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2 hours ago
November 9, 1989
Viana do Castelo, Portugal
June 15, 2008
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Time (Days) 89.6
Watching 26
Completed 537
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Total Entries 578

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Time (Days) 4.0
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Completed 6
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Profile REALLY REALLY out of date, but don't have the patience to change the things so oh well, just see the list and you will know what I do and do not like xD

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Ocean_Sea | 01-04-13, 5:20 PM
Well, it's daytime now! xD

Ocean_Sea | 01-04-13, 6:48 AM
Hmm....that's a nice number! xD Watched the anime One Outs?

Ocean_Sea | 01-04-13, 6:06 AM
For me, I would say Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Harem, Psychological, and last but not least Thriller! xD Yes I like to watch those genres but I usually want any anime that pikes my interest so doesn't really mater what genre but for least I would say hmmm...I guess horror too. xD I guess we do have the same tastes. Lol Btw, what's your favorite number? Mines 3. Just wondering. ;3

Ocean_Sea | 01-04-13, 5:20 AM
Yes! :D Same..I love it! ;D Hehe..I am watching One Outs. Oh, what anime genre do you like to watch the most and least?

Just wondering! ;D

Ocean_Sea | 01-03-13, 9:32 PM
Ah, I see that is..okay..o.o xD
I am doing great! :D Just finished watching Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! amazing anime...I cried at the end..T_T It was to short but I love it anyway! :D
Now I am going to watch more anime or read manga! :D OR Both! :D

Ocean_Sea | 01-03-13, 6:29 PM
It's okay! xD How are you today?

Ocean_Sea | 01-03-13, 4:05 PM
OKay...good! xD but still not telling! :D

Ocean_Sea | 01-02-13, 9:43 PM
Why you asking? :D

Ocean_Sea | 01-02-13, 6:59 PM

Ocean_Sea | 01-02-13, 5:08 PM
I will later! :D Thanks! xD

Ocean_Sea | 01-01-13, 9:17 PM
You haven't..then you should heard it was very good manga! xD

Ocean_Sea | 01-01-13, 3:46 AM
I see! Hahaha I am enjoying One Piece but I have to put it on hold till some time later....T_T Oh, I wanted to ask...have you read the manga banana fish? If you have how is it? I have been planning to read it! :D

Ocean_Sea | 12-30-12, 3:50 PM
Well, I haven't been keeping up with the seasons but if I see a anime that I find interesting or has genres that I like to watch I will watch it but right now I am watching One Piece! :D

Ocean_Sea | 12-29-12, 3:11 PM
Thanks! xD What anime are you going to watch? :D

Ocean_Sea | 12-29-12, 2:48 PM
Yes! :D a few plans on the same day...

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