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June 13, 2011
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Uhh...what was I supposed to put here again?

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Roundohavor | 10-18-13, 8:26 PM
it was good which makes it not bad :P that's a really good one lol

Zolar | 10-18-13, 7:51 PM
That's a mighty fine review of bartender. Keep up the decent work, old bean!

TakaTuesday | 02-09-13, 11:45 AM
Time to steal from a bear :D

Kittenpotpie | 01-15-13, 1:01 PM
Well, you called someone with a score deviation of -1.02 a very high rater and made it seem like there was something wrong with not having shows rated between 1 and 5 on your list, which seems extremely pretentious to me.

dark3rthan8lack | 12-23-12, 3:46 AM
looks like you have given it alot of thought and it is true that the show is overhyped , i think its a good show that came out at the right time ( at the time there were not that many good new shows ) and thats why i believe it became what it is now lol

dark3rthan8lack | 12-22-12, 8:09 AM
thanks for the tips i put them all in my plan to watch

and i just really enjoyed steins gate, i didn't mean that everyone has to like it

saltwaterain | 12-11-12, 7:53 PM
Thank you! I'm still trying to work out how to keep from spoiling too much while still addressing the points I'd like to address in the show. I suppose a simple 'spoiler alert' at the top would be useful, but since a good amount of people who haven't yet seen a show would probably consult reviews to factor in if they should, I'll try to keep away from them. Thanks for your advice! Much appreciated.

And yeah, I really haven't seen much! There were a few things I've started and didn't finish so I didn't count them in, but overall I took a big hiatus from anime since the golden years of Rurouni Kenshin and .hack back in the 6th grade. I'm trying to get more in now, but college doesn't quite allow me to get much of that in.

Viaraze | 12-06-12, 8:20 PM
Man, you are too good. Best completely objective reviews on this site.

Jakerams | 12-06-12, 7:40 PM
Nice review on True Tears. I would have rated it a 10 also if I didn't also include soundtracks to the rating.

Viaraze | 12-06-12, 5:46 PM
Review True Tears pls :)

Inferno_Cop | 12-06-12, 2:51 AM
Doing review of Spirited away and saying its Lucky star lol.

Tyrel | 12-06-12, 12:18 AM
Names? I called you a troll which defines your review. Rating a T.V Series with a Film, and trying to label Lucky star =/= Spirited Away

Tyrel | 12-06-12, 12:06 AM
Biggest troll review I've seen mixing a film with a T.V Series.

Soya | 12-05-12, 11:53 PM
hey there i think you've mixed up spirited away and lucky star ;)

Viaraze | 12-05-12, 10:36 PM
You're a genius. Please continue to write reviews.

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