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07-27-14, 8:22 AM
January 2, 1995
To Destroy The World ...
Ask me..... ;p
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August 19, 2010
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Busy these days D: On and Off MAL.
(Btw, my Anime List is SUPER DUPER Outdated)

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Tengai | 01-02-15, 6:14 AM
Yo, happy birthday and happy new year :D

Chai_ | 04-20-14, 11:24 AM
can u tell me if Magi is a good anime to watch? i have it but it looks boring

Chai_ | 03-01-14, 4:53 PM
LOL, I should be apologizing now since im replying more than a month late. gomen ne :P

Im really busy with real life so i hardly come on MAL, im usually here every 3-4 months to just update my anime lists and get the hell out :D lol i have most of the ppl from here on fb so i periodically talk to them as well there. Its surprising that you switched from med to accounting, its something im also considering and may have already made my mind on haha! But yea sure ill add u.

regarding anime, i think i might pick up HunterXHumter2011 since dramon also rec'd it to me. Kill la kill ill give a shot simply because TTGL ppl are behind it. As for recent viewing, i finished Nisemonogatari and Monogatari 2nd season and i found them interesting although they were a tad slow at times (tbh i felt like drowning in quicksand at times)

Tengai | 01-29-14, 11:03 AM
You are welcome ^^
No problem and that's good to hear.
Well, I am alright. I can't watch Anime smoothly because I am pretty busy with other stuffs, mostly school stuffs!!!!
How about you, how are you???

Tengai | 01-02-14, 1:43 AM
Hey, happy birthday ^^

Have a good one :D

Chai_ | 12-19-13, 10:56 PM
Hai hai! Ogenki desu ka? ore wa suggoi BUSY da.

LOL pardon my failing japanese. I have been busy yea. Lol just when i thought i had given up on anime i go ahead and watch higurashi 2, steinsgate movie + ova, deadman wonderland, clannad 1 and progressing thru clannad 2. I'm starting Fate Zero sometime soon too.

So hows life at your end?? I heard a long time ago that u and teenoli are hardcore romantic anime addicts :P dat true? haha

kuchukuTulip | 10-04-13, 7:15 AM
Yo Nii san! (^_^)/ genki desu ka?

soomro_san | 09-28-13, 12:44 AM
Salamalaikum friend thnx for the friend request always happy to see another gintama fan

i feel like pplz sense of humour change greatly after watching gintama, like leveling up from an onion knight to a dragon slayer or something like that

Tengai | 09-18-13, 9:56 AM
I've seen some of its episodes when I was young and I'm planning on watching it but not now maybe soon cause for now I'm more focused on other anime.

Tengai | 09-14-13, 7:22 AM
That's awesome :D
Of course we can
No I'm not what makes you think?

Thanks for the friend request :D

Akuto | 07-20-13, 6:04 PM

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TheAimlessFlame | 06-11-13, 12:53 PM
you should remove that exams comment, unless you have more exams :o

kuchukuTulip | 12-07-12, 10:49 PM
ooh :O again exams?
Good luck to you too! :)
Watachi wa genki desu! Study for me too but i try to to other things. ^^

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