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02-10-15, 1:17 AM
January 13, 1994
Gold coast, Queensland, Australia
February 28, 2011
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... um I like anime.....meow

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imperlast | 07-28-13, 4:10 PM

News letter

Greetings all members of Mal chat. We hope that you are having a great summer so far and we hope to celebrate it with you this month.

Banner Contest
In an effort to bring more members in, this month starting on August 1st we plan to hold a banner contest for the whole month. Details on the contest can be found here (click hear)

We have an IRC based chat room. Click Here. If you come on, please say hello and wait a couple minutes before you leave. A lot of our members are gamers, so please be patient for them. We have people from all over the world, so you never know when you could find someone online! If you have an IRC client, we are on Rizon at #MALchat

Anime Watch Achievements

Want to brag about how much you’ve watched? Come here (click hear) to find pictures to put on your profile to brag how much you’ve watched. Don’t like the pictures there? Feel free to create your own and add them there. The more options people have the better


Want to watch something together with someone or multiple people. Whether you watch it with someone on chat together at the same time, or watch a set number of ep's each day and converse about them in the forum, simluwatching can make watching anime a lot of fun and we encourage members to try and set up on today

Whether you’ll be competing in the banner competition, bragging or creating options on the Anime Watched Achievements, or starting a simluwatch, we hope that you have a great August with us while enjoying the rest of your summer

Missing_Link | 06-15-13, 6:39 AM
oh well no one ever writes to me, so like what ever XD

ChiakiPyon | 09-12-12, 11:12 PM
Thankyouuuu ~ Hihihihi. :">

ChiakiPyon | 09-12-12, 5:03 AM
Hahaha. Thanks. Real life picture is not common here in MAL eh. I am starting to feel a little embarrassed. :">

ChiakiPyon | 09-11-12, 7:09 PM
Hello! Thanks for the welcome on the forum site :D

Inu1990x | 08-28-12, 9:37 AM

Inu1990x | 08-26-12, 11:26 PM
so you on skype or facebook

Inu1990x | 08-25-12, 6:45 PM
hello fellow IL anime fan lol

Missing_Link | 08-19-12, 12:41 AM
well you totally should XD

Missing_Link | 08-12-12, 8:49 PM
no I didn't they are just transparent

Elaress | 08-12-12, 7:49 PM
Damn, well if you do finish them before the show can I borrow them?

Nishikun94 | 08-08-12, 6:15 PM
Haha, of course, degenerates are rather common (I should probably stop coz they might be able to find this comment, though I seriously doubt they'd look here [them being able to use a computer to find stuff like this is amusing in itself])

Elaress | 08-08-12, 3:57 AM
Heya can I borrow D-Grey Man und Kuroshitsuji? I'm coming up for the Show weekend...

Elaress | 08-07-12, 6:17 PM
I know, I'm really happy. I had to remove the old one first though and then add the new one so maybe you could try that?

Elaress | 08-06-12, 10:41 PM
50 Stars XD

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