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July 19, 2012
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RandomChampion | 04-18-14, 11:34 PM
why a brotha never be a hero?

why white man always gotta be the hero?

tsudecimo | 04-17-14, 3:14 AM
Awesome. Excellent! my plan to make everyone a Naruto fan is working nicely.

Tsuyuu | 04-16-14, 7:21 AM
I see you've been watching space brothers after all.

How's it?

Regicide | 04-15-14, 7:45 AM
ehehe i didn't fail calc
its all about that staying over at a friends house and studying your face off the week before the finals

hows you
(1 week late lol)

ssjokg | 04-14-14, 3:50 AM
Sorry for the delay but I was banned for a fe days....don't ask.. appearently pointing out that a user is bullshiting with facts is a "personal attack"....
Yes we got a name but we dont know if it is true...

Got bored,new anime/manga,work got more bored....

Well you dont lose anything GREAT anyway.

Nope, not yet.That will be the next LN I start.

Yes but I wait for NanoDesu's translations.The available ones, at least from what I saw in volume 5 are full with typos and mistakes.

I work as an unloader at Athen's central fish market
I will buy some weights for home.That is enough for me.
The PV's gave me some hope.Now I wait for the 2nd pv's HD release.
My friends brought for my bday MGS V:Ground Zeroes and I bought Assassin's Creed Black Flag and Fifa 2014.I didnt want to buy Fifa since I am a Proevo fan but there in PS4 version yet so....

Been there....But I didnt cry.Relationships aside I dont cry for anything I know I am bad at.

gigglingidiot | 04-13-14, 11:11 PM
see you in a few hours
don't be stingy on kisses~

Tsindria | 04-13-14, 5:43 PM
Javpls. I'm chocolatey. The KKK would come after me. I count.

And I have plenty of dark friends! There's LaFawnduh and Weaveycakes and Kandi...strippers count, right?

Pffft! You being a baka ossan doesn't mean anything. Are you absolutely sure that you aren't packing an extra tool in dat box? Hmm?!

Randy wants Mellow to have his child? I KNEW IT!

What can I say, I've been around the block a few times. At this point though it's more like the entire county. Whatever tho.

gigglingidiot | 04-12-14, 4:04 PM
i give you a taj gibson gif and you give me a wayne gif. unequivalent exchange. smh.

yayaya! we finished magi together 100 years later. *high fives*

you're even sweeter, habibi. :)

MellowJello | 04-12-14, 11:26 AM

Amon-Raw | 04-12-14, 11:22 AM
But I'm about to private msg u , you got an instagram?

Amon-Raw | 04-12-14, 10:39 AM
Man when Rose got injured again man that was it for the bulls man, he rushed his injury and he was to quick to start playing aggressive, I still like the bulls myself. Oh but can't sleep on the clippers either man 55-24 their pretty solid bruh and Crawford is raw to and surprisingly neither of us mentioned OKC ...damn we tried them, their good to

DarknessOfEmo | 04-11-14, 7:45 PM
Oh shoot, I was so focused on calling you JR and not calling you the dawg of Birdman. My mistakes.

Now you are Dawg Birdman. grrrrr.

DarknessOfEmo | 04-10-14, 6:03 AM
Because you are Birdman JR. :D

Hidden_Joker | 04-08-14, 9:38 PM
Ey man, I can never catch you on skype no more.
lol thanks man.


tsudecimo | 04-08-14, 1:31 PM
HELL YEAH! What you said really made me happy.

When did you pick up the manga? I vaguely remember you saying that you put Shippudden on hold when you were active.

Why did you become inactive anyway? Got bored of Mal?

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