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August 29, 1991
August 29, 2008
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O2djob | 12-23-10, 4:55 PM
hey how are you

TakuTaku | 10-20-10, 3:15 PM
hi ^^

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-28-10, 11:21 AM
haha yea i guess that makes sense lol

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-27-10, 2:54 PM
haha :D
wow, thats crazy

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-27-10, 10:43 AM
yea, but two weeks is still pretty nice!

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-26-10, 7:58 AM
yea i hear that, could definitely do with a couple days off to just lay back and relax xD

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-25-10, 5:40 PM
true that!
oh gotcha, well its still great being done and just chillin, takin it easy :D

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-25-10, 12:33 PM
wow, real partier arent ya? :D
painful?? yea i understand being broke lol

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-25-10, 9:32 AM
haha you know it!
ah yea, i know what you mean, but when i've got work, school, and workouts 24/7, i enjoy taking a break and throwing a few back

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-24-10, 8:42 PM
haha no problem!
yea ive never blacked out (least not yet...friends wanna changed that lol) but ive definitely come close. see i turn 21 next month and it happens to be exam week, so a week after my bday, im done with school til september....gonna get so wrecked!

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-03-10, 8:50 PM
haha yea im quite the heavyweight...comes with years of building up a tolerance...
but when im off the stuff for too long, the first night back i get hit so hard so fast its not even funny xD

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-03-10, 3:06 PM
Oh nice xD
Thats awesome, sounds like a really fun night ! I had a similar night last weekend, except i was far far far beyond hammered ^^
Eh, no complaints.

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-02-10, 3:45 PM
heyo ^^
how are you doing??

O2djob | 02-18-10, 11:56 AM
well yeah for the moment its ok teacher are talking about somebasic stuff

O2djob | 02-18-10, 8:07 AM
well im in college so they make some boring activities and the class i dont want to talk about it

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