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November 27, 2007
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ryett | 07-19-10, 6:18 PM
haha you just reminded me to add Inami and Marie from Psyren. Thanks! I've yet to find a boring redhead!

anamnesis | 06-14-10, 1:29 PM
kuroi sensei!! c:

taka | 04-18-10, 12:52 AM
Clearly mad skillz. the truth is they were all actually all just playing AD&D in a basement. The guy playing as yurippe is 400lb and has fingers permanently stained orange from Cheeto dust.

Nah, I just meant to put 3/10 and rate it 8. (I give a temporary rating based on 3 eps then it goes up or down from there) I probably wasn't all there.

Koji_oe | 03-31-10, 9:48 PM
Yeah, I've seen a lot of shows.

sherlock_marple | 03-12-10, 2:46 AM
It's Mikazuki Akira's work. I found this one in moe.imouto. Here's the whole pic. ^^

Annisa | 01-19-10, 11:41 PM
Hey, if you ever find the time and/or interest, I'd love to see a lelasong rendition of the Kimi ni Todoke OP and ED. :D

mrmuk | 01-16-10, 9:28 PM
thanks for the link!^^

mrmuk | 01-14-10, 4:35 AM
What's the name of the doujin?^^

mrmuk | 01-12-10, 1:14 PM
cool profile pic!^^

jpmeyer | 01-06-10, 7:55 PM
I've watched even more than that would imply, because I didn't write posts about like 2 ep OVAs, and for some titles I watched everything in that franchise and wrote one overarching post. I think I watched 5 Digimon titles for that one post.

Pontifus | 01-04-10, 1:16 PM
It goes. First semester went well, but we'll see what happens when I have to start doing thesis stuff.

What are you doing these days?

ghostlightning | 12-31-09, 3:23 PM
The characters and the comedy never really grew on me. The comedy is pretty much ruined by the amount of time the dwelt on each freaking punchline. If there were genuine laughs, they evaporated real quick.

LS and even K-ON! knew well enough to keep the pace quick, or at least never to dwell on the punchline beyond a musical fanfare and a Kagamiannoyedface.jpg

If you've seen OLD comedy films like Airplane, The Naked Gun, Top Secret... or even Major League, you'll notice the waves of jokes that never dwell on the punchlines. So even if something isn't funny for you, you're well on your way to the next potentially LOL moment.

KholdStare88 | 12-31-09, 8:50 AM
It's from Digimon.

ottocycle | 12-30-09, 10:29 PM
It's awesome, and it'll probably surpass the original at this rate. Slick animation, stirring hotblood, well-placed references, and effective BGM. Only things are that I don't see much of a story going, besides perhaps Nono's development and the fact that Sakamoto's voice just isn't hotblood enough. I'll probably stop caring about those pretty soon.

The Topless puns were bad, though. :P

_eternal | 12-24-09, 9:03 PM
Hmm... it's hard to summarize in a few sentences, but I think it's just her demeanor that I like. She still has that whole "protect me!" vibe that's so essential to stories like Kanon, but she's not a total doormat and she's capable of using her brain. On one hand she's mentally weak and dependent ("protect me!"), but she also tries her best to fight off a fairly depressing fate as opposed to just whining about it.

Of course, most of this is from my memory of the anime from a few years ago. IIRC, the most striking thing about her when I first watched the show was her unique character design and the way she always seemed one step ahead of Yuuichi in their conversations (as opposed to the clumsy, ditsy, easy-to-tease type that basically comprises the entire cast).

Oh, and nice picture... but I still prefer my avatar :3

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