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August 22, 1996
New York
August 29, 2009
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•lulu •8/22/96 •new york •anime •manga •final fantasy •kingdom hearts •cosplay •jrock/jpop •♥

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MaahHeim | 07-06-14, 4:53 PM
You're rooting Taichi x Chihaya as well! Omg! <3 Amazing taste ofc

christopherj | 07-01-14, 3:05 AM
hey whats up

Jets | 06-09-14, 10:56 PM
How's it going?
This is random, but I followed your cosplay page, and added you on FB.

Menatsu | 05-29-14, 11:56 AM
was reading hakuoki discussion forum and saw your rage post about chizuru like 4 yrs ago and it made me laugh so thought i'd add ya lol :D

LaLa69 | 05-19-14, 5:17 AM
Do you role play?

1sttimer | 03-02-14, 10:49 AM

Horrawr | 02-21-14, 3:30 PM
Just gave you a like on your cosplay page. Your stuff is awesome nice job! I got a lot of cons planned for this year on the east coast hope to see ya there :D

Snoringduck | 01-01-14, 10:46 AM
Happy New Year!!!

FlyHighhManny | 12-18-13, 1:51 PM
thank you for the acceptance :3<3

LethargicShinobi | 10-25-13, 5:29 AM
Anohana.. Nice
Epic cosplay ^^
You should cosplay Hyūga Hinata or Hitagi Senjōgahara you look like the perfect canvas (I called you a canvas >.< hehe) for the job

Vagina | 10-24-13, 10:36 PM
Cool, pretty nice cosplay there.

aifukola | 10-11-13, 12:46 AM
I 1000% agree with you. I feel so bad for Taichi but I WON'T FORGIVE HIM FOR NEVER ACTUALLY TAKING ACTION oh my god Chihaya snap out of it already!


I need to know what happens next before I overthink things and cry again. I have like 100 sad headcanons already and I hate it. BUT TAICHI AND CHIHAYA ARE MEANT TO BE I CAN NOTLKJGFDSDFGHJDKGJ (/□≦、) 

aifukola | 10-10-13, 2:08 PM
Have you read two new chapters of Chihayafuru oh my god I can't even !! I read them on kissmanga I don't know if they're up elsewhere yet but !!

fangsSA13 | 10-04-13, 7:27 PM
Yesh, well I think I did, I'm the girl w/red hair praying for pocky >.< <yeshI'mawkward?>

and yup! In SF there's cons but most are just festivals and like little one-day cons.

Yes I do, Otakon! I think I heard of Katsucon but I can't think of it now, it sounds familiar!!

Dang the farthest con I went to was Sac-anime which was in Sacramento, AX is too expensive/far for me, maybe when I'm older :3

fangsSA13 | 10-02-13, 6:32 PM
Do you ever go to cons near SF or do you just stay in NY?

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