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Hi! Im busy with studies! So i won't be replying very often,


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Ando- | 4 hours ago
You finished Your Lie in April :D

Ando- | 5 hours ago
Hello! Sorry I haven't replied in a long time. I've been playing/practicing Smash for the tourney I went to yesterday. I didn't place nearly as high as I wanted though. Just one of those days I guess. It's all good, 'cause I had fun at the event :)

I did pretty good on my finals :) How about you? Or did you finish already? Hmm, don't know if you're into Computer Science? Choosing a major to be involved in for the rest of your life is hard ><

I probably should be more careful with passwords o__o; But I'm so lazy to write them all down =P Those courses do sound interesting though.

Don't be so negative D: You just gotta keep at it. Hard work will pay off. But if you really don't have the passion for it, maybe it's not for you? I'm only in engineering, because math is one of my best subjects, and it'll lead me to a comfortable lifestyle. Pretty boring, huh? Haha.

I probably heard his name somewhere before, but I don't know anything about Feynman. It's good that you are interested in stuff like that though. My passions don't get me too far in life, but hey, I've met some awesome people that I wouldn't have met otherwise :)

You draw? :) I wish I had some kind of talent like drawing or singing, but my drawings are bad, and singing.. well, yeahh.. xD

You made a game. That's cool :O I crept a little bit on your channel, muhaha :D Is that you recording the rabbit and cat? ^^

I thought they just used sticky rice for sushi. There are probably more expensive rice though. But sticky rice here is pretty cheap, and it tastes great :)

I can understand that with food channels. I want to have what they're having, but I either can't afford it, or it's too complicated to make, even if it's simple to make lmao. Food critics must have the life.. xD

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is on my high priority PTW list! (Is there a shorter way to say the Japanese title? Like Danmachi haha.) I need to get through the Winter seasons shows I've started, and the Spring season is almost over. There are so many shows I want to check out D: Anyways, here's my list as of right now:

Oh man, don't even get me started on the glasses girl in Parasyte *doublefacepalm* LOL.
There were definitely a lot of philosophical themes in there. I guess it's true that humans are the closest things to demons =T

Inception was amazing :D I haven't watched it in a while though.. I really like how at the end of Interstellar, it was revealed that humans evolved into beings that could perceive more than 3 dimensions. I'm not a religious person myself, so I thought that was a really cool view on things ^^
Woah, it took them a whole year to visualize a worm hole and a black hole. The visuals in the film were definitely pretty amazing.

I hope you did well on your exams! Unless you haven't taken them yet. If so, good luck. You got this :D

Ando- | 05-07-15, 8:25 AM
Don't worry about it, school comes first. I've just recently finished finals recently, and it was really stressful =P When is your next break?

Hmm, sushi here is sorta expensive, but it's not too bad. Not like fine dining or anything.
I've made sushi before also :D The tenpura flakes take too much effort to make so I haven't made anymore. And you have to cook a certain kind of rice also. And I'm just lazy xD I really like watching people cook on the Food Channel, but I was never into cooking myself.

Yeah, I wanna rewatch Shigatsu again, but I'll wait for the BDs. That, and I don't think I'm ready for the feels again LOL.
I really liked the last episode of Parasyte.

Also, I watched Interstellar last night. I was awesome :D When the credits started playing and I saw that Christopher Nolan directed it, I was like, "Well that makes sense." He directed my favorite movie, Inception :) Officially my favorite director now! Haha.

I just read the first chapter of The Manga guide to Physics. It really does simplify things xD Pretty cool stuff :)

Ando- | 04-21-15, 9:26 PM
Hey, I miss you! Hope you're doing well with your studies! Growing up sucks huh? =P

Ando- | 03-14-15, 6:05 PM
Hello! I took my tests yesterday and got done with my homework just a few hours ago, so now I'm officially on spring break \(^▽^@)ノ
The tests were stressing me out, but now I feel so free! LOL

Yup, I pretty much ate enough sushi to weigh an entire kid. It felt like it anyway xD
Well Idk what sushi is like in Estonia, but I don't believe the common sushi here in America isn't like sushi from Japan (that's what I'm always told anyway). The sushi most people get here are rolls where on the outside to inside, it's rice, seaweed, and then whatever seafood and/or vegetables you like. Oh yeah, and there's usually somekind of seafood on top. Here's a picture of what sushi from Japan is like. Although, we do have stuff like that too. Here are pictures of rolls from one of my favorite restaurants here!

Looking at these pictures make me so hungry hahaha
What's sushi like in Estonia?

I know what you mean when you say time flies. I haven't really done anything all day besides my homework, and I've been up for 16 hours o__o I'm trying to fix my sleep schedule because for the past week, I've litterally been a night owl. I would wake up at 12-3am and sleep when I got home from school. I don't even remember how it happened. My sleep has been sparatic my whole life =P

Ahh, I didn't know they had a name for people like that. I'm a self learner too. High five! I can almost never follow along with lectures during class, but I've learn to deal with it. I just look at my notes and go to tutors if I really don't get something. I beleive study groups are pretty productive, although I haven't gotten into one myself.
I honnestly have no idea what you're talking about xD But yeah, a lot of university professors here don't give a shit about us either. Some of them are too smart and won't "dumb" it down to a student's level and some of them are just there to teach and get paid. There are a few that actually care and can actually teach though lol

I hope you're doing well in school! Just keep at it and it'll pay off down the road is what they always say haha.

Yeah, Shigatsu isn't an anime for everyone. As a person that used to write poetry and can appriciate depth, I really love the poetic lines in the series. And I love how colorful it is! The soundtrack is amazing. The animation durng the performances and the performances themselves are breathtaking. Some of the scenes were so beautiful, it left me just staring at my screen until the ending was over. A heroine that "needs saving?" I feel like this anime was made for me xD Well, you know, besides the whole musical genius part LOL I want to start rewatching it now, but I know I'll catch up to the latest episode again before the last one comes out in a few days. And this show is definitely better marathonned. You just carry the feels from one episode to the next until your feels build up so much, you'll feel nauseous and need a break LOL I'm not making this sound like it's very fun to watch huh? xD Maybe I'm just a feels masochist LOL

razamataz | 03-05-15, 8:12 PM
and I just now realized that the background image in your anime list is Koyuki. very cool. I never paid much attention to it before, I guess. mostly because you have a few spoilers in your 'notes' section, so I only was looking at the name of the anime, and the score you gave...ignoring the right side of the screen. lol

razamataz | 03-03-15, 9:37 PM
hey. I wanted to let you know that I watched Beck. so glad you recommended that to me a while back. I watched the dub version, since the songs sounded way better in english, in my opinion. they did a fantastic job. it's definitely one of my favorites, for sure.

Ando- | 03-01-15, 2:27 AM
Thank you very much for the birthday wishes :D I felt like I ate 100lbs of sushi on my birthday LOL. Idk why the US uses the English system. It's so stupid and complicated. Even the English don't use the English system lmao. Sorry if that came out of no where xD

Don't call yourself stupid (/゚Д゚)/ You just gotta put your nose in the books! How's it going so far?

For me, last week was a bit hectic. I was stressing out trying to prepare for my tests, and I'm gonna have to go back at it in the next two weeks. I'm gonna have 2 tests and a paper to write >< But for right now, I'm not too busy and enjoying some free time since I did my homework early for once haha

What have you been keeping up with? After I marathoned and caught up with Parasyte and Shigatsu, I realized that it's a lot more enjoyable to watch that way compared to watching weekly. I think I'm gonna stop watching airing anime now and just pick up whatever I like (^‿^) Parasyte is really, really good just like you said, and I absolutely fell in love with Shigatsu. I will marathon the last 5 episodes of both series as soon as they finish airing :)

Ando- | 02-08-15, 5:19 PM
Three? Woah, you really can read manga haha My airing anime are getting backloaded again since I'm so slow xD Ao Haru Ride was definitely good. I actually dropped it after six episodes, but after listening to that wonderful OP one day, I decided to pick it back up and then I loved the 2nd half :) I didn't really enjoy 5 Centimeters Per Second either. It wasn't until I read some analysis about how it's about moving on that I really appreciated it. And that animation is really something ^^ I love Makoto Shinkai's animation style. It's so damn beautiful haha.

I can't keep up with DRRR's storytelling, so I find it to be a bit tedious to piece everything together, but that's okay. That's part of what makes the show what it is!
It's hard to picture Izaya in the hospital. Guy is so sneaky and witty haha. Only time he ever got hurt I believe is when Simon punched him. Like in that short video you made xD The only time I remember him in a hospital is when he pretty much put Kida's girlfriend in the hospital.

I've been good! How about you? ^^
Well I'm still just an engineer major in general. I don't have to change it until I start taking the more specific classes, so I haven't seen an advisor yet.. I'm pretty much just procrastinating lmao.
It's okay. As long as you keep trying to pass that exam as cheesy as that sounds haha.

It's not really that I was embarrassed for posting twice, it's more like I was frustrated that I wrote it twice and then found out that I didn't need to in the first place! Haha.

Ahh, okay. I have an iPhone. Are Apple products popular around where you live? About 90% of the people I know have iPhones here, and if not, they have an Android.

Well I hope you passed that exam you had to retake! Are you currently on a break from school? When are your breaks over there? Sorry if I ask too many questions. I really enjoy finding out about other countries and cultures :D

kaitonic | 02-01-15, 9:39 AM
Under The Dome is an adaptation of Stephen King and most shows that is base on Stephen King book are really good.....

YumeNoMonogatari | 02-01-15, 9:10 AM

kaitonic | 01-30-15, 12:41 PM
Nodame is definitely one of my favourite and really deserve it.There is 3 seasons you have to watch and about Lost,i have only watch the first season.Have you watch Under the Dome?

Ol-Hybrius | 01-30-15, 5:56 AM
I still have to watch the Mushishi anime. Maybe I'll check on the manga too. I'm currently reading "Yesterday" wo Utatte on scans, reminds me of NHK somehow.

As for Gantz, well the problem is not really the fact that the mystery got resolved, in my opinion. I'll post my thoughts under spoiler tags, in case someone who hasn't read the manga yet come accros my comment (If you're one of the "someone" I just mentionned, who are just spying on Lylaaz's profile, reading my comment, well just get the hell out of here and go read that manga, it would be a better use of your time, trust me ! :P).

I may be rough about this, but I don't like perfect stories being wasted in the end. I think it's better to know how you want things to end when you start to write a story, or at least, quickly after. It may permit to avoid some disaster like this, but that's just my opinion. And who knows, maybe the author wanted things to end like that from the very beginning and if so, well I guess I just didn't connect with him in the end. ^^

kaitonic | 01-30-15, 5:11 AM
Oh how does Arrow has anything similar to Lost.They are both completely different.

Nodame Cantabile and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso aren't the same thing but they do both share classical music but Nodame is more comedy and Shigatsu more drama.I really love the couple of Nodame which are perfect together....

kaitonic | 01-27-15, 7:56 PM
Lol i hope one day you will watch GG.I love Kiseijuu, it's one of the best anime i'm watching right now with Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso...

Prison Break, so many memories and i love it.Cast from Prison in now playing in Arrow and The Flash as guest start...

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