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10-01-12, 5:38 AM
February 2, 1988
Bremerton, WA
May 21, 2010
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1000th episode watched: Episode 16 of One Piece
50th Anime Completed: DNAngel

How I rate anime
----Character Design

*I rate anime in such a way, that my graph should be close to balanced (few 1's and 10's, with there being more series scored midrange). That way, the animes I score high, really deserve the high scores. There are anime that are rated as low as 3 that I actually enjoyed, but the flaws I saw in them drive down their scores. For example I love Gantz, but the animation is almost too bad to watch (heads flying through the air and sliding across the ground without tumbling, etc.).

Yes I am one of those rare freaks who has imported the Fate/Zero Collectors Sets. In other words, a DVD[BD] collector.

Buy anime! Support the industry!

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08-14-12, 9:36 PM Edited 08-14-12, 9:39 PM

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Culex | 08-23-12, 3:34 AM
Im sure it is. I'm not one for reading reviews though. I've been tricked one to many times by rotten tomatoes into watching crappy movies.

Culex | 08-22-12, 8:45 PM
I think the problem was mostly because it did not fulfill peoples expectations. I mean, the director did hype up it a lot... or so I heard.

Culex | 08-22-12, 4:52 AM
Our compatibility is "Extremely High". Kind of a rare find.

Glad you like Fractale as much as I did. All I see are low ratings for it.

FGAU1912 | 08-20-12, 4:54 PM
used to live in Chiba move down to Fukuoka now i live in Ginza [ is closer to my place of work but i liked Chiba very much

FGAU1912 | 08-20-12, 2:41 AM
no alot of those 0.00 have just not been veiwed enough alot of them are very good anime
and my Job is to sort out all the drafts things then i submit everything edittws to the Head edtor and if he likes likes my changes he sends it back down to the Publishing floor if not the i get the isuues sent back to me to redoo more edits

FGAU1912 | 08-19-12, 5:07 PM
for exmaple go here

alot of good anime that has been wtached has got 0.00 ratings
you see

FGAU1912 | 08-19-12, 5:04 PM
im Jr editor and have been for 8 months

plz Change oyur exclusion point

cusae as i said alot of older anime will be lower if you were to look with your own eyes at the rankings

FGAU1912 | 08-19-12, 4:36 PM
side note if you want to work in the industry listen to me i work in it i work at animage

Leondre | 08-11-12, 8:04 PM
I don't think odd even begins to describe my taste, as I've yet to find anyone remotely similar.

KingGidora | 08-07-12, 8:35 PM
But honestly, man, I'm not here to debate or measure my knowledge against yours.

Me neither. I just happened to read your review and wanted to to discuss. You gave me sensible answers and interesting points there.

KingGidora | 08-07-12, 7:24 PM
In any case, if you want to talk about what people perceive as anime in the west Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto and such are widely known in the west as anime. Dragon Ball, specially brought more anime shows to western broadcasts, which eventually led it to VHS/DVDs/BDs. Which aspect of Death Noted pleased that much to fangirls , in your opinion?

If you want to talk about influence in the industry in Japan, the shows I mentioned before and classics as Doraemon were tons more significant.

Also, in what Death Note being mainstream proves/disproves its value? Does it even matter? Because those "western-who-don't-really-understand-theanimes" don't even know what Japanese anime is.

KingGidora | 08-05-12, 9:59 AM
Never before has a show had such a far reaching influnce.

Uh...Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira, Astro Boy...To name a few.

Nadian | 03-19-12, 5:50 PM
I've been buying blu-rays as they've come out and slowly catching up on stuff. Actually, one of my more annoying habits the last week or two has been importing blu-rays from Japan. Some of them have our dubs or are very new releases with English subtitles.

-Natsume | 04-26-11, 7:14 PM
...Were you at Sakura Con 2011? 8D

tphrjnes | 06-15-10, 12:22 AM
Just watched your signature in one of the forums^^ awesome!

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