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September 16, 1991
in font of a computer
February 13, 2008
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Time (Days) 135.6
Watching 23
Completed 472
On Hold 14
Dropped 92
Plan to Watch 35
Total Entries 636

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 27.4
Reading 29
Completed 32
On Hold 13
Dropped 1
Plan to Read 21
Total Entries 96

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Unknown :(

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About Lord_Kira
The scores on my anime list is actually how much I like it. How good they were as anime is a completely different scoring.

I like things that are different or unique or uncommon also cute

I do not accept random friend requests.

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Kannei | 02-05-14, 5:13 AM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

Origa-san | 04-05-11, 3:53 AM

-gonee- | 11-12-10, 7:49 PM
heys ^^

RyuushinNoOukami | 08-09-10, 8:55 PM
~ Mass Message from the Noizi Ito FC ~
Today is Noizi-sama's birthday! To celebrate, we've made some LE cards ^^ You can come request them here. They're limited to 45 requests, so hurry ^^

The Summer SE and 250+ LE have been open for some time and there are still some spots left, but there aren't very many, so hurry! ^^

There are some new character polls that have also been open for some time. If you haven't already, please come and vote here, here, and here ^^

We want to know about our members, so if you haven't already, please come and vote in this poll and this poll too ^^

DevilBlade | 07-25-10, 6:40 AM
Hi there would you like to join this club

mEan_nEko | 12-08-09, 8:07 PM
konnichiwa!! =3

Watanuki-kun | 11-29-09, 6:11 AM
okay doki ... don't be to smart from me. ...

karuhigamiDURV | 11-29-09, 4:38 AM
must be cool...

when four of us go in a boss, it was a suicide attack all the tinme...XXD

karuhigamiDURV | 11-28-09, 6:33 AM
well i would imagine you pwning us in seconds...


karuhigamiDURV | 11-28-09, 5:23 AM
hahahaha, i hide,
but i end being trumped easy....

my friends usually fight till the last one gets eaten...

Watanuki-kun | 11-28-09, 12:43 AM
actelly now I am doing a book report and it's like hell grrrrrrrrr
I was wish for the end of that nightmare ... could I just wish from a demon to destroed schools all over the world ?

Watanuki-kun | 11-27-09, 7:51 AM
you think so ? I am so want to try to write normol ....
of course the problem is in my head right ?

karuhigamiDURV | 11-27-09, 5:57 AM
hahaha, yeah that is the fun part...
i suck at the game, a zombie always creep up behind me...

me and my friend play a survival game where the last man standing wins...XXD
i always lose...

karuhigamiDURV | 11-26-09, 5:33 AM
yeah, but it's fun to play either way, hehehehe
so orig are expensive, that sucks...

hahaha, looks like you mastered the game huh.,...hehehe

karuhigamiDURV | 11-25-09, 5:38 AM
oh, you don't have an original copy...i see...

i play at a comp's fun...XXD


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