already haha.

Hmm, here in the US, college is considered almost anything after high school that you learn in, even the universities. Smaller colleges, like the one I just finished, are called community colleges where people go for 2-year degrees or go there to take classes and then transfer to a university. I'm doing the latter. This is because community colleges are much cheeper to attend compared to universities.
Free education does sound nice, but if that happened after I graduated from high school, I would've been in big trouble due to the fact that I really slacked off while in high school >< haha. I didn't start trying to succeed in my education until the end of my 2nd to last year of high school. I had a big turnaround with my view on education at that time. Now, I feel like I'm doing so much better, and I feel great about myself :)
I also didn't know what I wanted to major in after attending college. Over here, when you don't know what you want to do in the beginning of college, you can take basics. People that did that would just take the common classes between all/most majors until they know what they wanted to pursue. I decided to become a mechanical engineer after a short talk with my parents. My stepdad's brother is actually a mechanical engineer, and he was just telling me about what his job is like.

Ahh, maybe that could be why my memory is so bad haha. I've gotten a lot of sleep these past few days since physics is over though. Feels good :)

It's people like that who comes up with the best stories to tell though haha

Aww, I actually thought those parts were interesting, so I watched them. I thought it was really cool how someone could defeat Meruem over and over again considering how advanced his mental capacity is compared to humans. And how he got so attached to her over time was interesting also.
I unfortunately don't remember the exact episodes ><
Yeah, he definitely died. I'm actually glad he was brought back to life after the Netero fight now. If that didn't happen, there wouldn't have been near as great of a closure between Komugi and Meruem :)

That's pretty cool that we both knew about him haha. I found Sawyer after looking for reactions on episode 5 of SnK haha. I also watch his Legend of Korra reviews, although I didn't like the 2nd season too much. I still need to watch the 3 episodes of the 3rd season that just came out :)
Do you watch any other reviewers?

Haha, really? I love really smart characters. I will have to check it out sooner or later, but the airing anime that have been out lately have been keeping me so busy! 2014 has been amazing for anime. But speaking of really smart characters, I'm sure the main characters in the upcoming series, Terror in Tokyo, are super smart too. I mean, they have to be, to be terrorist and take on Japan. And everyone loves good antiheroes ^^ I don't remember the last time I've watched a series with an antihero.

Thanks for the good luck! I did well on my last test and in the class overall :D

Mojophobia | 06-26-14, 6:25 PM
Oh gosh, I love your spam pictures of SnK! Especially that Game of thrones cross. Hilarious xD

Ando- | 06-25-14, 10:34 AM
That last HxH episode was so beautiful. Togashi is such an amazing writer.

Here's an episode review from Sawyer7mage:

I love his reviews. He goes so much in depth into each episode. Too bad he doesn't review more anime :( His reviews are usually just the big shounen anime like Naruto and One Piece. Every once in a while he would pick up a new series, and I was so happy when he picked up HxH :D

Ando- | 06-20-14, 6:26 PM
What's interesting? Haha

Hahaha, that does seem really interesting. Have you ever watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0? It animated what it could be like if an 8.0 earthquake hit Tokyo. This was actually aired before the actual earthquake happened too. It was really good. Probably the closest thing to make me shed a tear since Clannad haha. The only time I've ever shed a tear while watching anime was whenever I watched Anohana. I'm actually re-watching it with a friend right now! She's not a big anime person at all, so I'm trying to get her into some :)

Yes, good teachers are definitely hard to come by, especially in college. You already paid them, so they don't really have to care if they don't love teaching -__-;
Haha, for me, games are fine as long as it doesn't get in the way of school. That's the problem though, I always get wayy too addicted and I become sleep deprived and my grades drop ><

Does lack of sleep affect your memory long term? If so, that could be a reason why my memory is so bad haha.
Idk if it's real, but I once read about this experiment during World War II where a group of "scientist" forced a few people to take drugs that would keep them up 24/7 and kept them in a dark room for a really long time. The photos of the experimentees were horrible. They looked like mummies/zombies. It could all be fake though!
I just looked it up. It was all fake :( Oh well, it's still an interesting/creepy story though haha. Here's a link:

Hmm, so do you think HxH will be ending soon?
I love how smart/clever NGNL is. Really gotta give props to the author. Dude is a genius haha. I believe he's half Japanese. He grew up in Brazil and moved to Japan to be a mangaka. I thought that was pretty cool. But yeah, I always loved main characters that were really smart. I love being amazed/mindblown at how smart someone is in a show hahaha. Like L and Light in Death Note or Lelouch in Code Geass :D

I like that song also! They also did Hologram for FMA :) What's your most played song?

Thanks! I really hope I can do good on this test so I can maintain my A. I made a low A on the last test, but I wasn't too excited about it. I felt like I put in soo many hours to study for it that I was expecting a high A. Oh well, what's done is done. One more test to go!
So if you don't pass this math exam, you won't be able to go to college? That sounds horrible >< You can do it though! Fight-oh! :D

Ando- | 06-17-14, 12:35 PM
I've been studying so much for my physics test all weekend and Monday. It's been pretty stressful, but I just finished the test! I think I did good. Hopefully haha. Finals is in 9 days though D:

Only time I've been out of the country was to go to Vietnam to visit my dad's family. He was the only one of his family to make it here. I've actually never asked him how that happened surprisingly. I'll ask him next time if I remember haha. (My parents are divorced, and I live with my mom). But yeah, that Vietnam trip was 10 years ago. I actually stopped by Tokyo for a day! Sadly though, I wasn't that into Japan at age 11 :( We were actually supposed to only stop at the airport in Tokyo then leave to Vietnam, but out flight from Houston to Tokyo was delayed so we missed our next flight. They had to check the plane for a bomb :O
Hmm, there isn't anywhere as close to as much as I want to go to Japan, but England, Paris, China, Thailand, and Italy come to mind. I was never really all too interested in the Renaissance, but after taking world literature, the teacher made it so interesting haha. I wish all my teachers were like him :P

We had to cancel the movie plans since a couple people couldn't make it, so we're going in 2 weeks. A lot of my friends are going to a EDM festival in Las Vegas this week. It seems like it'd be a lot of fun, but it costs too much for me to go :( Maybe one day haha.

I've heard of that show! It was because they asked my favorite CoD team to guest star in it haha. They couldn't do it, however :/ I hope eSports grows too. I only have a few friends I can talk about it with. It'd be nice to have more people interested in it haha. I was never good at MOBA's, so I'd probably suck at LoL haha. Although, if I were to play one, that'd probably be it. I like playing MMORPG's more though. I used to play MapleStory all the time haha I wanna play the new MMO Final Fantasy, but yeah, not enough time D: Too bad we can't freeze time to play games xD

There are so much things to do to sleep more though! I wish we didn't have to sleep for energy. We'd save so much time! Haha. I always liked how hotels have those think curtains where it covers up the sun for you. I would get some, but then I'd probably sleep even more into the day than I already do haha.
Don't procrastinate this time! How many times can you retake it? I think you'll pass it this time around :)
I know what you mean. It's also a lot easier to remember things when you know how it works rather than knowing that that's just how it is.
Good luck with your studies also :)

Maybe it's a short arc? I don't think they should branch off on their own. I personally didn't like how the first FMA ended, so I hope they put the series on hold. Then we pray that Togashi doesn't go on another hiatus x_x hahaha.
Haikyuu has been awesome. 2nd favorite of the season behind NGNL. I absolutely loved that moment when Hinata was telling Asahi about why he loves spiking the ball. You can really tell how passionate he is about volleyball through how detailed his description was :) I haven't read the manga. I'm not a big fan of the art, and I'm not a big manga reader either ><
Yeah, I think it also felt like something was missing in it for me as well. Just barely missed my favorites. But I did love it, and I can't wait to see what PA can do with Glasslip. It's also gonna be the first summer anime that airs on my ptw list. Can't wait :D

I love Wareta Ringo. It's the most played song on my phone :) What are your other favorites?

Ando- | 06-09-14, 10:06 PM
Took the first physics test today and did really good :D I went to the tutoring place to do my homework after class every day, studied every night on the weekend and even came to school an extra day to study for it. It all paid off :) Hopefully, I can keep up my grades with the next few tests!

I was actually watching MLG XGames all weekend also, and my favorite team finally won a championship in over a year. Then I got my acceptance letter to the university that I'm going to in the mail. Pretty awesome day :)

Congrats on finishing your exams and doing good on the last one! :) When do the results come in?

Seems like you studied your butt off too haha. I want to travel the world one day, so maybe I'll stop by Estonia and we could meet. That'd be really cool :) But it takes so much time/money to do that sort of stuff, so it'll probably be a really long time from now D: Around where I live, people usually go to the casinos to drink, gamble, and to the clubs. Other than that, people go to restaurants and to the movies. Sometimes, they'll go out of town to go to concerts and stuff. I'm actually going to the movies to watch Edge of Tomorrow this Thursday! The live action adaptation of All you need is Kill. Hollywood usually fails and changes a lot of things when adapting a live action of anything Japanese, but the movie has a really high rating so far, so we'll see. I'm excited :)

I managed to still watch the event, but had to study a lot right after haha. It's not the last event. another event is in a couple weeks actually. But yeah, pro gamers gather to compete in a first-person shooter game called Call of Duty. The XGames is the biggest/main event for extreme sports like skateboarding and BMX bikes here in the US, so it's pretty crazy that they included a video game into the contests. Video games as a competition/"sport" isn't as popular here in the US, so getting into the XGames was a huge deal for the Call of Duty eSports community. I remember watching my first event about a year and a half ago, the live stream had 20-25k viewers. This weekend, the viewer count hit 157,000, so it's growing pretty fast here :) I believe League of Legends is the biggest eSport around the world at the moment though. Did you know the pro LoL players in South Korea are regarded as "heroes" there? That's what I've heard anyway.
I've never read much books myself, but I think it's pretty cool to find interest in more things ^^
I always try to avoid MMO's as I get way too addicted and start to slack off in school and such. They are fun to play though, which sucks for me T-T haha

That's not a very good thing to say about yourself LOL You studied pretty hard and it paid off! I have a tutoring partener from my physics class and she's so smart, it makes me feel super slow. I am kinda slow, but still. I don't like it LOL.

I never played any organized football for my school or anything (I wish I did), but I did play with my friends in this one event that was hosted once a year. I played slot wide receiver because of my height (I'm not very tall T-T hahaha.) Wide receivers play on offense and catch the ball from the quarterback who throws the ball to try and score. Slot WRs are usually smaller and run routes around the middle of the field, while taller WRs line up on the outside closer to the sidelines.
That's why you make friends with your teammates :D

I just started my 3rd week in class. 11 more days to go I believe. I actually should be sleeping right now 'cause I have to be up in 6 hours, but I took a nap earlier and it messed everything up :P haha

Hahaha, HxH definitely has been very good. I wonder what will happen to Gon now. I also heard that the anime is only behind 30-35 chapters? But the anime is already planning out the next arc.. I believe they have announced the cast for it.
I'm also really enjoying Haikyuu!! The last 3 episodes were amazing :) Summer anime is almost here also. So many promising anime this summer, but I'm most and super excited to watch Glasslip. I hope it'll be as good or even better than NagiAsu. Too bad the sales for Nagi weren't all too great. I want PA works to keep going with these kinds of series.

Ando- | 06-01-14, 8:58 PM
With some hard work, I hope I can get an A in this class. I've been going to the tutoring place after class every day for some help. First test is Monday next week too, so ill have to study over the weekend, which sucks, 'cause I watch competitive Call of Duty (a first-person shooter video game) and there's a huge event going on next weekend at the XGames D:

Exams there are pretty spread out there huh? Here, we usually have all our exams within a week. If you're unlucky, two could end up on the same day :P
That exam you're taking next seems pretty hard with all those subjects. Good luck on it!

Idk, the usual problem I have with sleeping is that when I lay down to sleep, I think of anything and everything and it keeps me awake hahaha.

Maybe you can try training yourself before you start? Maybe run in a park? I can't really give you much more advice than that 'cause I have sports asthma which basically means I can't build up any more stamina than I already have. Sucks, but I've learned to live with it. I still have fun playing American football every now and then :) I hope you have fun and succeed in badminton. Fight-oh! :D

Haha, I just wanna get through this class and start my summer break. It feels good not having to be stressed about school. Just 4 more weeks to go!

LOAD | 06-01-14, 12:19 PM
It's Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu :-)

Ando- | 05-30-14, 5:41 PM
Sorry for the late reply. I just started my summer physics class. One of the first things he told us was, "For the next 5 weeks, you will not have a life." Or something along the lines of that, and he was right LOL. I'm already having some trouble in there, most likely because of my lack of physical science classes. I hope I'll survive x__x haha.

Are you done with all your exams now? I feel you with procrastination. I do it all the time haha I hope you did good on all your exams!

America does have a lot of things. I feel very lucky to be born here instead of Vietnam. I would be living a completely different life!
And yeah, cherry blossoms definitely won't feel the same if I saw them here.

I've always had trouble sleeping. I'm an insomniac haha. But the other day, I couldn't sleep, so I got desperate and googled "how to sleep" and one of the suggestions was to be a rebel by keeping your eyes wide open and telling yourself to stay awake. I can't believe it worked LOL I've been sleeping pretty early and waking up for school the past week because of it. Your eyes start to get heavy, then you just fall asleep. It's pretty amazing LOL.
My bad, I meant that my mom hates that I sleep so far into the day and wake up late afternoon haha

I'm pretty sure they learned their lesson. Too bad the cost was other people's lives >< You always gotta be prepared! I don't think I should be one to say that though hahaha.

Well when I was a kid and saw them plundering the video game/movie rental place, I was like, "Mann, I wish we were there first!" LOL But idk how I feel about it now. I personally wouldn't do it now unless there was something I really needed in there. Then again, if you don't get it, someone else will huh? Idk haha
Haha, it's fine. Feel free to ask me anything :)

I remember the first time I tried tennis. I didn't know you weren't supposed to hit the ball super hard, and I swung the ball out of the court past the super tall fence lmao I bet it takes a lot of stamina for badminton and tennis with all the running around. But yeah, competition in sports is one of my favorite things. It just feels great when know you just did something incredible :) I hope you enjoy playing badminton!

Ando- | 05-22-14, 3:20 AM
I just noticed that I never responded to your last paragraph. I guess I was too tired haha. But I just made that up :) How do NEETs support themselves anyway? Haha I honestly had to look up what badminton was. I don't think it's too popular here in the US. It does look fun though ^^ Well I was kinda forced to go outside (LOL), since my cousin came down and wanted to have fun. But it was pretty fun in the end :)

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