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09-04-10, 10:02 PM
August 28, 2010
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name credit goes to buwie

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buwie | 12-24-10, 3:41 PM
Merry Christmas!

ashuriskiss | 11-17-10, 8:00 AM

Hi there everyone!
If you’ve been keeping up you’ll know that Guardian’s Academy is up and running has had its first day of class. Well this message is to let you know we'll officially be ending the first day of class on this Sunday and starting out with Academy Club Days on Monday. Haven’t been RPing or haven’t made a character yet? That’s no problem, now’s the perfect time to start. Feel free to join in and have fun. The more RPers there are the merrier.
Well that’s all for now and hopefully see you all at Guardian’s Academy!

Eko | 09-06-10, 6:43 PM
hiya nya *give you fishy*

(BTW I'm 21 in a band and going to record next month!!!! and my name is micaiah flores)

kittykarin13 | 09-06-10, 6:33 PM
hi dad

Teddy_Blue | 09-04-10, 10:03 PM
good an u?

Teddy_Blue | 09-04-10, 9:57 PM

kittykarin13 | 09-02-10, 11:31 AM
^.^ nuuu tails wiggles-

kittykarin13 | 09-01-10, 8:57 PM
yay i guss ...
good night dad im sleepy luv u ^-^ kisses cheek-

kittykarin13 | 09-01-10, 8:31 PM
yup mal dad u be okay?

kittykarin13 | 09-01-10, 8:19 PM
Blinks- nya kitty ears goes thinking- ummm nyaa 26? 35 lets just sya ur old enough to be my dad??

Teddy_Blue | 09-01-10, 8:19 PM
i knw :p

kittykarin13 | 09-01-10, 8:09 PM
how old are u?

Teddy_Blue | 09-01-10, 7:58 PM
XD i guess

kittykarin13 | 09-01-10, 7:57 PM

kittykarin13 | 09-01-10, 7:56 PM
what? n huh?

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