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Favorite Anime
Nodame Cantabile
Nodame Cantabile add
Ookami to Koushinryou
Ookami to Koushinryou add
Kobato. add
Gosick add
Natsume Yuujinchou San
Natsume Yuujinchou San add

Favorite Manga
Groove Adventure Rave
Groove Adventure Rave add
Kanata Kara
Kanata Kara add
Kingyosou add
Akaku Saku Koe
Akaku Saku Koe add
Aoi Kiseki
Aoi Kiseki add

Favorite Characters
Walker, Allen
Lute, Ryner
Fujimoto, Kiyokazu
Hanato, Kobato
Heartfilia, Lucy
Okazaki, Tomoya
Onda, Aka
Hino, Kahoko
Ashley, Lucy

Favorite People
Sakai, Kanako
Sakai, Kanako
Koshimizu, Ami
Koshimizu, Ami
Itou, Shizuka
Itou, Shizuka
Ono, Daisuke
Ono, Daisuke
Mashima, Hiro
Mashima, Hiro
Midorikawa, Yuki
Midorikawa, Yuki
Sakura, Amyuu
Sakura, Amyuu

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<-- me ^^
Ore-sama wa:

Lol xD i was sick while singing this.Not to mention the late hour...and yeah i wasn't very is song from sheep to sheep after all

^^ | >< | ^____^ | ~_~ | T_T | ^^" | O_O | <(|_|)> | *O* | (-L-)

Nice couple,aren't they?

My KagePro collection :P

Oh lol i am like this when i see insect....Blah I hate insects...still feel sory for the beetle.And i am happy the insects i chop not warp the time

Favourite vocaloid -> IA

Lolol no idea what are they saying but sounds so nice.I have heard that this is quite famous song in China but can't fins any romaji lyrics only kanji -_-

That chorus is so cool.What the...and that Hashitanai wa O.o

Song about condoms xD just there is no way not to put it in my profile Lol

I want to eat you

That lady is Killer for sure ;)

I love Natsume Yuujinchou.Youkaitachi wa saikou desu yo.

I started playing mahjong.This game is so nice,i recommend it to everyone :P

I am very busy so sorry if i can't reply much

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Lokester | 01-27-15, 3:17 PM
Yuuup ^^ call me Loke or Lokester c:
People normally just call me by my real name soo... yeeeh xD

Lokester | 01-08-15, 1:13 PM

littleally28 | 07-03-14, 11:41 AM

LaZwei-S | 06-18-14, 6:41 AM

Yuenosekai | 06-13-14, 8:48 PM

Days MV
-released on 06/13/14-

Yuenosekai | 05-29-14, 10:46 PM
The Kagerou Project

LaZwei-S | 05-19-14, 4:20 AM
The Kagerou Project

Yuenosekai | 05-13-14, 5:07 AM
The Kagerou Project

lunaillumina | 04-30-14, 9:23 AM
The Kagerou Project

lunaillumina | 03-24-14, 4:34 AM

The Kagerou Project


"Well then, I'll end it here. The next time the signal rings, let's have an even more wonderful conversation."

lunaillumina | 01-26-14, 2:03 AM
You're welcome! :]]

lunaillumina | 01-23-14, 3:21 AM
The Kagerou Project

Hello everyone! It's been a while~ I was on hiatus for quite some time but now I'm back. I'm really sorry!!!

Anywho, 2013 was such a memorable year for the KagePro fandom and 2014 is also a year to look forward to! Here's a breather and a little update about everything.

January 1, 2014 --
MEKAKUCITY V's was released.

Shounen Brave PV was uploaded.

Mekaku City Actors (MAL) (WEBSITE)
Spring, April 2014 (No exact date yet)
Aniplex, Shaft
Director: Akiyuki Shinbo
Script: Jin
Length: Single season (10-13 episodes)
Opening & Ending Song: New songs & some BGM by Jin; Ending video & Opening video concept by Shidu

Mary -
Kana Hanazawa
Enomoto Takane - Kana Asumi
Konoha - Mamoru Miyano

*Jan 25, 23:59, a 15-sec commercial video for the anime will be on Tokyo MX, BS11 & niconico (on mekakucity actors' NND channel, which will be free to watch). There will be a different commercial video every week for each character. Anime character design will appear with the voice actor's voice~

Novel volume 5 releasing on March 29, cover will be SetoMary.
Anthology comic -Spring- will be out on March 27.


Mekakushi Dan LE is NOW OPEN~
~This is to make up for all the character birthday editions I failed to make~

I have a lot of ideas for the club which I can't do right now since the bbcode is still faulty but once the [img] code comes back, I'm going to make some changes here and there.

So far, we've reached
611 members! Thanks for always supporting us! I believe that this year will be an awesome one for everyone in the fandom so let's all keep loving The Kagerou Project! :]]]

Thank you very much!-

BluexFire2 | 01-16-14, 11:44 AM
Hey, Lokastor. Just wanna stop by and say, "Happy Birthday!" Hope you have a great year!

Deus_Mortiis | 12-03-13, 3:50 PM
Frankly, I kind of hated Brigitte cause she bashed poor Isara for nearly half the series. But i suppose she'll marry that dude although it's not in the ova

Deus_Mortiis | 12-03-13, 1:06 AM
Ah man I tear up every time I watch Welkin crying in episode 19. Probably watched that scene several dozen times now. And I can't believe Isara died like 5 frickin seconds after she became friends with Brigitte.
Did you watch The Gallian Chronicles Theater? Cause in the 9th episode it shows the wedding of Alicia and Welkin.

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