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September 4,
February 13, 2011
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To all my AC buddies who don't recognize me:
I'm Reep Reep

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Dripstylish | Yesterday, 5:58 AM
Lmao, calling that emo it's inappropriate xD

Yeah... He has the second one as his skype status too. Attention-whore much?

BlackteZz | 04-20-14, 5:34 AM
Ganbatte! :>

I plan on someday watching the whole show properly<3
First off we have the whole messiah thing.Naruto being the messiah and everytime he opens his mouth someone is turned from being totally evil to good...his preaching reached the lvl of jesus.I think it's safe to say that kishi's new source of inspiration is the bible.

I'm the opposite of him,don't like Higurashi no naku koro ni at all...from what i have seen so far from pics and vids D:

bloomsk | 04-19-14, 2:59 AM
Your username seems familiar but I am not sure if I know who you are. Sorry
Good to hear! Nice I have spring break as well until Tuesday. Hope you will have a good spring break. ^^

Aclaw | 04-18-14, 5:26 AM
Is that good or bad? :O

Lolitha | 04-18-14, 4:54 AM
Okay then. Will try it when I get on anime watching mood :/ nope. is there anything worth watching?

BlackteZz | 04-16-14, 6:22 AM
The only reason ptw list exist is to put anime which you aren't sure if you want to watch,otherwise i just instantly watch them.

Like Gintama,i don't follow the anime,yet i have probably watched every epic arc xD
When Naruto ends the hokage system will not even exist anymore...his dream will never come true...the way Naruto is going right now it's like Kishi is writing a bible<_<

Remember dat username,not sure about his personality tho : o

Dripstylish | 04-15-14, 12:36 PM
Well, teach me otherwise /rolleyes

No, what did he post? xD

Dripstylish | 04-14-14, 12:49 PM
Probably not. <___<

Well yeah, me too. : O
Why not just add us in a convo on skype when we're both online?
Though i'm not online that often. xD

bloomsk | 04-14-14, 11:08 AM
Luace-san, how are you?

Dripstylish | 04-14-14, 12:12 AM
I'm not. I've been reading mangas lately. D:
I wanted to wait for a bit, so i'd have more eps to watch. Don't spoil me. >: O

.__. Well okay then lol. When is it gonna be?

BlackteZz | 04-13-14, 10:56 AM
Gl with your 265 ptw anime D:

You follow the manga aswell?I like Naruto too...ever since dat he fought dat pain guy he became kinda mature and after like 100 chaps of Naruto showing how mature and fit to be Hokage he is,Sasgay shows up and takes the spotlight in like 2 chaps<_<

You better be,don't mistake for someone with a bad taste >;(

BlackteZz | 04-11-14, 12:55 PM
Ah Mako...It kinda felt like she lived in her own universe outside the show XD

You should rewatch it at some point.

Meh,i still kinda read the manga,but yes,i'm not a big fan of the series...especially what the sh*t kishimoto(the author) pulls later on D:
Hell no...I love ED<3 i used to wear his pic as profile pic,remember woman >:O plus fma(both series) are like my big favos m.m

Dripstylish | 04-10-14, 5:41 AM
It does.
YESSSS!! OP <3333

Yeah whatever. Why can't he ask himself? ._.

Dripstylish | 04-10-14, 12:00 AM
Yeah i dunno. Used to love FT but i kinda got out of it. I barely remember it right now D:

Ofc he does :l

Dripstylish | 04-09-14, 4:31 AM
Well she's annoying. D:
Does she get together with Gray? :O

Look at my anime list. .__.

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